Thursday, June 06, 2013

Wedding recap

Since I've taken you thru this journey with us over the pass months... I will now share the end result. The special day :)   I have so many photos I'd like to share..but for today I'll just share photos of the ceremony.  I'll share the reception in another post.   We had professional photos taken but these are just the ones that got snapped behind the scenes.  Either taken while I was hovering behind the photographer before the ceremony with my camera, when one of the many people who helped me out by grabbing my camera and snapping away when I was busy with other things ( because they knew it was important to me), or taken with my phone in one hand while I'm busy doing something with the other. lol anyway... not perfect.. but happy to have them to share until we get the others.

First of all... thank you for all the prayers for NO RAIN!  It worked.  It was a cool, over case day and we had to deal with a rain in the morning.. but SO thankful it stopped for the ceremony and reception!  Kate had gotten the girls monogrammed wellies to match their dresses, and with the cool weather and wet grasses, they decided to wear them instead of heels..... and it was really cute!
( you can click on the photo below to see it larger)  You might notice.. one of Kates attendants is Andrew.. a good friend of Jarad, Kate and Wes. (We called me a "Brides Dude")  he was such a great sport!

Below is the walk down to the wedding ceremony site.
Signs along the way.
As my boy seated me
Kates darling Nephew and nieces.  Ring Bearer and Flower Girls.

Kates Dad walking her down the isle.
( the canning jars with the wire, sand and tea lights I made are hanging on the Sheppard's hooks down the isle.

Nathaniel ( our nephew)  playing guitar

      Sealed with the kiss.

All those stamped muslin bags of lavender and birdseed.. being put to good use :)

I love this photo!  (Thank you who ever had my camera at this moment. I think Nathaniel)

My family.   Dan, I, Kate, Jarad and Weston

I love these boys!!

Isn't this photo sweet?

It was a beautiful ceremony.  Kates Aunt did a reading, Brent read a passage from the bible and spoke, and Nathaniel played guitar.
And from the beginning to the end... no rain!

So we headed down to the reception where some outdoor heaters had been set up, that really helped warm things up a bit.    The reception was so nice and a lot of fun.  The band was fantastic!    I'll share some photos soon, so you can see the S'mores banner,  frames, jars, and other things I showed you as I was working on them, once they were all in place.

If there is one thing that comes to mind after all this, which I know Jarad and Kate would say the same, it's what amazing family and friends we have.  Everyone just came together to make it happen... jumped in when they were needed, without thinking twice... and just did what needed to be done.  HUGE thanks to everyone!

We are Blessed!!!

Love Vic


Vicki said...

Simply beautiful...bride, groom, decorations, and a day filled with special memories! TFS with us.

Martha Richardson said...

Thank your for sharing your families special day! I loved following your journey.

janel said...

Just perfect. I LOVED those signs...what a darling touch. Just looking at this series cause a kleenex moment for me, so not sure how you didi it.....What a milestone..a beautiful milestone that will live in your heart forever. Happy Everything to the bride and groom! You too.

Melissa Bove (SCS ~ Melissa1872) said...

All of the photos Vicki are just beautiful! Love the natural and organic look the wedding had. So pretty! Love how the "aisle" down to the wedding was mowed and the rest of the grass was tall. And I love those mason jar candles! So sweet!

God bless them and your entire lovely family! Pretty soon, hopefully, you'll be sharing baby photos!! ;-)

big hugs to you...

Troy Louise Seegmiller said...

Thank you so much for sharing their beautiful day with us. Such a lot of work - it all looks wonderful. The bride & groom look so perfect together. Her dress is lovely & fits like a dream. Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness. Good job everyone!

Jill Norwood said...

Oh Vicki what beautiful moments have been captured! And what a lovely wedding with such sweet touches! Love the bridesmaids boots! Love the picture with the flower girls - so sweet! They are a beautiful couple and you are blessed with lovely family and friends! Thanks for sharing!

Debbie K. said...

Oh my gosh, Ms. Vicki! This wedding was so perfect. Love all the details and the boots....well, can't love them more!!! So cute. These pictures will be cherished forever and I'm sure. I can't wait to see more. Now I wish I had had an outdoor wedding (and borrowed YOU to help be the wedding planner) LOL! Congrats to all. So happy for the PERFECT couple. Seems like they were made for eachother:)

mindy said...

So pretty! What a beautiful location for a wedding. It looks like a wonderful celebration!!

Jane Wetzel said...

hi Vicki- tyou for sharing the most beautiful pics ever! This wedding should have been in a magazine- just beautiful.. :) God Bless, jane

Sheila Rumney said...

Thanks for sharing... What a beautiful moments captured!

Susan said...

Congratulations to all! It looks like it was a lovely wedding. Beautiful setting, beautiful couple, beautiful family. Thanks for sharing

Carol (HB) said...

Oh Vic, what a beautiful day you must have had! I've been following along as you showed us the amazing things you've created and am so happy you are sharing how it all came together.
As much as I love all your special touches, it's the blue wellies that took everything to the next level. To have a daughter-in-law who is beautiful AND practical is such a joy!
Sending a BIG hug my friend!

Bettyann said...

So happy for you and your lovely family...a special wedding for a special couple...much love bettyann :)