Monday, May 27, 2013

A Springy little card

Well, I haven't been in my room creating much lately but the other night I created a card while I was watching a movie with Dan.  I thought I'd share today... along with some "Everyday photos".  ( Giving you a mini break from Wedding related posts.. lol)
I just used some scraps of paper to create this card..but they are Crate paper for the most part.  The butterfly is a self adhesive butterfly embellishment, I found in three packs at the dollar store. I love them.


I also wanted to tell you about an up coming Flea Market my art group girls are putting on again.  Remember when I hosted the one here last fall?  We'll they are hosting it this time at that cool old garage on Hwy 30 in Rogers NE.  Stephanies family now owns the garage.   It's going to be a fantastic place for the fleamarket.   With being busy with the wedding this Spring I wont have as much there to sell as I did for the one here last fall...but the other girls certainly WILL have a lot!       It's going to be great!  If you live in Nebraska.. I hope you make plans to come :)  You can like our facebook page for updates.


I was so excited a while back to hear that my favorite band "Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers" would be playing in Lincoln this month... especially since I wont be going to the show in Mexico next week. ( it's just too close to the wedding time).
You know... I would never miss going to see them when they are playing that close to me........... so tickets were purchased! :)

Before hand, we went for a delishous dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. YUM!  

Here we are Julie, Kathy and I.  Kathy is a die hard fan.  It was Julies first Peacemakers show.. so she was excited!   ( notice she bought a T shirt and has already changed into it before the show started :)

Front row of course. Where else would we be? lol

Here was are after the show with the band.

Julie loved the show!

and when we told them this was her first show........ she got a group hug! lol  The look on Nicks face cracks me up!!!  ( what a character he is)
I'm pretty certainly Julie is now a follower. lol


Yesterday I worked on finishing up signs and things.   I was happy to have the biggest one finished.   It's nothing fancy.. the point is for it to be functional, because it will be placed at the fork in the road so people will know that the reception is up the road on the hill and the reception  down below.


We had bad storms here last night, with lots of strong winds and rain.  Tornado warnings.  Sounds like we are in for more tonight.   Praying everyone stays safe first of all...  then praying it gets it all out of it's system so it's nice weather next weekend!!
Thanks friends, for stopping by!


Julie Higgins said...

You bet I am a Peacemaker follower now!!! It was such great fun!!!

Loved seeing the wedding prep...told people I know to check it out on your many awesome ideas! Julie

Gail S. said...

Love the card - doilies are so popular! Great photos of the concert and I also LOVE seeing the wedding prep - hope tomorrow is very special!

Debbie K. said...

Great photos Ms. Vicki. Glad you and the gals had fun at the concert. Food looks yummy too, now I'll crave LOVE the sign you made. You are so clever. What an awesome MIL you will make:) Stay safe with those storms.