Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vintage Banner

Hey friends!   I had some fun making a banner or two to use for the up coming flea market. Thought I'd share.   I used papers and letters from the Creating with Vintage Typography CD from Crafty Secrets and the  AccuCut Pennant Die.


Creating with Vintage Typography

AccuCut Pennant Flags
I swear I could never get tired of the stuff on this CD :)  So many fun prints and patterns.   The letters are also from the CD!  Print them out the size you need, quick cutting and tah dah!

These will hang together. "Vintage Love"  :)


Daisy had her first trip to the Cabin  yesterday and also got to meet Riley for the first time.  It was fun to see the two younger dogs play together. I think they wore each other out.  Serious panting going on in this photo. lol   Can you believe how similar they look?   Riley (Jarad and Kate's dog) on the left and Daisy, our new pup on the right.

The dogs, Jarad and I even took the new wheels to the sandbar for a little ride.   I was so happy to get to spend some time with Jarad yesterday afternoon.  He text me, saying "stop out to see the cabin progress if you have time".   I'm not about to miss a chance to get to spend some time with one of my boys... as busy as they are.. So I pushed my work aside and headed out the door.  (good excuse right?).
I can not believe how much Jarad and Kate ( with the help of friends and neighbors too) have gotten done just since June.
I went back and pulled up a photo from June 1st when they bought the cabin, then one from mid June.... and then put it with one from yesterday.  Yes..they still have alot to do, but wow!   This was a huge undertaking!    And they have done it all themselves. They spend all their days off and evenings working on this place.  Super proud of them :)

I love the new color!
I'll show you photos along the way.  They just wanted to get the new roof on and outside done before the cold weather.  
 Then I'm sure they will start on the inside.  They are busy little beavers :)


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Monday, August 27, 2012

"ART" Canvas

I still haven't shared all my CHA projects, so today I thought I'd share another canvas I did for Tattered Angels.  All the Designers  did 6x6 Canvas Corp Canvases for the TA booth.  It's a size I haven't done much, but I really enjoyed it.

The rubons on the spoon are 7 gypsies.
Bet you cant guess what these are? lol   I found some old retro dangly ear rings when we were all going thru moms things. ( I guarantee you my mom didn't wear these, so I'm not sure where they came from lol)  Anyway, I took them apart and added some rubons to them to add to my canvas :)

The letters ART are from some letters my sis gave me that they found in my brother-in-laws parents house.  They used to have an insurance business or something. Lots of cool letters and old papers.

I love using Tissue tape on the sides of my canvas. This one is from 7 gypsies.


Friday was the first day of gathering with Kate, her mom and sister, to get some of the wedding plans rolling.   The Wedding date is June 1, 2013.

Cake tasting!!    If you live anywhere near and you haven't been to Alotta Brownies in downtown Fremont.. you simply must!  ohhhh my

After that was all wrapped up... on to the florist.   Another fantastic shop on main street Fremont that I'd never been in.  Absolutely  gorgeous shop.  In Bloom

Remember this is all new to me.. so pretty exciting :)
Kate is pretty laid back about things like this, and easy to please... so that makes it all enjoyable.


That was the fun exciting start to the weekend... but after that ... it was pretty boring. lol
Spent most of the weekend pricing things for the flea market.  I got quite a bit done..but still plenty to do.

I hope your weekend was a good one!

