Monday, June 25, 2012

Fairies, Pixies and Gnomes oh my!

It's SUMMER! yay   I love messing in my plants, making sun tea, having the window open:)  Getting up in the morning, looking outside and seeing my plants.. just makes me happy in the summer. I got a bit later start this year with my planting, because I decided it best to wait until I got home from my two weeks away. ( Leaving them all in Dan's a risk I was not willing to take) lol
I wanted to show you what I did with the aqua and red cases I got the  flea market.  I will be even happier with it when the flowers grow and fill in, but I still love it.  Just what I was imagining in my mind when I bought them. (more photos further down in the post).

I've had gardening on my mind so much, I'm surprised I'm not dreaming about it. lol   I don't have a vegetable garden here, but the kids have one planted at the garden. I love that they are interested in that.   We always had a huge garden at the other house, and I canned a lot. I really loved it.  Now I cant imagine how we had the time. Not sure I could do that again. 
 Fairy Wishes and Fairyland Stamps from Crafty Secrets

You can find these little glass domes at Hobby Lobby.  Probably at other chain craft stores also.
I created the scene on the top of an old canning jar lid.
It's funny, while I was working on this I felt like a little kid again, cutting and making my little setting:)

With Gnomes becoming so popular, I'm always seeing cute little settings done with them.  And I keep seeing the cutest little garden woodland settings made up in the coolest things.  This one I saw at Junkstock, and it was created in a big metal wash tub.  SO CUTE!  Totally makes me want to make one now.

hmmm... that will have to wait for another day :)  BUT .. I will show you more of what I have been working on .   I cant wait for the white impatiens I planned to fill in.

I thought it needed a little festive banner.  AccuCut Die  Pennant Flags (P1317CSJ

Oh... how  I love Summer!  I really like Fall also, but I dread the first frost that kills my plants :(  Seems like they are always looking their best, about the time that happens.

I need to stop thinking that far ahead, and just enjoy watching them grow right now!


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Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Love what you created with your vintage cases...really welcoming, and the banner is the perfect addition. Your pixie terrarium is are one clever gal!

Queen Mary said...

Vic, love what you've done here and I love the fairy home in the barrel/bucket/whatever! Would love to try that!

Charlotte Zweigoron said...

Such cool stuff!! I love that idea with the suitcases... all your plants seem to get a little jewelry. It makes it all so festive. We just have a small garden with the things we love for the summer. Five tomato plants (3 cherry 'cause my granddaughter (6) loves to pick them and eat them); 2 basil plants; parsley, thyme, rosemary (now a beautiful shrub towards the front of the house); 2 cucumber plants and one green pepper (These always seem to get eaten by the birds or squirrels B4 we can let them get full size). My dad kept an acre in garden every summer and I helped my mom with the canning and the freezing. Dad pretty much fed a family of 10 out of that garden. We even had asparagus. My mom made the best plum jam and red raspberry preserves ever! I wait every year for the two-week Italian Plum season here so I can make a cobbler like she used to... You know, some of your creations border on miniatures which is my second crafting love. Love the gnome house and garden!!

Anonymous said... are so talented. I want to live next door just so I can laugh and play with you!

Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

Wow, lady you have been busy! Love the gnomes! Everything looks so wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

Gail S. said...

LOVE this post!! Your suitcases..I want to come and steal but I would have to take your front porch also!! I love the gnome/fairy garden and I happen to have that same exact crock and I have to get busy and plant something in mine!! So neat! Thanks for sharing all of your talents :)

julie said...

Omgaga those are so cute I just love them. I like the fairies in a jar I haven't made one yet but would love to. Great use of the suit cases and your flowers will grow sooner then you know it. And by the way Im so envy of your front porch. Thanks for shaing,God bless you and your little fairy gardens.