Friday, July 27, 2012

Time for some Fancy Pants goodness

Hey friends!  
It's been such a busy Summer, I had to go back though my blog posts to remember what I've shared already and what I haven't. yesh!  I know I have a number of Fancy Pants projects that I haven't shared yet, so I thought I'd share a couple today.
This little "Button Cup" project was one I did for the Miss Fancy Pants blog for a "Fancy This" blog post.  If your interested, you can find a complete supply list and step by step instructions  HERE

Have you see the new Fancy Pants lines released at CHA? 
Fancy Pants has just been knocking em out of the park lately.  You can see all the lines HERE

and check out these fun new Alphabet and word stencils   Artist Edition   I LOVE them!

My very favorite new  line is Hopscotch , which is what I used to create this layout.  Totally fun and whimsy colors and patterns.    I knew the perfect papers for this photo would come along .. and they did:)  The little sweetheart in the photo is  Kinley (Kate's niece). She is just a doll! I'm so thankful to her momma for letting me take photos of her darling kids.   The little pink guitar... well, I bought that at a market in Ensenada years ago, when Sandy ( Crafty Secrets)  and I taught on a cruise.  I just think it's so cute.

Like I said.. I love all the patterns and colors in this line.  Oh.. and look at the new little chipboard buttons from FP.


So I mentioned that my sis and some friends of ours are planning a fall flea market/craft sale the first weekend in October, so we've been busy working on things.  I have plenty up in the attic of the garage I need to sell,but it's been fun to redo some new finds also.   Today while I was doing some running .. my eye was drawn to a garage sale sign. ( I know.. I know... I can help it :).  But this time, I'm glad I stopped.  I paid $1 a piece for these.    I'll show you the redo soon. I already picked out the paints and fabrics :)

Well to day we got a bit of relief from the heat.  Well, under 100 degrees anyway.  Even a bit of a breeze. Now if we could just get some rain.   
I thought I'd share with you a few tips for staying cool.

1. Lay as close as possible to the fan.  ( with your head on it, if at all possible) lol     ( it doesn't look like the fan is on , in this photo..but it is. must be the flash. weird)

2.   Eat big raw cucumbers  ( haven't you ever heard the saying "COOL as a Cucumber" ? lol

3.  Lay around the air conditioned house ALL DAY LONG :)

Leaving you with tunes from another  Band I really really like.   First saw them in Mexico in June. I bought one of their CDs then, and have since ordered their other two.   Listen all the way thru if you have time.  It's great!   Takes me right back to good times in MX with my friends.   Funny how Music has a way of doing that huh?

Sons of Bill    -   Sana Ana Winds

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great weekend!



Gabriela said...

Vicki - I'm crazy about your big button cup. It is sensational, from those beautiful pennants right down to the cup, the doilies it sits on and the red tablecloth against the emerald shades of grass. A superb project, expertly photographed.

julie said...

What a very cool button flower cup. I cant wait to see you set up of you & your sissy's craft/flea market table. I just love your dog and that is one smart dog knows where to stay cool. Thanks for sharing,God bless.

Debbie K. said...

Such a cute flower cup, so cheery. You sound like me with the rummage sales...can't pass up a! LOVE the photos of Molly and 'her' helpful hints;) Have a great week, Vicki!

harrahx2 said...

So cute Vicki. Love the page layout and the cup of flowers is such a cute way to decorate!