Thursday, November 01, 2012

"Live Simply" Canvas

For Summer CHA each of the Tattered Angels Design Team members created two 6x6 canvases for display.  I shared one of mine a while back and forgot about the other until now....

I kind of have to laugh when I look at them side by side because.. talk about different looks. Here is the first one.

lol.. see what I mean?  Yesh... making me think I might have dual personalities. lol
Anyway... back to the one I first posted.     I love the cheery colors and it was fun to get to do some simple stitching.  I love stitching on canvas!

I guess showing the two different canvases just goes to prove you can certainly get different looks and use different styles when creating with TA paints right?  So I'm going to just go with that idea, and pretend it was on  purpose lol


I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween.  I loved seeing everyones photos on facebook and instagram, of their kidlets.    It's a pretty boring night for us, we have no kids at home, no grandkids and living in the country..... no trick or treaters :(
I was feeling left out, so I went and dug in the photo boxes to find photos of the boys when they were little.  Realized a couple of things... 1) I took alot less photos when I only had a 110 film camera. lol and 2) Our kids never had fancy Halloween Costumes. lol  It was kind of like it was when I was a kid... "what can you make yourself be ..that we have right here in the house".
You know what? They still had fun. lol

So.. here you go... "Old School Halloween Chrisman style"

One good thing.. there was no Halloween Candy left in the house for me to get into.
But there were these today
The little small town bakery that makes the Kolaches I've shown before, makes these also. Oh my!
Clarkson Nebraska Bakery on facebook
ha... I just looked on their facebook page, and saw that they must ship.  See ..there you go!

Okay, I'm done teasing your sweet tooth. 

Thanks for stopping by!
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Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Oh love the bright colors and the stitching in the canvas Going to a Holiday Open house today at our newly renovated Antique/Scrapbooking Shop and one of the gals does unique canvas things also. Can't wait to see the Holiday ones!!
OH kolaches!! Haven't seen that many since the Czech Bakery in Cedar Rapids was destroyed by the floods. My grandma could make them in her sleep and they were to die for.
Have a wonderful weekend

harrahx2 said...

No trick or treaters here either and I guess I have to eat the candy. And yes, split personality! Love it!

Debbie K. said...

O.k. Ms. Vicki. Now you have my mouth watering over those yummy looking kolaches!!! Cute photos of the kiddos. Love your artwork.

Do you have to do anything special to the canvas before you stitch on it or use a special needle to get thru the heavy fabric? Never tried doing that and it looks like sooooo much FUN!

Have a wonderful weekend:)

Marlene (cards4u) said...

Just wanted to say I love both of you : ) Take Care!!