Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lots to share

Still enjoying Fall.  Yep, I am.  Seems like Fall gets pushed aside to quickly... because people start working on Christmas projects.   I have all kinds of Christmas projects on my desk right now, but I'm not wanting to let Autumn pass by without enjoying it fully.
Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage now had a new Vintage Thanksgiving download.   

Thanksgiving Vintage Download Kit with Digital Art Stamps, Designer Papers and Images.   You can see it all here. 
Amazing bunch of goodness for $10.99      You can see more sample and read more about it here are the Heartwarming Vintage Blog.
Here are just a few samples I made with goodies from the download.

Great variety of papers, stamps and images.
I'm working on learning to color the digital stamps. I started with these wheat images.. something simple.  I cant wait to learn more about how to do it, but I will say I can see myself really enjoying it.  It's amazing how you can blend colors.  ( don't look to close tho... remember I'm still learning) lol

There is even place cards , menu cards ect... in this download.

On the menu above I used the front of the card and in the one below I put the menu inside the card using one of the frames from the download.

I'm excited to work with this download more. AND excited to see what Crafty Secrets has coming up for Christmas downloads.  I know, I know.. still fall, but this girl needs time to work ahead.  Every year I think I'm going to make all my Christmas cards... hmmm... still hasn't happened :(

This is probably one of the reasons why. I keep playing hooky. lol    Yesterday and the day before where Dans Days off since he worked the weekend.  He and Molly decided to take in the nice weather and spend the day/night at the cabin.   He called yesterday and said. "Why don't you and Daisy come out this afternoon, it's so nice!"    Well, I had plenty I could, and probably should have been doing ,but I pushed it aside and off we went.   There was a time not that long ago that I would have stayed home and worked, but I'm working hard to think differently about things like that.   Life is too short..............enjoy!     Before we know it, it will be winter and then I'll wish I could be outside!      Glad I went.  It was a gorgeous day, and who knows how many of those we have left before it's blustery cold.

Yep... it's my husband happy place.  He didn't know I was taking this photo :)    It says so much about him.   Not only has he always loved the outdoors and being at the river, but he (unlike me) likes quiet and time alone without people everywhere.   Oh.. I like quiet also, and time alone, don't get me wrong, but I am way more socially oriented.  I need to socialize and be with people alot.   After 31 years we have found a way to make this work for us.  He has a cabin... I go do stuff. lol  No really, we find a happy medium ... a little of both.

I went to the cabin a lot more than I do now, when the boys where growing up.  We all spent a lot of time there.  (It was only about 15minutes from our house in town).   Once the boys where grown and we moved to the country, I guess I was content there ( at home), and in the country already so I didn't go to the cabin as often.   It's been a great place for our family to spend time over the years tho. I'm excited for Jarad and Kate to get their cabin finished and have fun making great memories there also.

Jarad and Kate weren't out there, because they were at work yesterday, but I took a picture of the progress they have now made on the back of their cabin.  They are busy little beavers!

Snapped a couple more shots before I left. We took the dogs for a walkabout :)

Partners in crime.

I  hope your week has been a good one.

Thanks for taking time to stop  by :)



Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Beautiful cards, Vic....and your day out at the cabin was lovely. So glad you made that choice. It's all about finding balance, isn't it?

Ellen Jarvis said...

Vicki, if THAT is your beginning work in coloring digital images, I shall promptly pass out, stunned, to see your later works. Gorgeous, truly. I've been at it for a while and can't hold a candle to your talent.

Thank you too for sharing the photographs of your day at the cabin. It was so very restful even just seeing the pictures of your hubby and dogs at peace, enjoying the waning autumn months. It's hard to believe how quickly the seasons come and go! How very fortunate you are to have a place where you can vegetate a bit and rebalance. It is so good for the soul! Your son's project is coming along well, too -- I remember the ramshackle photos of when he first bought it and thought he's quite ambitious. Clearly, he has fond memories of his youthful days at your cabin. It is testament to the love he had there that he wants one of his own that he could rebuild and invest and grow his love there too.

Like good therapy, I always love reading your blog. Thank you again for sharing your life with us!

PS -- I immediately ordered the digital download from Crafty Secrets, thank you! We're away for Thanksgiving this year (on a cruise, renewing our wedding vows!!). But because I've always considered Thanksgiving "my" holiday (the anniversary of my first date with my hubby is the night before T'giving, and I have so much for which to be thankful), I will definitely use these images now and always. Again, thank you for being an ambassador for these fine images!

Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Vicki and great creations. I am so not ready to go digital yet! You make it look wonderful though. Hugs.

Linda S. said...

Good for you to not only know what is truly important in your life,...but to also DO IT! Linda S. in NE

Gail S. said...

Isn't Nebraska beautiful? Except when the wind blows 60+ miles an hour allllll day long :) Love your photos and your Thanksgiving ideas!!!

Susie W. said...

Gorgeous photos Vicki! I love, love, love the fall colors! The colorful leaves are just past their peak here in N. Illinois. Our driveway and sidewalk are completely covered. Yes...we need to get busy clearing those!
Love your projects! I always get so inspired by your work :)

promotional products said...

beautiful pictures! well what's really important is that you enjoy your work and you are comfortable in it.