Saturday, September 29, 2012

A week away

The countdown is on... One week from today is our "Fall Festival and Flea Market".   It kind of freaks me out just to type that. lol   It's a busy time.  I think I'll feel like I have time to burn when this is over. ha     Fall is defiantly in the air.  If the weather continues just like it has been, it's going to be wonderful.  I had to do some running today, and could not resist the beautiful mums I keep seeing everywhere.  They are just so pretty.

It's been fun getting out decorations and getting the house and yard ready for Fall. Especially since it's been so nice.  Cold windy days working outside are killer for my sinuses... so I'm thankful the weather has been great!

Oh.... I've been meaning to share with you some more of the little crows I've been making hats and signs for, using my Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage "Halloween" CD

HUGE thanks to my dear friend Pam!!  I had been looking for more of these crows, as I only had the ones I had picked up this year.  I couldn't find them anywhere this year.   We'll, a box came in the mail the other day from my friend Pam.................guess what?? CROWS!  Do I have some thoughtful friends or what! I was SO happy!

The one below is  one I had make before using Crafty Secrets  Jolly Halloween Stamp Set for the sign.  Update: this set is sold out but please see this Halloween Postcard set and also this Costume Cuties Set of Clear Art Stamps.

Here's one more shot of the crow trio.  I just love them :)

Back to the "TO DO"list for me....

Remember if your near.....  we'd love to have you come

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Preparing... for the "Fall Festival and Flea Market"

It's inching ever closer.  Just over a week now and the fun will begin.  Lets hope it's a success and we sell alot, because my I really need to be able to pull my car in the garage this winter. lol   To think it was so clean and spacious at the beginning of Summer. ha   Pretty packed full at this point for sure.
I can't  wait until next Thursday when we set up, to get to  see what everyone is bringing.   I'm worried I will buy more than I sell. lol  I know they will all have awesome stuff.

 ( I've been collecting these containers ( above)  over the last few months with this idea in mind.  Painted them all black, and added a real pumpkins).  My house ( and garage) look so festive with all these goodies right now :)

Why is is whenever you have something big planned...that's when  things happen you don't have time to deal with.  Last week it was Raccoons digging up our yard, this week repairs to the well.  I think both are under control now (fingers crossed).

I have been so in love with all the gorgeous papers on the new Crafty Secrets Halloween CD ( and/or downloads)... I just keep making things with them. ( Thanks Sandy).   I made a bunch of these fun little Halloween flags.  I plan to stick some of these in my potted mums, but they would also be fun stuck in pumpkins, or the sticks cut a bit shorter for decorations for food at a festive Halloween themed get together.

Here they all are stuck in a vase with some Styrofoam in it.  I plan to sell some of these at the event, so I thought this might be a good way to display them, so they can just take out what they want.

I worked in the yard a bit this afternoon ,but need to spend some more time out there tomorrow.  When the days are as gorgeous as they have been here lately, you don't have to twist my arm one bit, to get out of my room and go outside. 

I love Fall!

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I hope your week is going well!


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Feeling a bit more like Fall every day.

Are sunny, but cool Fall days just the best or what!  LOVE it!  It really is such a pretty time of the year.  Because of the Flea Market, I've been working on Fall crafts for weeks now.  The new Halloween CD from Crafty Secrets is so amazing.   These crows are just one of the fun images on the CD.  When my sister showed me these long frames she found thrifting, and wondered what she could do with them.  I could totally see these crows holding a banner.   Perfect for a long frame like this. 
She and I worked on these the other day, and I love how they turned out.  She had painted the frames black and had glass cut for them.   I printed of papers from the CD and sized the crows to fit inside the opening of the frame.

I used one of the frame images on the CD for the banner pieces , sized them to fit and added the letters to the centers.  We put them down with foam squares so they stand off the paper some.

Cool fonts on the CD also:)

I am totally smitten with this CD.
You can see more of the CD and the downloads HERE.

Have you ever had poster sized prints made of your photos?   Walgreen's was running a special so I decided to do a large print of this photo I took last Fall.

I really like how it turned out so I'm actually thinking it might be fun to to one for every season for this frame I have just as you come in the font door.

