Friday, July 06, 2012

Art group day

Well, July's Art group was a fun and Creative day hosted by Jessica.  I thought I'd share some photos from the day, and the  fun project Jess got us started on.  I look so forward to Art group days, and with June being so busy we didn't get together last month.. so it was great to see everyone.

I cant help but take photos of the food.. lol

Jessica hosted Art group this time..but Stephanie and Jessica are mother and daughter so I have to give props to Steph also.  They are both so creative ... between the two of them , they think of everything.

 The girls.. Paula, Jan, Jessica, Stephanie, and Deb.

Jessica had things lined up for us to get started on these altered journal books. 

Here is just a few of the pages I started putting together.  It will be fun to start in now with paints and makers.  I'll share with you when I get a few pages done.   This will be one of these "ongoing" projects that you can just pick up when you are in the mood... and create just for fun :)

It's always so fun to go to someone elses house isn't it?   Steph has so many cool and inspiring things to look at.
Oh..the box in front is one of the girls "goodies" from the day.  We always share little gifts.  Whoo hoo..just like Christmas when we get together.

I forgot to get photos of all the little gifts:(      I made everyone a set of these to stick in their plants.

All the papers I used on these were printed from the ....

Creating with Vintage Patterns CD

Back to Stephanie's house... lol..
Oh.. I love her "sprayer collection" 

And nothing more fun than seeing another persons Studio....

and how they organize their supplies.  I have to say.. Steph has done an amazing job with the organization of her arts and crafts supplies! man!

She was showing me how she used AccuCut die  Nameplates #13  N1057S to label her drawers. Cool huh?

Fun and creative ways to organize ... Oh.. that's heaven to me.   I love organizing!   And seeing  how others organize their space.

Cool how she used these round metal edged tags to hang from her drawers with numbers stamped on them!

As always .. a great time was had by all.  I feel so lucky to have this group of creative women to get together with!  Not only do I love their company..but am always in awe of how their creative minds work.   Today we spent some time talking about a little "crafty endeavor" we have up our sleeves for next Spring.   I'll be sharing more about that down the road...but I am super excited about it.

Now... off to spend some time with the pups. ( who have been on their own most of the day).  Poor things... They are so neglected. lol
  Yes... Cloey is spending the week with us while Jarad and Kate are on vacation ( working on their cabin).   I thought "I" was the one who spoils her..... then I look in the spare room upstairs to see this.   I know I didn't put that pillow their for her.    My husband is a softy when it comes to the dogs also.

Thanks for letting me share.   Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!
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julie said...

I forgot to comment on your chicks so cute and the I can only dream to have a scraproom. The dog looks so conffy with its head on the pillow.

julie said...

What a great idea to get together with your girlfriends and we can never have to many food pictures. Your altered book looks cool.
thanks for sharing, God bless you and yours.

Margie said...

That looks like a brilliant day! I've got one coming up next week and can't wait to get together with "the girls" for a great, creative time. Thanks for sharing your pics - do you have a pattern for your little bird sticks or didyou just make it up? Thanks, Margie

Ellen Jarvis said...

Oh Vic, how I LONG to have a group of girlfriends with whom I can craft the day away!! And monthly, my goodness, that would be a treat. I too love to visit others' craft rooms and crafty peoples' homes. Gosh, I'd go bonkers there if I were with you and your group of gals! Some day, I want to be wealthy enough to giveaway the greatest blog candy ever, and that would be a plane ticket (OK, roundtrip) to visit your favorite crafting friend for the weekend in her home. OH, or to rent a house at the beach for a week with ten of my favorite crafters from around the world. You're one of them!!

I can dream, can't I?

Speaking of visiting craft rooms, if you haven't discovered this site yet, you must: (I'll put in spaces in the link so it's not stopped as spam ... but you know, take the spaces out). www (dot) houzz (dot) com. In the search bar, type in craft rooms. Don't go there unless you have a TON of time because you'll get stuck there for hours, drooling.

OH, love your birds-on-a-stick. The last time I did that, it was chicken, with some tomatoes and onions, and I grilled them!! LOL. REALLY CUTE!!

Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

Linda Manning Findley said...

looks like y'all had a wonderful play day ... sure like your "on going project" book I have one or more of those and some are really meant to be that way .... lol ...

pooky said...

Looks like a real good time!!! Love the little chicks!!! Doggie looks pretty comfy:)))
Have a great weekend!

Lady Pamela said...

I have a great group of ladies that do the same thing. We are planning a retreat in August to an island cabin near Vancouver. We call ourselves the Hoos. lol

linda said...

Oh I envy you and your group of friends who get together monthly! Looks like you all have a really great time! And the food looks delicious.

harrahx2 said...

And a good time was had by all! For Sure. I love my stamping friends, I envy your stamping friends, they have you!

Catherine said...

It looks like you had a wonderful crafty day with your pals -- sometime soon I hope to be there again ;-) xo -- Miss you!