Saturday, December 08, 2012

Gingerbread houses with the Art Group girls

Stephanie was "sweet" enough (no pun intended) lol to have art group at her house to make gingerbread houses again this year, and I took lots of photos to share.  It was really fun!      First .... sharing a festive Christmas card done with Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Retro Christmas Papers and Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L Adhesives.  You can see the card and a complete supply list on the Crafty Power blog HERE.


Candies, Candies, Candies... and lots of them.  Stephanie had things all set up for us to get started and her house looked so festive.  She goes to alot of work for this.... but we're so thankful, because it's alot of fun.

First off... a little gift giving :)

Stephanie, her daughter Jessica and her mom where all busy in the kitchen when we arrived whipping up the frosting for the houses. 

Jess did alot of baking ahead of time.

There was also all kind of goodies out to snack on :)


So... the fun begins...

It's fun to just enjoy the process and not worry about it being magazine worthy or anything. We just chatted and added candies and we talked.  The one below is mine.
This one is Stephanies.  I love the little pebble walkway and colorful roof.

Stephanie's mom joined us also. The one below is hers.  I love how she used the coconut to look like snow.

Check of Jessica's fun door and polka-dot front to her house.

Jan had the cutest chimney made of rock candy.. Oh my gosh! Super fun roof too.

Paulas is so HAPPY :)   I always love seeing how each person comes up with different unique ideas HUGE thanks to  Steph and Jess for putting this all together!

So...... sorry it's been a few days since I've posted..but when I wasnt making gingerbread houses... I had my hands busy with these boys.......

Long story short...these two were running up and down the road  and in our lot out here in the county all day the other day until   it started to get dark when I couldn't stand it anymore and was sure they were going to get hit by a car on the county road. We had checked them for tags, as they had collars that matched eachother, and were obviously together. No tags.  Called the farmer across the road and he said him and another retired farmer had had been going to farms around here checking to see if they could find their home with no luck.  Finally.. it was dark and the one was still in our yard.. so we took it in the garage , made a bed for it and gave it food and water ( as it was cold out). A hour or so later the other one was here also. So now we have both in the garage, eating and drinking like crazy.  We had to keep them away from our dogs because they were quite big and we didn't know how things would do.  Molly was not a happy camper the way it was. lol  Anyway... I took a picture of them .... posted it on facebook.  my friends near here shared it and shared it to spread the word. Within a half hour of them being here I had printed off pictures of them with my number and started putting them up in our little town at the two gas stations, bowling alley, post office  and pizza place ect.  Yesterday morning I had to take them to the human society to hold them while we waited to see if we could find there owner because I couldn't keep them here.  Everyone was saying .... they probably just got dumped them  off in the country ( and that is true.. it does happen often as sad as that is to think people will do that) but I just thought these dogs looked too loved.   Well  at 11:30 this morning I got a call from a young man that was thrilled that he had seen a poster of his missing dogs at the gas station in town. He said when his Dad came home he saw the dogs had gotten out. They lived a few county roads North East from us. He thanked me so much for taking them in a caring for them.  He was going to go pick them up!   HAPPY ENDING!

It's funny because the night before I had just read something about  how now days people just dont get involved anymore and how they expect that someone else will just deal with it, or it's not their problem. 
Sometimes life gets so busy I'm afraid I do that. I don't want to.  Not for little things like this.. or for bigger things either.  But then again... it makes sense that it would be dogs that would make me not be able to look away. lol

Yes to took some time.. yes I lost a little sleep, yes I had to change some plans,yes I had to wrestle a couple of big dogs into my little car,  yes I had to clean up a little doggy tinkle in the garage..but....
 it was SO WORTH IT!  

Pretty Christmas Papers, Friends, Gingerbread houses, dogs back home...... it's all good!

Thanks for letting me share :)



Jane said...

Love the Ginger Bread House party pictures! We did that for at least 20 years, then passed it on to a daughter. They take GB kits with the youth group to a local shelter every year.
So glad you got the doggies back to their home!
Merry Christmas!

Donna said...

What a fun post, Vicki! LOVE your doggie story---you are just like me, being a sucker for dogs!! LoL! The gingerbread party was beautiful! That's just the type thing I enjoy hosting, but it's been a few years now, sorry to say. Thanks so much for the good pix and for letting us have a little peek into your creatively fun week!

Sheila R - Blessed and Distressed said...

Looks like you had a great time with your friends! So glad that you were able to find the owner of the dogs!

harrahx2 said...

It's all good because YOU are all good. Your mom raised you very well! Love the houses. I think that is such a fun tradition! Hugs Vicki.

Jan Hennings said...

NUM! How fun was this!! Beautiful. too :)

Julie Higgins said...

Wow..those gingerbread houses are incredible! You are all so talented!

Vic-what a happy ending for the two lost dogs! You are such a kind soul to look after them, make the posters, and all! Kind of like when you made sure that that little girl who wondered away from her home got where she needed to do so much good every day of your life:) You have the kindest heart in the world:) Julie

Troy Louise Seegmiller said...

What a wonderful lady you are! They look so happy to have someone rescue them & I'm so happy the story had a good ending. Those gingerbread houses are adorable, what a fun get together. Your card is too cute. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for taking care of those babies until the owner was found.
So many people would just have ignored the situation and left them on their own. Thank goodness for your help in finding their owner.