Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Flea Market fun from the weekend

Well... first of all Happy May Day!  I'm the one who is always saying I'm determined to keep May Day alive... and "I" almost forgot it :(    Thanks to my sis.... who reminded me.   I used to love May Day as a kid.  Do kids even do it anymore?  Please tell me yes.  I'm so out of the loop of things, fill me in will you?

I promised the to show you  some if the treasures (treasures to me anyway:) that I found over the weekend at the flea Market.   I  didn't get all this there..but I had to show you  some of my favorite things old and new.  This is just a mix of things...but I love the colors.  I've never been so into COLOR as I have been lately.  ( at least in my kitchen and studio).      The yellow Pyrex on the top shelf was one I got that last time we were junking. The big blue mixing bowl isn't old ..but it's my favorite set.  It's the largest of the set, and has a orange, yellow and green, in graduated sizes inside.  If it ever breaks, I don't think I'll ever be able to bake again. I use it ALL the time.
The fiesta dishes came from my Aunt and Uncles Cabin in the Black Hills of SD. Lots of memories.
Over the weekend I got the orange pitcher and cute little salt and pepper shakers.
The bottom shelf is everyday dishes, just inexpensive bits of this and that, that I love.

This past  weekend I also go the blue Pyrex on the bottom self.  The apple dishes and big tea glass, were "finds" from earlier hunts.  I wanted to show you my little collection of "Swanky Swigs" on the middle shelf. Those and the other fun colored glasses I've been adding to over the past few months.

I also got the little green cream and sugar (below) over the weekend.    The covered cake plate was from a previous jaunt.   Vase... Walmart. lol

I swear I have a serious addition to buttons!  I am just drawn to them.  It doesn't help that my sister is a total enabler and points them out to me when I miss them :)    I picked up a bunch more this weekend, with thoughts  of putting them on cards and adding them to my etsy.. but can I really make myself part with any of them????  ahhhhhh

I showed you this photo in my last post ..but I'm just in love with it.  This is not mine ( of how I wish), it was in the store front window of one of the stores we checked out after the Flea Market.

Here is the other side of the window display.  ohhhhhh   Swooon!

After taking in the Flea Market, we went down town to check out some of the antique stores.
Lots of eye candy for sure.

So , here are a few of the things I came home with.  I found some fun vintage salt shakers to make more of those little button flowers I made last week also. yay!

There are alot of cool old buildings in Grand Island.  Love this old theater.

It was a great time.  I enjoyed being able to be out and about, now that my pinched nerve seems to be letting up.  That has really been putting  a damper on things lately. It was really a stinker for a while there.  No time for pain.  I have things to do.. darn it.  lol

Thanks for stopping by to visit :)
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Have a GREAT Day!



janel said...

Oh yes...May Day is alive and well with me...waiting to go get my great niece so we can make our deliveries. Wishing you were close so I could ring your bell and dash away...what fun May Day is.

LOVE the lilly of the valley...I can almost smell them from here.

Debbie K. said...

I absolutely LoVe Lilly of the Valley!
Great photos of your collections, Vicki.

Hoping your pain goes away quickly and wishing you the best....

julie said...

You found some great things and im with you about the buttons, what to do what to do. The clock display ia awesome I would love to just have it on a wall in my house. I to love old things, well vintage. Thanks for share your diamonds in the ruff. God bless you and your. 1205love@gmail.com
P.s isn't great to have those extra eye's and hand's. Lol:)

Jan Hennings said...

some great finds, for sure :) I always love visiting your bright and beautiful blog :)

ddlady said...

Love the Lily of the Valley and looking at all of your collections. The '50's are my favorite years. And I envy the fun times you and with your sister out looking for keepsakes, etc. Thank you for the chance to win some of your goodies!

harrahx2 said...

Oh Vic....there are at least 5 things in each picture that I want, must have, covet, and just plain need! LOL, that is how I get in trouble. The buttons? WOW! I think it is a generational thing as I used to go through my Grandmother's button can and pretend they were jewels. To me they were. The glasses, the store and everything just make me yearn. You are so sweet to share all this, little Ms. Enabler! LOL! Hugs! Hope your neck releases soon. Roll those shoulders and push them back down off your ears. I know because I do the same thing.

Brenda said...

You have an eye for color. I love your "finds".

jan said...

Happy May Day! Love the tradition and love my button collection too!

Jane Wetzel said...

Dearest Vicki :) I have been on a bit of a blog break lately due to fam issues but I LOVE to read yours with my tea lol TOTALLY love this post awesome and tfs!

creativearts said...

I really love all of those dishes! Plus the buttons! What great treasures you have!

Susie said...

Oh wow! You and I have nearly the same tastes in retro and vintage items Vicki! I have two quart canning jars filled with vintage buttons (bought them at auctions). I've used a few on cards. Then last weekend I created a framed button collage as a gift for my sister. I used all white buttons. Yeah...it was kinda hard to part with about 25 or 30 buttons. All at once! I would have SO much fun "junking" with you!
Love this post...thanks for sharing!

Christina said...

Definitely some happy travels there! I have a button obsession too!! I love it though! tfs...

Shirley Sendgraff said...

Hi and Happy May Day(a day late lol) to you! Love the lily of the valleys, they smell heavenly!! Yes, May Day is alive and well--Jim and I surprised our lil 2 yr. old grandson, Jack, by ringing the doorbell and hiding. When he opened up the door, we heard him say "candy"! He was pretty excited and got another basket at the babysitters. I would've put some flowers in them like I used too, but everything is done blooming around here, and well do lil boys really like flowers? LOL Now, 3 yr. old Bella's another story, when visiting her on Sun. with early may baskets, she couldn't wait for me to go outside with her and pick peonies! I got the best poic of her with a huge pink one up to her nose! HaHa, sorry to go on and on, but someday(soon I hope) you'll know the greatest blessings from God, grandbabies!! I also used to play with my moms button can, pretending they were jewels and also now have an obsession with buttons! Love the teasures you and your sis found, and I have an old kitchen cupboard similar to yours in my craft room. I'll be hunting for treasures this weekend at our towns city-wide garage sales! We used to have a booth at the Junktion, wonder if you ever bought any of our goodies? Sure do miss them, there! Was a fun time! Shirley

Pamela said...

Those pink buttons are to die for! I would have trouble parting with them as well. I love to take old things and make them part of something new. Glad to find someone else appreciates our history as well.

Marlene (cards4u) said...

So many fun pictures!! Glad to hear you are experiencing a little bit of relief and were able to get out! Our son's school delivered May Day baskets to the homes in their neighborhood. Just posted pic on my blog - the folks at the school added the flowers.
Take care!

kathy/North Carolina said...

Wish I could have gone flea market hopping with you! You found some great treasures. I love buttons, too...especially if they are old. I always have my eye open for them. I keep them all in my Grandma's vintage button box...one of my greatest treasures. Thanks for the totally fun post!

Barb said...

Great collection for a giveaway and I love the bracelet with ephemra.
Thanks for the chance to be a winner!!!

Mickey's Craft World said...

I also love Lilly of the Valley!! They smell amazing!!