Friday, June 15, 2012

"Whatevers" *June * "The two of us"

The Whatevers #1 

Here we are ... the very first "Whatevers"

Yesterday we shared with you a bit about just what we have up our sleeves,... so today we'll recap that .............and...............share our first projects:)

  Many of you who know me, know that Nat Kalbach and Catherine Scanlon have been dear friends of mine for many years.  I'm thrilled to say that we are entering into a new creative adventure together... called "The Whatevers".       Well over the next 12 months , every month, we will be working with a photo. A photo of who you ask??  Well, one we know.  Just photos each of us have, that we think need a story. Of course we will all have our own stories.  It's all about the creativity, so we will create not only a little piece of art with our photo, but also a little story to go with it.   What could be more fun that a creative venture like this with friends?
 That's why we are inviting you to play long:)
  Read on for all the information.  We hope you'll play with us.

 Are you ready for the first Whatevers? 
Click here to see what Cat made out of this photo and which story she tells

Click here to see what Nat made out of this photo and which story she tells
Here is my take on it
"The two of us"

After their parents decision to move to the prairies of Nebraska from their home in home in Pennsylvania two years ago. Ada and Clancy soon realized that things would be different without their large extended family living so close.  No cousins just down the dusty country road, that they could meet up with at the swimming hole after their chores were done.  It was just the two of them now. They learned to pass the time together. They still had their occasional sibling squabbles, but for the most part, they knew they had to stick together.  She learned to put her own worm on the hook when they went to the creek to fish, and he tried to wait patiently on the way back as she picked wildflowers to take home to mother.

I used water color paper for my base to create on.
I used Liquitex Modeling Paste, and Tattered Angels Chalkboard paints to create my background.
After spreading on the Modeling Paste I pushed a detailed piece of lace down into it to create the impression you see.

I did some packing tape transfers with old book print to tuck under the photo.
I printed the photo on sticky back canvas.
Below you can see the modeling paste and lace imprint better.

I had alot of fun with this....   cant wait to get started on the next one~!

 Okay, here's the first photo, if you'd like to play along.
Just read the basic outline below....   really pretty rule-free.. because that's now we like it ( wink)

Here is how it works if you want to play along:
  • Nat, Cat and I have made a one-year commitment to each other and picked twelve photos with Whatevers whom we will give a story.
  • Every month – if possible always on the 15th – each of us will do a post with an individual story that goes along for us with the same photo.
  • If you want you can play along and we will have the photo for you - just right click on it to safe it to download and show us your version of The Whatevers.
  • There is no rules to the story itself- it can be funny, sad, uplifting, breathtaking- WHATEVER
  • There is no rules on the length or the form of the story- it can be a short sentence, an essay, a poem or a soap opera – WHATEVER
  • There is no rules on the artform you choose – it can be a scrapbook layout, an altered art project, an art journal page – WHATEVER
  • Here is a rule though: if you take the photo you have to link back to us andshow us your story.
  • These pictures are from our personal stash and are for personal use for you only! If you want to use them for a publication whether a book or magazine in print or digital form please ask for permission!
  • If you want to participate we’ll have a linky list for each Whatever Post.
  • You can also join our The Whatevers -Facebook Page
You can share you work with us by submitting here:

and heres a blinkie you can add to your blog :)

***I hope you share the excitement with us and play along.***

 It's going to be great fun:)

Cheers to the Whatevers!  let the fun begin~


Nathalie Kalbach said...

oh I love this- what a great story. !!!!

Gunn (MsPlum) said...

Beatutiful page and a great story!

Pearl Maple said...

What a fun idea and really like what you have done with them

Unknown said...

oh, I love your layout and story! Can't wait for next month's story.

Marjie Kemper said...

Great story! Love your page, especially how you used lace for the texture with the paste.

Jennie Atkinson said...

Just visited all three stories - all fantastic stories and all so believable!Makes me want to have a go. I just love all the texture on your page and the lace.

Catherine said...

Vic -- this is lovely, i especially love how you incorporated the modeling paste. I love your story and can't wait to hear your story for next month.

Anonymous said...

This LO is fabulous and I love that they have to stick together (although they don't look happy to have to do just that).
Sue Clarke

Peggy Lee said...

Ok wow I feel like I am in a story book adventure....can't wait to read more and be so inspired by creative art...
Vicki, so love your modeling paste and lace wow great textured...
your layout is beautiful.
.thanks for sharing.

Sarah said...

This is all that you would said it would be...and more! A whole year of you guys spinning tales...something to look forward to!

Susie W. said...

This is wonderful Vicki! I love the concept, because I love vintage photo also. I have several very old framed photos I've bought at auctions and have wondered the stories behind them. One is hanging in our family room. Several people have asked who it is and I've been so tempted to create a name and story to tell them!
I just might give this a try with the "Whatevers" :)

Donna said...

LOVE the whole Whatevers concept! And you did a gorgeous job with the photo. That background is just to die for---wish you'd have some of your Glimmerized backgrounds made into patterned papers!! ;-)

Kim Sonksen said...

What a lovely story for the Whatevers and your techniques are fab. Love the lace pressed into the paste.
Fan layout