Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Fancy Pants.. 100% Happy layout

Well, can you believe it??  a new look for my blog for the first time since my very first blog post April of 2006!   I have wanted to change for a long time but just wasn't sure "what" I wanted. Finally I realized I was just over thinking it all ,and just needed change.  I had an idea what I wanted but needed some technical help to pull it off. Thank goodness for my dear sweet and very talented friend Sheila Rumney (blog: Blessed and Distressed )     She put it all together for me! Setting it up just the way I wanted it, so that I can change out the photos at the top when ever I wish.   I'm so excited to have a new look!

I still have some CHA projects I haven't shared yet, like this layout and photo holder made with the "Park Bench" collection from Fancy Pants.  It's my new favorite Fancy Pants line:)
So many fun colors and patterns to choose from!
So glad I have all these cute photos from my fun photo shoot with Gabby's darling little family to use. Nothing makes creating layouts more fun than having really fun photos to work with.

Arent they just the sweetest little family?


Back to my "Everyday photos"

Everyday photo (1)
Well, I think little miss Daisy might have missed me a little bit while I was gone last week, because she is quite lovey and sticking pretty darn close to me these days.   Dan says they okay while I was gone. No major problems. Daisy kept going to the back door a lot the first day, but got past that after a while.  Dan did use some vacations days and Wes was here on the days he was at work, so it's not like the dogs were alone much.   Lets just say we have pretty spoiled dogs!

Everyday photo (2)
Well, although it's freezing cold here and very much STILL winter, with absolutely no signs of Spring..  I'm ready!!  Painted my toes.  Like someone is going to see them when I'm wearing heavy socks and boots all the time :(     A girl can dream right?   lol

Everyday photo (3)
This is something I see most everyday...  It's the collection of things that hang from my rear view mirror.  Silly I know .. but all things that are meaningful to me. What are they?
A crystal from a friend, a slide holder ( one side has a fortune out of a fortune cookie that says... " you will soon cross the desert to a ocean side vacation", which I got moments before finding out I was going to Puerto Penasco, and other other side of the slide holder is a photo of the ocean outside out place in Puerto Penasco :), The ring is from Mexico and the tags of from my beloved Aly pup.

Have you given any thought to starting a album of "everyday" photos??  I really believe "Everyday" photos probably say way more about us than "posed" photos.   Oh what I would do to have more photos and insight into my Moms, Grandmas, and Great Grandmas everyday life, via photos and their writing.  Oh.. I would study each photo and read every word.  It would be so interesting to know their thoughts, and what their day was like.   Funny,  I'm sure they thought their everyday lives on the farm where quite mundane  and uneventful most of the time, yet, I would find it all SO interesting.
 Even if they had the luxuries we do to have cameras and photo printing at our finger tips, they probably wouldn't have thought taking "everyday" kinds of photos were of any importance. Most of the time the way you get a peek into some of the everyday things, is if they just happen to be in the background of a photo that was taken of someone. :)  Granted, they just couldnt take photos they way we do these days.  I remember even when our kids were little, I'd space out a roll of film thru a Birthday and Christmas, before taking it in to be developed. lol 
 Who knows maybe some day my kids, grandchildren, or great-grand children (if I have them ), will find my photos interesting... and if not... I will still have had fun collecting them :)     And if I'm lucky to live many more years.... well... maybe "I' can look back at them and remember what was going on in my everyday life.. back then.

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Shirley Sendgraff said...

Congrats on the new look, it's great!! So glad everyone especially the pups survived your trip LOL!! Great idea on the evryday photos, I need to get better about that...trouble is I take alot of photos on my camera and phone but rarely print them out LOL! Better get on the ball as I'm way behind on the grandbabies scrapbooks!! Love your toenail polish, tatoo, and the neat mementos on your rearview mirror! Your layouts are inspiring as usual :)!! TTYL, Friend

janel said...

I adore your new fresh and love the photos. Wonderful that you will be able to change them at a whim too. Hoping barefoot weather will be here soon....I am ready myself. Your blog is always a treat..and the every day photos...or the photos from every day long ago seem to always be my favorite. Happy Wednesday to you!

harrahx2 said...

Wow.........pop out, splashin cool new look! Love it. Will miss the colors and fun of the old look but look forward to the pictures changing! Love the everyday pictures and Ali's tags made me smile. Great page laout and spool picture! You are on the ball girl.

Debbie K. said...

Love the new 'look' Ms. Vicki. Your photos are always matter what they are of. The photo of little Miss Daisy is so cute. She looks so hugable:) We have few photos of my brother and myself when we were little as money was tight and I miss that part of our life. I hope our kids and grandkids don't forget to take a TON of photos as they will cherish them later in life. We can never replace those memories. Thanks for sharing your life with all of us and your awesome creations!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said... I can comment. Don't know what was going on earlier. But I love the new look...the photos you put in the header are just perfect. And the whole thing is clean and fun and gorgeous. You never cease to amaze me!

Donna said...

Vicki your revamped blog header is lovely and I, too, will be excited to see you change it the photos from time to time. Also still enjoying all the everyday photos and I agree completely that we should all take some time to do the everyday. I would adore having my parents' day to day photos from their early years and through my childhood. :)

Gail S. said...

Very cute projects and LOVE your new look :-)

Julie Higgins said...

Your new blog look is incredible! Love it!!

Sheila R - Blessed and Distressed said...


Thank you for the sweet words! So glad that you are enjoying your new look. I love the idea of everyday photos and documenting. That is on my list of things to create this year.

Can't wait for barefoot weather!

Martha Richardson said...

LOVE your new blog is fabulous!!

Susie said...

Love your new blog header! Really enjoyed your "everyday" photos. What a great idea, but something I have never thought to do.

A agree, wouldn't it be great if our parents and grandparents would have taken pics like that, and wrote about their everyday lives. What a treasure that would be, to have.
Thanks for sharing!