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Live Simply... "texture paste" canvas and Flea Market photos

Oh..the days are slipping by me. I meant to post yesterday :(    Little Daisy pup keeps me on my  It's kind of like having a little one around when you aren't used to it.... you have to watch them closely.  I love her to pieces tho. (just wish she valued sleep as much as I do) ha!
I thought I'd share one of my Tattered Angels projects from this month.  The theme for August is "Texture Paste".    Boy the TA Design Team knocked this one out of the park! If you want to see they're creations, you can see them all on the Tattered Angels Inspiration blog.
My post on the TA blog

I had this idea in my head that I wanted to create a canvas that would hold a bottle that you could actually put fresh flowers in.   So this vintage bottle is just attached by wire so it can be slid out so water can be added.   I had envisioned this finished project with sunflowers, so once it was done and it was time to photograph, I needed to get a couple.  I have gotten them at Walmart and the grocery store in the past...but of course, none this time.  So I came home and call the "one and only" floral place here in my tiny town.  Nope! None!  Darn!  I'm out of time... I'm going to have to give in an just use artificial sunflowers (which I had at home).. but....      the entire point of this project it suppose to be that you can use fresh flowers!    It's ridiculous to drive the 17 miles back to Fremont to go to a florist there to get some. (But.. when I get my mind set that something is going to be a certain way... trust me I've done crazier things :)      I'm so deep in thought about that I was going to do, I don't even notice ......................On both sides of the road the ditches are lined with ..
You guessed it... SUNFLOWERS

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy!!! lol

The numbers and butterfly on the vintage bottle are 7 Gypsies Rub ons .

I thought I'd show you all the Halloween spoons finished. I did a few more.
Images and stamps are all from Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage.

We've been busy working on getting things lined up for the flea market.  I thought I'd show you some of the vintage goodies.    It will be a flea Market, but also Crafts and Fall Decor, as well as... baked goodies.  The girls from my art group  and I are putting on this event here in our big side yard, the first weekend in October.

These are just a few of the things my sis and I have been working on getting gathered up and priced. The other girls haven't started bringing their stuff over yet.. but I'll share some of their photos  later.

Look at this awesome chair my sister re did! I love it!
And look at these cute little chairs.
I'll share more photos little by little, as we go. (  just because it's fun :)   but we also have an events page on facebook if you want to see more photos and keep up with updates if you live near and plan to come.  Fall Festival and Flea Market on Facebook

Oh... and I've been doing some baking and getting things in the freezer.  I love to bake, but just don't seem to do it as much since the boys aren't at home anymore.  I really enjoyed taking time to do it.
I made Pumpkin Muffins, Banana Muffins, and Blueberry Muffins one day...

and a big double batch of Monster Cookies yesterday.

 Things are coming together.
The other girls have Canopy's, but  I didn't. Dan had been checking into sizes and prices to see what was the best.  I like this one because the sides and back can be up or down. .. and we can put it to good use next June with  Jarad and Kate get hitched.

If you live near.. and can come, I promise it will be lots of fun with more than enough vintage goodness to keep you very happy!   Oh.. and if you do live near, will you help us spread the word.
The more the merrier!

 I'm super excited for this... we've all been having fun getting things lined up and planning.

Okay.. enough rambling for today. lol

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Enjoy your weekend my friends!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Altered Halloween Spoons

Since the last altered spoons I did , I've been wanting to do more. They are kind of addicting:)  I have always LOVED Crafty Secrets Halloween images and stamps so I started to give some thought to doing some Halloween themed spoons.   Crafty Secrets has so many great Halloween themed things, you can see them all on the website here.

For these spoons... I used....
"Halloween Time" Cuts  
"Halloween Greetings" Double sided Scraps
"Jolly Halloween" Clear Art Stamps ( sold out) see other Halloween stamps
Here and Here
  Digital Halloween stamps Here as well as  Digital Ephemera and this awesome Jumbo Halloween download.

The bats and the "Boo" are from the stamp set. After stamping them and cutting them out , I added some Diamond Glaze to them.
On this one.. the moon is from the stamp set.

There was glue and glitter flying in here last night. lol I was on a roll

I love this little whitchy poo :)    ( the "Bewitched" was stamped)

You can see lots of great inspiration on the Heartwarming Vintage blog today!


Over the weekend it was nice and cool so I did some baking to get some things in the freezer for the
Flea Market.  I forgot how much I enjoy baking when I have the time.  I used to back alot when the boys were at home, but since Dan doesn't eat sweets, it is not wise for me to have them around all to myself :(
Pumpkin, Banana, and Blueberry muffins.

