Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas countdown

That countdown is on now isn't it.  I can believe how fast its come. I think it has just been sneaking up on me  because the weather has been unseasonably warm with no snow. Sure doesn't seem like Christmasy weather. Certainly not complaining about it not being freezing cold out this winter, but a white Christmas would be nice:)
Well, I still have some Christmas projects to show you and the countdown is on, not that many days left... so I better get started.  This Tussie Mussie was done with paper and images from the "Vintage Christmas" CD from Crafty Secrets I love this paper!!!

You can see how beautiful the tags are,

and the images.

I used one of the papers to quickly do up a invite for our family Christmas this year.  For those who use email, I could just email the image, and for those who dont, I just printed it off and mailed it in their Christmas Cards :)

So here is using that same image, only instead of using it digitally, I printed it off smaller and made a traditional handmade card.

We spent the weekend at home. Really didnt leave for much of anything, and it was kind of nice.  It was cloudy and overcast here, a good weekend to stay in and catch up on things around here.  Dan had a project planned for working on the floor in the upstairs bathroom this weekend, and I had a number of CHA projects that needed to be finished by today so we were"in".  
I've been missing mom alot, thinking how much we enjoyed having her here with us last Christmas. Saturday since we were both busy working I thought it would be a good day to put on a pot of soup for us to have later in the day.  I reached in the pantry and pulled out moms a piece of aqua club cookwear.  It's funny how something as silly as a piece of cook wear can bring someone such comforting memories.  My mom used this for so many years! I can just  see it sitting on her stove.
  All day long as I walked by and glanced over at  just make me smile.

As the house smelled all yummy from the soup, I worked on CHA projects and Dan worked on the bathroom floor.   It wasn't finished yet when I took this picture, but it was by the end of the day, and it looks so nice.

Now.... on with the week ahead right?   I need to make out a list and do some major grocery shopping, but first I need to decided what all I'm making. hmmmmm


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I hope you all had a nice weekend ( and feel the energy to jump head first into this new week) lol

hugs, Vic


janel said...

Missing 'mom' at Christmas is hard, wanting to just talk to them, share the excitement and the magic of the season, and hear about their Christmas memories...big hugs. As I looked at your stove, I realized I have the same recipe holder...I think it was my Aunt's...I am not sure. Was the red recipe holder your mom's? I had to laugh knowing that the cookie jar and the recipe box that we both have are "twins"....Keep those memories close to your heart.

Anonymous said...

Saw your beautiful projects on the Scrapbook Adhesives blog. I love the use of the oriental papers. Happy holidays.

Charlene said...

Hello sweet friend! Long time no see! WOW life has been crazy & I just haven't visited as many blogs as I'd like but, I wanted to come by to say Merry Christmas! Are you still coming to Texas every year? It's been what 3 or 4 years since we had dinner???? Time Flies! HUGS!

Donna said...

Hi Vicki!! I have one of your "twins," too! ha ha....I have the same salt and pepper people as the ones on back of your stove---love them so!! :-) I was thinking of you lately, knowing this Christmas will be more emotional without your mom. How sweet that you have many of her things around you, bringing comfort and treasured memories. I hurt for you, knowing how much you miss her. I hope you and your family can enjoy Christmas and have a safe holiday. <3

Donna said...

Oops, meant to say I love the Tussie Mussie---that is a favorite paper of mine, too, and it looks fabulous on this project! Thanks for sharing!