Monday, August 27, 2012

"ART" Canvas

I still haven't shared all my CHA projects, so today I thought I'd share another canvas I did for Tattered Angels.  All the Designers  did 6x6 Canvas Corp Canvases for the TA booth.  It's a size I haven't done much, but I really enjoyed it.

The rubons on the spoon are 7 gypsies.
Bet you cant guess what these are? lol   I found some old retro dangly ear rings when we were all going thru moms things. ( I guarantee you my mom didn't wear these, so I'm not sure where they came from lol)  Anyway, I took them apart and added some rubons to them to add to my canvas :)

The letters ART are from some letters my sis gave me that they found in my brother-in-laws parents house.  They used to have an insurance business or something. Lots of cool letters and old papers.

I love using Tissue tape on the sides of my canvas. This one is from 7 gypsies.


Friday was the first day of gathering with Kate, her mom and sister, to get some of the wedding plans rolling.   The Wedding date is June 1, 2013.

Cake tasting!!    If you live anywhere near and you haven't been to Alotta Brownies in downtown Fremont.. you simply must!  ohhhh my

After that was all wrapped up... on to the florist.   Another fantastic shop on main street Fremont that I'd never been in.  Absolutely  gorgeous shop.  In Bloom

Remember this is all new to me.. so pretty exciting :)
Kate is pretty laid back about things like this, and easy to please... so that makes it all enjoyable.


That was the fun exciting start to the weekend... but after that ... it was pretty boring. lol
Spent most of the weekend pricing things for the flea market.  I got quite a bit done..but still plenty to do.

I hope your weekend was a good one!

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Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Another lovely canvas, Vic! I really like the spoons adorned with the rub-ons.

Wedding planning is a lot of fun! Enjoy!

linda said...

I'm lovin' those rub-ons. Glad to see they're making a come-back!

Debbie K. said...

Love the canvas, Ms. Vicki. So clever of you to use those old earrings. (I think I may have a few tucked away from my disco days...LOL!)

So happy for Kate and Jared. Love hearing about their plans:)

Have FUN!!!!

Ellen Jarvis said...

GORGEOUS project, as usual, Vic. You have a wonderful eye for these sorts of canvases. The pics of the cupcakes made me drool, and I was taken away by the beautiful florist's shop too. I was transported back to when I helped my daughter Emily plan her wedding 4 years ago. (And for which I am STILL paying $$$ this many years later!!)

I can only tell you that I am SO GLAD I wasn't into paper crafting THEN as I am now because I am sure I would have done far much more physically myself. As it is, we designed and produced the wedding invitations -- and I have the rubber-glue-stained dining room table to prove that we assembled it all ourselves! I didn't know a lot about solvents back then....

We did the programs, table toppers, seating cards, overnight guest gable boxes too. And I embroidered a special tag that I stitched inside her wedding gown, made (sewed and embroidered) the wedding garter, bejeweled the bridesmaids' tank tops and the bride's underwear (LOL), custom designed the groomsmen bobble head dolls in their likenesses, made the semi-precious stone (citron and brown pearls) necklaces and earrings for all the bridesmaids ... and STILL I think I would have done more!! EEEEK.... Looking back on all I DID makes me weak with fatigue!

My Emily is not as laid back as your Kate, unfortunately, and is more of a stickler to details than I am. Everything had to be PERFECT and it was, even the weather. We were just lucky. BEST wishes for the 10 months ahead -- it will go by quicker than you can imagine!

And now -- much later -- I've already done the baby shower, party invitations/favors/decorations for Baby #1, and she's planning Baby #2. How time flies!

Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

harrahx2 said...

Love the art with earrings! Now I have to watch for earrings as well as spoons. You are totally an enabler! Hugs and wow, Kate looks wonderful! I know this must be heaven for you......jealous! Keep me posted on things. I am excited!