Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Tin Ornaments

Well, I decided it was time to pull out these little tarts and make some ornament with them, since I didn't get it done last year:) I had gotten a whole box of them in different shape at a sale a couple years ago with plans to do this,and just hadn't gotten it done. I've always  loved the Merry Christmas Creative Scraps Images, and knew from the beginning that's what I wanted to use, so it was just about getting things out and getting them done.  I wasn't wanting to do just two or three... I did.. a couple dozen. lol  I also had that in mind..that's probably why I had put it off a bit. lol but you know what, I worked on it while I was watching tv and and it went pretty darn quick.  Now I have little handmade gifts to send out.. all finished.

If you use it's tarts or tins, I started by turning them over and flattening them down a bit, so they aren't so deep.  Then I use my cropodile to punch a hole in the top of the tin to put the wire threw to hang it.
( if you don't have tarts.. and tins or painted lids would work great too)

After cutting out the image I added a few pieces of Scrapbook Adhesives Crafty Foam Tape, one on top of each other to lift the image up a bit.

I brushed on a clear drying glue to the inside of the tin and sprinkled on some glittery snow.

Once that's dry I added the wire and and other embellishments I wanted.  ( I added stickles to the images themselves in areas to look like snow)

I even got thank you messages back already with photos of them on peoples trees.. like this one below :)

Modern technology? lol sometimes don't you just wonder what our grandparents and great grand parents would think of all this stuff.    email, iphones, skype, instagram, texts, ect ect ect lol


In the fall I shared with you how I had a large print made of one of my photos made to put in a frame
I already had , to hang in my hall in the living room. You can see them post and the photo HERE .  So
I wanted to share the photo with you that I had printed and put in the frame for winter. I choose this one.

What have I been up to lately? Well, we put a new sink in the kitchen and are working on replacing the upstairs bathroom floor. Projects that have just been needing to be done.   Tree is up, cards are out, but not much shopping done.  Really not doing that much this year.  The kids are older, so a few things and gift certificates are the best bet.   Baking?  Well, I did a double batch of Cherry Chip (Jarad's Favorite) today, but that's it so far.   Us girls are planning to get together to make moms sour cream and date pinwheel cookies once Neely is home.

And  I have been reading.   I know! I haven't let myself take the time to actually read an entire book for a long time. Why I always think there's so much to do I dont know. lol   I'm realizing just how fast the days go by lately.  Trying to show down and enjoy things.
My sweet friend Julie gave my this book. She had read it, having two parents suffering from Alzheimer's .. she could relate to much of the book. The thoughtful person that she is.. she got the book for me.        I haven't talked about it here on my blog, but I have a dear friend who is also suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia. She is young, only 55.  Recently she has been moved to a facility. I visit her there each week and it's just heartbreaking.  I miss us being able to talk about all the memories we shared, way back when your boys where babies. We use to do everything together.     It's a cruel disease.    
This book although sad at  times.... so insightful.
If you know someone with Alzheimer's / Dementia  I highly suggest it.
Thankyou Julie!

I hope you are all taking time for yourselves this busy time of the year.


lol, I'm surviving ... even with out diet coke... lol

Thanks for stopping by my friends!



Julie Higgins said...

Nice that you told about the book...the more people who really understand Alzheimers, the better off people with Alzheimers will be...I'm sure you will agree that this book is an eye opener and helps people be more understanding and patient! Your dear friend never knew when she met you, truly what a 'forever' friend you would be, through good times and bad! ...a TRUE FRIEND! Must be why we all love you so much!

malia said...

What a post-- art and heart! I also have a loved one suffering from dementia... it is the cruelest thief. hearts to you xoxo

Susie said...

Those tins are so sweet!
I know what you mean about trying to slow down. Just recently I found myself feeling resentful that I'm SO busy making all of our Christmas cards...addressing them..you know, trying to do it all. I had to make myself slowdown for the rest of the weekend and just RELAX. I used to read a lot (that was before I discoverd paper crafting)!
I'm so glad you're sharing the book about Alzheimers. My mother-in-law had it. It's an awful disease. It steals so much of one's personality, in addition to memory.
Thanks so much for sharing.

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Great post Vicki, almost a carbon of my life. Your little tart tins are adorable. Your book will be a MUST read. Enjoy the hustle bustle.

annemarks said...

So sad to hear about your lovely friend. It's good to know about the book, thank you. Your lovely tin ornaments are fabulous and so atmospheric :)

harrahx2 said...

Proud of the soda habit being gone and sad about your friend. Love (LOVE) the little ornaments and the fat little snowmen. Too cute! Thinking of you and sending a hug.

harrahx2 said...

Proud of the soda habit being gone and sad about your friend. Love (LOVE) the little ornaments and the fat little snowmen. Too cute! Thinking of you and sending a hug.

Bettyann said...

Thinking of you..sending hugs across the miles xxx

Debbie K. said...

Love the little tins Ms. Vicki! You are so clever and talented. Holidays are so hectic and we tend to overdo it, not realizing that we are just stressing ourselves out:0

Sorry to hear about your friend. I lost one of mine a couple of years ago to cancer and she's on my mind constantly. Cherish the GOOD times...Take care.