Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Happily Ever After

I really wanted to share with you some photos from Kate's bridal shower Sunday afternoon,( that I mentioned in my previous post).   It's such a pretty place, I think you'll really enjoy a peek inside. And those of you who have been following my blog for some time now.. probably feel like family, as much as I share.. so I want  you to share in this with me also :) 
First .. as always, .. a little something with paper and scissors.  Here is the card I made to match her package/gift.

The Bridal shop where the shower was held is on Main Street in Fremont, and is called "My Blue Whimsy".

I guess because I haven't had the need for wedding supplies for .. oh.. a.. the last  32 years or so lol, I just hadn't bothered to stop in.   Had I known how beautiful it was, I would have had to go in anyway.. just to look!

The shop was closed on Sunday, and just the front set up for the Shower.   There were two tables like this set in the front room.

Which was put on by Kates sister-in-law Missy (in red) and her sister Christy (far right).  They did such a great job. It was very nice.  We had a nasty snow storm and the roads where quite bad, so some couldn't make it, but quite a few did.

And lots of yummy eats.

Kate with the "moms".   Her mom Carol on the right and me on the left.

Kate with her bestie Breanne.
And with her Niece Kinley (one of her flower girls)
(Below) Cake and cupcakes are from Alota Brownies (downtown Fremont)
I love that Kate wanted to Shop locally for the wedding things also.

Like I said... LOVE this place.

One of the fitting rooms

I didn't get a photo with everyone, but here is Kate with some of her family and friends.  I'm just lucky I had my small camera in my purse, because with the concern about the weather and getting going, I forgot my good camera :(

More pretties in the front room.

Violet awoke from her nap and her daddy brought her down so she could celebrate with the rest of us. Now... both flower girl were there.  Arent they cute!  Pretty proud of their "flower girl" cardigans I would say. lol

Best of all , it was fun to see Kate.. enjoying the day so much.   She's a pretty smiley girl anyway, but she was extra smiley during the festivities.  I think she's worked so hard to prepare and plan for the wedding ... to now finally get to do some of the "fun stuff" is really exciting!

Thanks for stopping by and for letting me share.

(yesterday the bad roads caused my root canal to be postponed..but today the carpets get cleaned... so it's going to be a busy day)

Have a happy Day!



Debby said...

Oh Vicki these pictures are so beautiful. Everyone gets all upset when their babies get older but that's when the real fun begins. I never heard of a shower in a bridal dress shop but this is a WONDERFUL STORE AND A PERFECT PLACE. Love the dresses and the walls. That cake......so perfect. Your daughter is beautiful and you can tell so excited....you are both as well. I am so excited for you. Now that root canal......yuck.
I love your blog banner makeover. Did you do it yourself. I need to redo mine......it is boring. Good luck tomorrow.

harrahx2 said...

Beautiful place Vicki and your son has picked a beautiful young lady with a great heart to be his wife! I know you are so proud. Loved the card!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Oh my goodness, Vic...this card is just sweet beyond words. I love the little heart in the center...colors are fab, too. Nobody does it better!

Jean said...

What a fun place for a shower!

Jane Wetzel said...


Renee said...

What a beautiful store, love that brick wall, it's amazing! AND, so is your card!! I am totally drooling over it!


What a great place to have a bridal shower! I'm the MOB too! Next fall is the big day! I LOVE the planning! My daughter is more modern, which is her choice. I was hoping for some vintage!!! "Not My Day", is what I've been told to say! :)

Debbie K. said...

Great photos and a wonderful place for a fun bridal shower! Thanks for sharing and best of luck to Kate & Jared:) Exciting days ahead for of all of you!

Ali said...

Was so excited to read and be able to follow this exciting time in your lives!! :) CONGRATS MIL-to-be Vicki, and to Kate as well! xoxo-Ali

stampqueen said...

What a beautiful shower - beautiful girls. Kate sure has a sweet smile and those little flowers girls with their sweaters are just adorable!!!
Great card too :)