Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Crayon Resist

It seems canvases are a favorite with me these days.  Which makes me SO happy that Tattered Angels is a part of Canvas Corp now.  I never realized how many projects Canvas Corp has to offer, it's amazing!  
This month on the TA blog the design team is working on .... "Resist techniques that are so easy the kids can do it".  SO......  here's a project I did using a white crayon for my resist.

 Doesn't get much easier than this.    Create a border with a ruler and a crayon.

Once I did my misting, I took a paper towel and wiped away any access from the edge and off the crayon line.  You can see how the wax from the crayon coats the canvas, not letting the paint  through. The mist just sit on top and it easily wiped away, letting the white of the canvas so through.

Here is a bigger area done on another canvas to show you what it looks like as it repels the mist, before I wipe it away.

I used the same technique HERE in for the background in this canvas, but writing words and making circles.
Here is my project post on the TA blog.  Be sure to take a look at all the cool resist ideas posted this month as well as fun projects for the kids by the entire DT this month. HERE  These girls are so creative!


We are just trying to keep cool around here these days.  It's been hot hot hot!
This is Molly's favorite new spot. RIGHT BY the air conditioner vent in the living room!  She raised her head when I came in with camera in hand, but normally her nose is laying right on the vent! lol

Why we are doing big outdoors projects when it's the stinking hottest days of the year, I don't know. Except for the fact they need to be done, and this is when we have the time.   We have been wanting to paint the garage floors and the wall going into the house..that has never been painted.  I think we have put it off because we knew it would be a BIG job.  We don't have a basement here, because of the water level, (being so close to the river), so everything that we put in the basement and attic of our old house... now gets put in the garage.   You know where I'm going with this.  TOO MUCH stuff in the garage. yesh!   Doing some serious purging!    After raising two teenage sons, who liked to work on cars... paint the garage floor was a must. One good thing about it , normally an industrial floor paint like this takes a LONG time to cure and dry..but in this heat, it's happening pretty fast.  Since we moved into this house new..the two drywall-ed walls had never been painted.   Still lots to do, but it's looking so much better.
Dan even repainted the deep freeze with appliance paint, and it looks so much better:)

 I have stuff for the event propted up everywhere.  I'll be happy when that is all gone and the garage is nice a tidy.
Between  working in the garage and working on painting things for our little Flea Market/Craft Event this fall, we have been SO thankful to go into the nice cool house.  Oh man.. I would have never survived the good old days on the prairie~!

Most of my outside time has been spent spray painting things. Let's just say the staple gun and spray paints have been my new best friend lately.

I think these will work nice for displaying fall banners.  A friend gave them too me.   Just need a coat of paint.  ( see the red paint splattered on them?  the house was used for a haunted house at Halloween before them tore is down)  creepy huh? lol

Dan laughs at me when I say, "it will be so nice to get rid of some of my "sale" stuff".  He said... "you'll just buy more".   I really couldn't think of anything else to day to that, so I said... "duh" ( in my best 11 year old voice). lol

shhhh..... I found those three colors bottles for 25 cents a piece at a yard sale the other day. I love em!

From now on ..whatever finds I share here, are between you and me. lol   


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Brenda said...

Another terrific technique to try. Your card is amazing and very inspirational.

The garage floor looks great! We were thinking about doing that and now I'm convinced it's the right move!

Sarah said...

I love the barn red in your garage! What a happy color to come home to.

Debbie K. said...

Wow Vicki, you two are very busy little beavers, aren't you...lol! Looks great though and I know how rewarding accomplishing projects can be. Love the colored bottles. Please keep sharing those found treasures. So fun!!!

pooky said...

Thanks Vicki for sharing that fun technique!!! Love your little bottles. Oh, and mum's the word...lol

harrahx2 said...

You always make me laugh. I won't tell a single sole about your finds. I can't believe the beauty you create with a simple Crayola crayon. You need to write to Crayola and tell them about some of your projects. Love them! Pup is putting on weight! Your garage looks great, wanna come do mine? I need some help organizing "stuff".

Louise Dahlgren said...

I love spray painting! Can I paint an old brass lighting from my dining room? It is from the '80's. I LOL bargains and flea markets!!