Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Printed tissue part 2 / Glass project

Well, while I'm on a roll with " printing on tissue"  I wanted to show you how cool it is to Mod Podge it to glass.  Now that I see the possibilities with this... my head is spinning with ideas.    I'll show you how I added my printed tissue to the glass sides of this little decorative lantern I had.   You can see what it looks like "lit" in the photo below. I have a little battery tea light candle inside.

But I like the way it looks in the daytime also.  At the bottom of this post, I have a picture posted that you can see how the natural light looks coming thru it.

When it comes to printing on the tissue, follow the directions in my last post below or click HERE.
I used all the same things.  Canvas Corp Tissue Stock, and Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage "Creating with Vintage Typography CD"

links to purches Tissue Stock
On they have ivory tissuestock. has all 3 colors if they type in tissuestock has all 3 colors

Since I will be using Mod Podge on this printed tissue, to adhere it to the glass, I sprayed it  with a couple VERY light coats of Krylon Matte Finish to seal it.  This will seal it and  help keep the ink from bleeding as you brush over it with the Mod Podge.

Adding the tissue to the glass couldn't be easier.  All you have to do it use a foam brush and spread a layer of Mod Podge over the glass. It doesn't have to be perfectly even , but it should be a fairly generous coat that covers all of the glass, clear to the edges.  ( work fairly quickly, so that it doesn't start to dry).

You can choose how you want to add your tissue. You can either adhere it to the front of your glass or to the back.  I choose the front. Either way, you'll get the same effect. Since  I chose to put mine on the front of my glass, so once I had my Mod Podge accoss my glass, I just laid my printed tissue down and smoothed it out with my hands.  ( I did not add a coat of mod podge to the top of the tissue once it was on,,..but you certainly can if you wish.  Usually if you have enough Mod Podge on your glass, it is just absorbed by the tissue and holds really well with out having to coat over the back of the tissue

As you can see here, I didn't even cut my tissue to the exact size before doing this, I just let it dry a minute or two and then took my scissors and trimmed around the edge of the glass.  Easy Peasy!

Once the four glass sides were finished and dry, I put them back in.   See how cool it looks when the natural light shins thru it.  Hope you get a change to give it a try :)

Oh.... I just cant resist sharing some photo of the pooches.   We have grandpup Cloey staying with us for a bit while the kids are working on their cabin. ( Cloey isn't as excited about being out at the cabin as Riley is).     To explain the photo below. The field next to our house as being irrigated... so the water was filling the little ditch area out front (which normally never has water in it).   As you can see Cloey wanted to play!  Ball in her mouth.... straight into the water she went. There was no stopping her.  We we a bit taken back because  we have ever had a dog that  liked water at all.   So I've learned that Golden Retrievers DO!    She rolled on her back, kicked, and splashed.  It cracked us up.  When Dan called me outside with my camera and I saw her in there, I have to admit I wasn't thrilled, knowing now I had to squeeze giving a dog a bath into my day..... BUT... once I saw how much fun she was having,( and she was already wet anyway)... we just let her play as long as she wanted.

We ran out to the cabin the other night to see how Jarad and Kate were coming on there cabin work, and to meet them for a bite to eat.   As you can see Riley "IS" a river dog! lol She loves everything about  being out there with them while they work.  Even riding along with Jarad in the Mule. lol

It's been a busy week around here, with CHA projects.  Super excited to be able to share soon.
There are lots of cool new things being released this CHA.


Just a reminder... there is still time to play along with us using the JUNE photo.   But the 15th we will be sharing our new projects with the new photo, and we'd love to have you play along for JULY also.
*** Remember you can play any month or all the months.. whatever works for you!

Not lots of rules.. it's all about creative freedom :)
You can see my first blog post about it here with the info and links.
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Ok... signing off for now..   work to be done:)

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busymartha said...

The lantern is just beautiful Vicki! What will you think of next? Enjoyed your post, thanks, Marilyn

Anonymous said...

Oh this is gorgeous! I love the lantern too, it's so vintage, which is my style! Thanks for sharing your project with us, I would like to give it a try some day!

I also loved the picture of your Golden Retriever too! My Husband and I have rescued Goldens for years now. We have two Goldens that are brothers, they just turned 3 years old a few days ago. Goldens add so much joy to life, don't they! Lin from Morrisville, Pennsylvania

Gail S. said...

Great post! Love the lantern and your "Grandpup"! Can't wait to see your updates of CHA!!

Unknown said...

Perfect lantern for this project! I just love anything with text on it!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Vic. Love the lantern. Nice work. When do you find the time!

Karen L K said...

Very cute project.

BethW said...

Thanks for the links to the tissue paper.
They had something similar to this lantern on clearance at HL this week.I think I'll go back and get it-than do some kind of spooky tissue paper thing for Halloween.