Since It's cool off so nicely, my plants are starting to look so healthy and pretty again. That intense heat were had for so long was not good for them. They were all looking pretty rough.

Update on Daisy pup...... she is definitely  making herself at home around here.  She knows this is where she belongs.   We just have to work on her learning to say by us in the yard. The first couple of times out , she took off running and I was in a panic... yelling her name(which is pointless because she doesn't know her name yet) and trying to get her to come back.   She does come right back..but the problem is, she ran out to the road, and people fly down that road!  I was freaking out.  I wont take that chance again. We have to keep her on a leash until she learns the boundaries.  Molly really likes her, they play together and Molly seems to like that (in small doses)  ...when she's had her fill.. Molly lets her know.. "That's enough".   Other than that she is a energetic little pup that keeps us laughing.  Shes a snuggler when it's sleepy time..and that makes me happy.

I hope your week is off to a great start!
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

On the road with Saint Motel

   We've been teasing you for weeks about this fun little creative  project we've been working on.  Here it is ..the day is finally here!    What's it all about?   Well, it was the perfect opportunity to combine my love of music with my love of art...... AND get to ask some artist I love and whose work I admire, to participate with me in a project. ( see who is participating, below).   We are using the Cover from the new release "Voyeur" from  the band  Saint Motel for our inspiration. ( you can see the CD cover below).  I've been listening to this bands music, and loving it. I'm posting a video at the bottom of this post so you can have a listen, but you can hear more here.
  I love how this whole idea just fell into place, it's been a blast.  And now I'm so excited and can not wait to see what the other girls have created.   Who is participating?    

So.. lets get started.  Here's is mine. 

I used this project as an opportunity to stretch myself creatively.  I did a little drawing (which I haven't really done much of for years), and water color painting.
You can see below, the inspiration for our creations. 

I don't know if you noticed , but I used this( below) symbol for the beaks of the birds :)

Loved this saying, and thought it fitting.

Creating  this project was so fun, and working with the band and these talented girls was such a great experience.   (Huge thanks to Matt also :)

Even Daisy got in on the fun :)    You should check out the band on facebook and see the fun photos that their fans have posted of things they have done with "The eyes".  Saint Motel on facebook

The band......  Saint Motel

And a Video for your view and listening pleasure :)   Puzzle Pieces"

**The band will be posting our work ( individually) on their blog, so keep watching here on the Saint Motel blog
I will link here on my blog each time one of us is posted you can check it out :)

I am SO excited to see the girls projects, and I know you are also, so here are the links to their blogs. Enjoy!


Thanks for sharing in our fun!


Thursday, August 16, 2012


It's been a while since I did a layout so I sat down this morning with creating a layout in mind.. with my new little pup at my feet of course :)   I love DAISY!
One of Crafty Secrets newest stamp sets is call Mustache Men, and it's got so many awesome images on it.

Here's a little look at the set.
The papers ( and the hat journal spot)  I used are from the "Creating with Vintage Illustrations CD".

Even the vintage looking photo frame is from the CD.

It's hard to see here, but I stamped little curly mustaches all along the border.  The border is and AccuCut die is Borders #4

Here's a card and cup done with the same stamp set.  The mustache  was stamped on the cup with stazon.

The set really is quite fitting for my family. lol

None for Kate, but had to share this cute photo of them out on the sandbar. Remind me to get them some sunscreen. yikes!


The girls and I are pretty excited to be full swing into getting our Flea Market/Craft Show put together.  We have an events page on facebook here Fall Festival and Flea Market on facebook
Huge thanks to my dear friend Olivia Hudson  for creating this beautiful flyer from my messy sketch:)   You are the best!

Okay, time for this gal to head for bed.  The new pup seems to like to get up much earlier than I do.

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