Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Clip Photo holder fun

Mid week already..  Really? Where is this week going? The days are just getting away from me. eek.    I've been working on some little Clip photo holders.  I've made these before and really think they are fun. Wooden Spools as the base, decorative wooden dowels, various other wood pieces, paint, paper and a clip to finish it off.  
My sis and some friends of ours are planning a little flea market/craft/art event here the first weekend in October, so I've been thinking of some little things a could put together between now and then to sell and also to display things.  I'm excited about our little endeavor. Should be fun.

** notice anything wrong with the top photo? lol 
Oh.. brother I was having a rough time trying to get these all set up for a photo. I'd get it almost set up.. bump one and they would all go over like dominos. I started out photographing them out on the deck, like do most of my projects because of the natural light.. BUT... it's been over a 100 here for days and the humidity is ridiculous. So it only took a couple of times out there for me to get frustrated and I moved inside. AGAIN.. the falling over, picking up routine, until FINALLY I get the shot~!
Jokes on me.  I upload all my photos later and am just thankful that ordeal is done.. to notice NOW ..that the last time it spilled onto the floor  I put things back with a bit of haste.  ugh!!!

 ** note the spelling of "vintage"**  
Seriously.. am I the only one that stuff like this happens to???
( off to cheat and fix it in photo shop)

Thank you Photoshop:)  whew!

Great for clipping up images, messages, photos .. whatever.    I think of all the great products Crafty Secrets has... I use my Creative Scraps the very most.  There are so many awesome images to choose from and they are the perfect size, for so many things.    If you like vintage photos (really cute ones.. with cute sayings) and you don't have a lot of your own family photos... you'll probably love these as much as I do :)   Vintage Photos. I used those in a number of these that I made..but I also used some of the "Merry Christmas" Creative Scraps, and the "Halloween" Creative Scraps. ( Thinking ahead.. wink wink ;)  

Also, there is a new post up on the Heartwarming Vintage blog, with lots of really cool samples. 

Speaking of photos.  I have to share some oldies but goodies I've run across lately.  My cousin Paula, had this photo of my mom and I, that I had never seen before. I was so happy she shared it with me.  I so love it!  

So now digging into the archives. ha   I was going though my box of photos of my family that mom had, and run across this.     hahah   Yep..that's me, holding Weston when he was a babe.  He won that big stuffed snoopy in a drawing at McDonald's. Yes.. folks.. those huge glasses and styling shag doo of mine are brought to you courtesy of 1983.
( weird that my hair which was really red then, looks black)

(and yes.. I probably CAN see into the future with those glasses, they are so huge) lol

Then I happened upon this one, and literally laughed out loud.  It was one of 4 in photo booth strip.  I was trying to set Wes on the stool in the photo booth to get his picture taken.  First time in a photo booth...
do you think he's impressed?
What a face!
I sent it to Wes and he got a good laugh also.

I hope you are all making it thru your week smoothly. 
Thanks for stopping by!



Debbie K. said...

Love the clip photo holders Ms. Vicki. Will you share how you attached the clips onto the dowels? Would really like to make a few of those for displaying photos at the Xmas dinner table. The photos are adorable, especially the last one of Weston...LOL! So cute!!!

Julie said...

Loved the pictures!!! Julie

pooky said...

Haaaaaaaa...this post is to funny!! If it makes you feel better you are not the only one who has spelling! Love the photo holders. What a super cute idea! I will be going to a huge flea market type event on my vacation!!! Woohooo, can't wait! Hope you have a better today;)

2amscrapper said...

Thanks for the great post that helps us all realize the "normal" in every day life. Bless the person who invented photoshop! Wonderful spool clips!

julie said...

What great photo/this and that holders I just love handmade things. Looking through old photos is awesome and to see family way back when is great. Thanks for shareing,God bless.

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

You have the best ideas! I love your little sweet. I hate taking photos of my projects...I always have the hardest time with it. I need to keep practicing, though, as I want to start my own blog, and good photos are a must. Love the pic of you and Mom together...that is a treasure!