Friday, April 12, 2013

A little box of Sewing Sweetness

If you haven't seen all the seriously awesome new Sewing themed things Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage has come out with this past week, you really need to check it out.  Oh my! Sandy has been posting images on the Heartwarming Vintage blog  and you can get see all the downloads in the Crafty Vintage girl store.
No major digital digital stills needed for doing something like this.  Most of this is all just printing and cutting :)
 The little drawer I used here, is actually a ATC drawer from 7 Gypsies.   
Here are the printable I used.
 Digital Sewing Papers  , Digital Sewing Ephemera
Digital Sewing Basket and the Digital  Button Up Stamp Sets

For me this is the kind of a project that is fun. I love being about to print of what I want ..but then I get to cut, and ink and play all I want from there.

I found some little containers that I thought would work for safety pins ect...  I think this could be really cute but still actually be able to be functional.   It would be a fun little gift for someone just moving into an apt or small place.  A few buttons, needles, pins, thread, scissors .. ect.. all in one place if you need them.

I think that sign is sweet that says " A little Sewing Kit".

here is what I printed for the top of the lid.   I love that I can print it small for something like this or print it much much larger for other projects if I like.
And I also printed these for the tops of the thread spools.  So much cuter then the generic ones that were  on them.

Below I adhered a little piece of felt to the inside of the needle holder to hold some needles .
I love how pretty this button card stamp is.   I just printed mine in black, but you can easily change the color of the digital stamp.    Crafty Secrets New DT member Shelia Rumney just did this awesome tutorial on how to do that. HERE on her blog.

Everyday Photos:

Everyday photo#1
On my dinning room table

Everyday Photo #2
When I go to the small town near here to visit my friend that is in a nursing home , I drive by this place. I think it's cool but always  wonder what it is?

Everyday Photo #3
Oh.. me and my endless hunt for treasures. lol   Yesterday I stopped in at the Estate Dispersal Sale to look for old frames and a galvanized wash tub to be used at the wedding reception.   Bam!... look what I found! LUCKY!  and great prices too!   What do I want them for?

For things like this :)    Since they are having a out door reception with a live band.. we thought this would be a great idea.   I found this on Pinterest.  ( photo from Pinterest)
My sister is awesome.. .she saw Penney's had flip flops on sale today for $1 in a variety of colors.   We talked on the phone and a half an hour later She texts me that she's got almost 50 pairs picked up for me.. IN THE COLORS OF THE WEDDING!!!  whooo hooo!

There are other plans for the bigger frames and then the smaller ones will be used to hang on trees to  put each of their grand parents wedding photos in.

This  post is getting long. lol  I better stop rambling.    Be sure to stop by Monday for "Whatevers"

Have a great weekend!!!
and thanks for stopping by. I always love hearing from you.



Debbie K. said...

Love your little sewing items, Ms. Vicki and that wedding is going to be fabulous! Your sister is a real sweetie to go and get those 'dancing shoes'. How FUN!!! Have a great weekend:)

Ellen Jarvis said...

Wow, Vickie, I am always inspired whenever I drop by your blog! First, I have to tell you that I love the Sewing bits of crafty goodness you made. I wonder: are you going to have these at the wedding too?

When my daughter was married in 2010 (indoors alas, at a swanky and terribly expensive place), she And I assembled baskets for the lounges. They included things like a little sewing kit for emergencies, safety pins, hairpins, combs, hair spray, breath mints, Tylenol, spot remover and such. They were nicely done, but nothing like this!

Second, how I wish I could be a bird in a tree to watch these festivities to which you are contributing. How lucky the bride is to have a sweet, crafty mother-in-law to be!! I LOVE your thinking and designs for this!!

Ellen (CardMonkey)

Paulette Manion said...

Oh, please do ramble on!! I love seeing your everyday simple pleasures which opens my eyes to the world around me, too. Outdoor weddings are the best and this one will be so memorable. Looking forward to so much more from you!

Susie Wittwer said...

Love this post Vicki! I just love sewing related themes AND sewing emphemera. Oh, and I can't wait to see pics of the upcoming wedding with all of these cool ideas you're using.
Thanks for sharing with us!

Martha Richardson said...

Great those printables!

Susan said...

This is SEW cute! Love your ideas for the wedding too.

nannyj said...

Vicki, your post are never too long. Love it all.

Donna said...

I am loving all the latest sewing themed goodies! Cute ideas, Vicki! And boy, this wedding is going to be the most fun ever! What fun to follow along as you create for it! :)

Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Co. said...

Hi Vic, your sewing basket is sew cute, love it!!! Plus that is such a great ideas for the dancing shoes, I need to show it to Debi as her son & girlfriend are also having their wedding reception in the country in a big barn and the thongs are perfect!
Happy Saturday!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

I looooooooove the washtub of flip flops! You are a genius, and all your sewing ideas are just lovely.

Country Liv . . . said...

Wow Vic! Y'all are booking on the wedding prep! Won't be long now, eek! You will probably have to tie Daisy up during the festivities to keep her from grabbing the shoes and taking off for the hills!

Love all you did with the CS Sewing CD. You really rock!


Jean said...

Cute idea with the flip flops!

Sheila R - Blessed and Distressed said...

Love your beautiful sewing basket. The dancing shoes are great!