Friday, August 24, 2012

Live Simply... "texture paste" canvas and Flea Market photos

Oh..the days are slipping by me. I meant to post yesterday :(    Little Daisy pup keeps me on my  It's kind of like having a little one around when you aren't used to it.... you have to watch them closely.  I love her to pieces tho. (just wish she valued sleep as much as I do) ha!
I thought I'd share one of my Tattered Angels projects from this month.  The theme for August is "Texture Paste".    Boy the TA Design Team knocked this one out of the park! If you want to see they're creations, you can see them all on the Tattered Angels Inspiration blog.
My post on the TA blog

I had this idea in my head that I wanted to create a canvas that would hold a bottle that you could actually put fresh flowers in.   So this vintage bottle is just attached by wire so it can be slid out so water can be added.   I had envisioned this finished project with sunflowers, so once it was done and it was time to photograph, I needed to get a couple.  I have gotten them at Walmart and the grocery store in the past...but of course, none this time.  So I came home and call the "one and only" floral place here in my tiny town.  Nope! None!  Darn!  I'm out of time... I'm going to have to give in an just use artificial sunflowers (which I had at home).. but....      the entire point of this project it suppose to be that you can use fresh flowers!    It's ridiculous to drive the 17 miles back to Fremont to go to a florist there to get some. (But.. when I get my mind set that something is going to be a certain way... trust me I've done crazier things :)      I'm so deep in thought about that I was going to do, I don't even notice ......................On both sides of the road the ditches are lined with ..
You guessed it... SUNFLOWERS

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy!!! lol

The numbers and butterfly on the vintage bottle are 7 Gypsies Rub ons .

I thought I'd show you all the Halloween spoons finished. I did a few more.
Images and stamps are all from Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage.

We've been busy working on getting things lined up for the flea market.  I thought I'd show you some of the vintage goodies.    It will be a flea Market, but also Crafts and Fall Decor, as well as... baked goodies.  The girls from my art group  and I are putting on this event here in our big side yard, the first weekend in October.

These are just a few of the things my sis and I have been working on getting gathered up and priced. The other girls haven't started bringing their stuff over yet.. but I'll share some of their photos  later.

Look at this awesome chair my sister re did! I love it!
And look at these cute little chairs.
I'll share more photos little by little, as we go. (  just because it's fun :)   but we also have an events page on facebook if you want to see more photos and keep up with updates if you live near and plan to come.  Fall Festival and Flea Market on Facebook

Oh... and I've been doing some baking and getting things in the freezer.  I love to bake, but just don't seem to do it as much since the boys aren't at home anymore.  I really enjoyed taking time to do it.
I made Pumpkin Muffins, Banana Muffins, and Blueberry Muffins one day...

and a big double batch of Monster Cookies yesterday.

 Things are coming together.
The other girls have Canopy's, but  I didn't. Dan had been checking into sizes and prices to see what was the best.  I like this one because the sides and back can be up or down. .. and we can put it to good use next June with  Jarad and Kate get hitched.

If you live near.. and can come, I promise it will be lots of fun with more than enough vintage goodness to keep you very happy!   Oh.. and if you do live near, will you help us spread the word.
The more the merrier!

 I'm super excited for this... we've all been having fun getting things lined up and planning.

Okay.. enough rambling for today. lol

Thanks for stopping by!

Enjoy your weekend my friends!



A Vintage Chic said...

I love it all, Vicki! The texture is beautiful on your canvas--and love the colors!

I get the same way when I get things a certain way in my head--I go bonkers if it doesn't work out right!

Love that there were sunflowers right under your nose!

The vintage goodies are fabulous! WISH I could come on over and buy you out!

Have a great weekend, my friend!


Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

You already know how much I love that canvas! Such a great idea. And, isn't life so often like that? The thing we need is right under our nose, but we are too blind to see it. Great story!

I would LOOOOOOOVE to come to your wonderful flea market. You have some fantastic items there. But I would make a beeline for that pink eggbeater! I love that!!!

harrahx2 said...

Love Love Love the canvas! Love the photos and the bottle idea is beyond beautiful! Good work and save me a muffin.....

Debbie K. said...

Love the canvas, Ms. Vicki. I too go 'nuts' when I have something in my mind and can't find the finishing touch! Glad the sunflowers were there for you:) Your muffins look so yummy, I'm starting to

starqueen said...

Hi Vicki,
Ooooh, your canvas project is a winner! I love the idea of being able to change it up with fresh flowers.
I wish I could come to your Flea Market. It looks like you'll have some lovely items and have a lot of fun. Alas, I'm in MA and won't get there!

julie said...

I wish I lived by and I would so be there, but I can't so I'm going to be there in spirit. I just love all the vintage goods you have. The canvas is so pretty I like the butterfly on the jar. Thanks for sharing, God bless. Also you and your sister have a great time.

Bettyann said...

Wish I lived closer also..I have the children's square clock on my wall lol..everything looks so inviting...have a great weekend.xxxx

stampqueen said...

LOVE this canvus!!! Love the texture and the bottle!!!
Sure wish I could come to your flea market!!!! I will have to try and send my Mom in my place :)
Ahhh puppies - I will find out first hand starting tomorrow - hadnt planned on getting another dog so soon after loosing my sweet ol boy but DH saw some puppies on the shelter web site that were part aussie and he said he would rather have a puppy sooo.....
Wish me luck - 3 cats and a new puppy - should be an interesting week :) - oh and just for fun maybe a hurricaine too :)

linda said...

your canvas is amazing! Love the colors. have fun at the flea market - wished I lived closer!

Jane Wetzel said...

Hi Vicki! What an incredible awesome canvas! I just started playing around a little with spackling in my art group the other day- love it :) Your little bottle is so cool and love that you put a sunflower in it!
Sure wish I lived closer so I could visit the sale :) hugs, jane