Certainly a easy and inexpensive way to have a little something new to put up each season.  Around $15 when it's not on special.   They occasionally have them for 30% off.  You can get them in a number of different sized also.  Just thought I'd share... if your needing a seasonal decor change to make you happy:)

Speaking of HAPPY.   My heart is happy because I got to spend some time with my niece Neely today. Miss getting to see her as often since she moved to CA.  I love this girl to the moon and back. With no girls of my own... I'm lucky my sis has shared her with me all these years... and let me call her "my girl" too :)

A good day

I hope yours was also

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Halloween crafts and Fleamarket fun

Boy have a been a bad blogger this week. Now that we are only two weeks away from the "Fall Festival and Flea Market" there is lots that needs to be done.  You know how there are those little last minute things that are easy to put off , thinking "oh.. it's still a ways away, I have time", well, it is now time to quit ignoring them and just get them done. lol   My sis Jan was here all day yesterday
 ( until after 8 last night), pricing, finishing projects, touching up, making signs ect...  with me.   She has worked with me on this SO much!  Huge thanks Sissy!

So since I've been behind on my blogging, I'll share a number of projects in this post.  All of them using the new Crafty Secrets Halloween CD and downloads.

The digital Halloween kits available here

You can read more about it and get the scoop here on the Heartwarming Vintage blog. 

I've been having fun making more of these cute little bags, using these State Line Bag Co. bags  the CD and iron on transfer paper.

There are so many awesome images and papers on this CD.  There are a number of altered vintage black and white photos like this one that I ADORE!

I never tire of banners, and this one was so easy to make using AccuCut Die - Pennant Flags and papers and bingo cards from the CD.

Again..loving that I can print out the size I want :)

I've loved using this CD for the Halloween Crafts I've been working on.

Yesterday Jan and I finished measuring off to make sure each person has room for their tents, tables and free standing pieces of furniture ect.

 I didn't take any photos of the East yard, but that is where the parking with be.  Baked goods, popcorn, coffee, waters and sodas in and in front of the garage for sale.  Oh... and home made apple pie!
also... ... blueberry muffins, banana nut muffins, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bread, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cherry/blueberry craisen, and monster cookies, all for sale individually :)  So you can have a cup of coffee and something yummy if you want :)

Everyone has their spots,. and then there will also be a fun photo opp set up, (with a "witchy" theme) wink wink!
We have way to many big items to fit it all under tents that's for sure..but they'll be nice for the smaller things.     Then they'll be a separate area that is just Halloween Crafts.

Right now, the only things I have photos of is Jans and my things, for the most part , but you can see lots more photos on our facebook events page HERE.   Deb and Stephanie have some things posted there also.

here's just a few peeks...

We have little things....

and crafty seasonal things....

vintage dishes....

vintage everything

  big stuff

Chairs, tables , desks... ect ect ect...
My sis brought a few more things yesterday
I told you... something for everyone!   How about a bit of RETRO???

We are excited!!!  Two weeks from today, it starts!!   Praying for nice weather!   (we do have the weekend after set for a rain day)

896 County Road T
North Bend NE

If you have friend who live near... we'd so appreciate it if you would help us spread the word.  Here is the flyer :)

                                                                               flyer credits: Olivia Hudson
                                                                                                     blog: Country Liv's Cottage Art

Thanks friends!!


Monday, September 17, 2012

Halloween projects

Hi friends!  I hope your weekend was a good one. Good here, just busy preparing for the Flea Market.  I did have fun working with the new Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage new Halloween CD images.  They are so beautiful!  I'll add the link below to you can check them all out, but here are a few things I made with them . The first two layouts are digital... and you know that is really new to to me.. so be kind. lol   They are really simple but the papers and images are so fun, they do a great job of carrying the page.

 The online Etsy Halloween File Downloads will be divided into 4 groups and priced as follows, or buy the entire digital group for $17.99  and save $7.97!  Sandy has it all explained in this post on the Heartwarming Vintage blog.
 Jumbo Download

And one more.
Then is was time to break out the adhesive and scissors. lol   I made this "Halloween Loot" bag from a simple plain white gift bag I had.

There are some darling printable templates also, like this little house.  I actually printed it out  twice on card stock and then cut out some of the elements to add them with foam squares.

Here's an other simple cute little goody basket.

I even had a little fun altering this photo with some images and fonts from the CD.

I also got to spend some time with my niece Lyndsay this weekend taking some photos for her.  She is my oldest brother Gary's grand daughter.  He would be so proud of what a amazing young lady she  is. Beautiful inside and out.

Thankful for a another nice weekend :)  Fall is defiantly in the air.

I hope yours was a good one also!