Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Button cards, Easter Recap, and a litte of this and that.

Yay, I'm so happy to be able to post! Not actually sure what did it..but just thankful it's working!! Fingers crossed it stays that way.   I has lots of catching up to do.  Lots of photos in this post. lol You know how I am after a Holiday with family :)    First I have a couple of cards I wanted to share using Crafty Secrets new printable button cards, and new Sewing themed papers.  The Button Cards are available now HERE, and the papers will be available in the Crafty Vintage girl store tomorrow :)

You can see more peeks of all the papers ect here on the Heartwarming Vintage Blog.  Oh.. and join in on the linky party if you can.. we'd love to have you!

There is a entire collection of papers, ephemera, button cards, bobbin cards, digital stamps ect... all with a sewing theme!!


You know I have to share Family Holiday fun.   Some of you have been reading my blog long enough you've watched some of these little ones grow up right before your eyes.  It tickles me when you email asking about them and saying you saw their photos and can believe how they've grown.  I know... I'm right here, and "I" cant believe how fast they're growing!
Seems like Addison was just a baby... now look at her. Quite a young lady.  This is my brother Rays granddaughter.

Needed some quick decorations... and loved that I could just print off some Crafty Secrets Easter pretties. These is from the "Bunny Hop" Digital Stamp Set.

As usual... lots of good food!

And I had printed off and colored some of these images from the "Spring Bunnies" Digital Stamp Set, and put them and skewers to stick in my food. I was amazed at how big you could make them!

After we ate, we walked over to the park with the kids and let them do Diana's traditional Confetti Cascarones ( real eggs she empties throughout the year and saves, then paints, fills with confetti and seals the bottoms with a small piece of tissue paper to over the whole)  It was tradition for her as a child growing up in Mexico.    It is a labor of love, I'll tell you that much , because she makes SO many! And they have to be so time consuming.                 Let me tell you more.....:)

Here Nathaniel is telling the kids about it, and how to play.   The rules are .. you can throw them.. you have to actually smash the egg on the person "gently" ( emphasizing the word gently) lol

What cracks me up about this picture is the boys are actually listening to the directions and the girls??? well, all they can do is look at the pretty eggs all lined up over there on the ledge. lol

And off they go!

But wait... this game isn't just for kids??  OH NO

Yep...... I can pretty much guarantee that every adult participated whether it was willingly or not.

My sis Jan  got my brothers ..but I think she got it back in return it looks like.  My brother Ray in the red.

Here she is with my Brother Dan... but looks like he might have gotten her back too, by the looks of the confetti on her .   ( I see she still has an egg in her hand tho.. and she's sneeeeeeeeaky!

I didn't want to drown you in photo so I'll save the actual egg hunt photos for another post, but I have to squeeze in a couple more Easter projects I didn't get to share because I couldn't blog.  Here are a few simple Easter cards I created to sent to out of town family.

And here is a little gift basket for my sis ... who loves... DOTS :)

I sure hope all of you had a Happy Easter!

As always.. thanks so much for stopping by and for letting me share :)

Off to enjoy what's left of the sunshiny day!



Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

I love your blog, Vic! I love every single thing about it: the projects you share are always inspiring, beautiful and creative. Your family photos are so warm and neighborly. Even the way you write is like sitting down with an old friend. I even like the NAME of your blog...and let me tell you...this art makes ME happy, too!

We had a wonderful Easter with the kids and our two sweet granddaughters. The youngest is just starting to walk. So sweet. I love all the noise and confusion and chaos and mess, and babies crying and my kids laughing....I am so blessed!

Sheila R - Blessed and Distressed said...

So glad to see you are up and posting again. Had to laugh at the egg game! Love your projects... so cute.

Bettyann said...

Yes I do enjoy watching your family so grown-up. So much fun with egg game lol :)

Troy Louise Seegmiller said...

You sure have a wonderful family and such great get togethers. What a fun tradition with the confetti eggs. Loved your cards & cute bunny signs for the food. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever posted recipes of some of the salads you prepare for your family gatherings? They look awesome.

harrahx2 said...

I am so far behind! I am just catchin up and what great pictures! I love the egg tradition and your one brother looks exactly like your mom. Love and hugs girl.