Sunday, April 07, 2013

Crafty Wedding prep

I've been telling you I was going to share some of the things I've been working on for the wedding, so I decided to cluster them together in one post.  I'm lucky that Kate has been so good about letting me be a part of things. Having only boys and this being the first wedding, it's certainly fun to get to enjoy the prep and planning.    It's not going to be a huge wedding but it will be special and Kate and Jarad have put a lot of thought into making things very "them".   I love that.  I love that couples are personalizing their weddings with things that are meaningful to them. Celebrating their special day with family and friends is whats most important to Jarad and Kate.   Jarad and Kate are very much "outdoorsy", so their wedding has a very simple, natural feel, that is very sweet.   The wedding itself will be outside .. as well as the reception.. so only good weather the weekend of June 1st!! :)

I think I might have showed you a peek of these in an earlier post. I had seen this idea on Pinterest and loved it.  My friend Stephanie has a metal die punch set, so she did these vintage forks .

The handles of the forks have the wedding date on them.  After they use them for cake at the reception I have a shadowbox for them, so they can be hung on the wall as a keepsake.   Once Stephanie showed me how.. .I gave it a whirl and make the knife for cutting the cake. ( not exactly a "cake knife" but at least they can symbolically cut their pieces). lol

The other project has been stamping bags and getting them filled with lavender and birdseed.  I ordered these great little muslin  bags from State Line Bag Co.   and I mixed up the flower stamps from the "Delight" Fancy Pants Stamp Set  and the saying stamp from Katie &Co ... stamping them with the Memento ink  Paris Dusk and Bamboo Leaves. ( which are close to the colors Kate is going with for the wedding).

Then came time for filling them with lavender and birdseed.   Of course my side kick and best friend, go to person... one I count on... and gluten for punishment... my sweet sister Jan, was there to help me with this part . She's the best!

160 bags later......

I don't want to give away all the fun for Kate, so I don't want to show the entire invitation, since they aren't mailed yet.. but you can see below a little peek.    Hopefully the bags are are fitting with the design.  I asked Kate about a number of different stamps and she likes them all and said... "just surprise me". lol

Jan also spent the rest of that afternoon helping me add wire to these canning jars.
two dozed so far.  Some will have sand and tea lights in the bottom and hang from shepherds hooks at the ends of the rows of chairs at the wedding, and then many will hang in the trees that night at the reception.   Kate had been working on jars also :)

I love the way this looks don't you?  ahhhhhh... so pretty
This is just a photo I found.. but I think its just gorgeous.

The kids are having a live band also.. so it should be a good time. 

So from our cabin lot you can see where the arrow is pointing, is where the building and open area is that the ceremony will be.  I had to look back thru my cabin photos to see if I could find some facing that direction so I could point it out.

Here is another photo.. you can just barely see the top of the building.   ( obviously taken in different   seasons).

Here you can see it better.  It's Called Camp Crossed Arrows.        Now all we have to do is pray for good weather, so help me out with that will you?  Thanks :)
We are inching closer.  June 1st will be here before we know it.    My family is having a shower for Kate at the end of this month.  Cant wait!

Thanks for sharing in my excitement.
And... thanks for stopping by!

Have a great day!



Donna said...

Oh this will be a wonderful, love filled and personal wedding, I can tell! Outdoorsy is exactly how I picture the happy couple so the venue is perfect and I love the jar lights!! What an exciting time for all of you----wedding prep is such fun and your crafty know how is perfectly showcased!! Thanks for sharing!

Marlene (cards4u) said...

SO SO sweet! Makes my heart smile : )

Laura Strack said...

My son got married last September and I too was lucky enough to have a Daughter n Law that let me help with all the Wedding planning a festivities. It was so much fun and like yours, outdoors with a vintage, back to natural theme. We used her Mom's antique furniture for little vinettes i.e. for the gift table. It was a beautiful and happy for all. We were lucky that the weather was a perfect 70 degrees. Praying for you guys that everything goes w/o a hitch!!

julie said...

What a blessing you are to them and them to you. And for a bride to let you help you her is great, what a great sister to, to help you with everything :) in all in all you did a wonderful job for the fork and spoon to the hanging jars BRAVO <3 thanks for sharing God Bless.

Troy Louise Seegmiller said...

How sweet that you are so close to your soon to be daughter in law. I hope my son will find such a nice girl some day. The little bags are really fun - what a nice keepsake for their guests. Hoping your June 1 day will be beautiful.

Jean said...

Looks like it is going to be a lot of fun!

Debby said...

what a sweet looking couple. So much fun getting to help with the wedding. They can be so much fun. Looks like a great place for a wedding. You are right it will be here soon.

harrahx2 said...

Of course, you know I love the bags as I had to run and order them. And stamp them. So cute! A friends daughter just did some ball jars for her wedding. She filled some with small cactus or succulents or whatever you call them and small flowers. They looked wonderful! Love the silverware. Girl, your mind must go 24-7! I know your daughter in law is loving having you for a mother-in-law. Hugs...

Debbie K. said...

Such fun to make all these sweet items for the wedding! Hope they have perfect weather for their special day. Love the ball jar candles. Can't wait to see pictures:)

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

What a happy, happy post! I'm so excited for you that this day is being made so personal and special. Kate seems like a really sweet gal. (You know they say boys marry a girl who reminds them of their momma!)

Love the forks, and those sweet little muslin bags are such a great idea. The invites are young and fresh and modern. She's so lucky to have you on her team! And, praying for gorgeous weather on the wedding day!

Julie Higgins said...'s all so wonderful! So special for Kate and Jarad!! What a wonderful mother-in-law you are!