Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Garage Flea Market Festival

Well, to day is a "non project" post, just to share with those of you who aren't on facebook and were wanting to see photos from the Flea Market we had on the weekend.     It was the put together by the girls in my art group just as the one I hosted here at my place last fall, but this one was hosted by Stephanie.   Her family recently purchased this historic old garage on the Lincoln Hwy in Rogers NE. ( Built in the 1920's)
* now you see why it's was called "Garage Flea Market and Festival"  :)

I didn't have near as much to sell as I did in the fall, because with the wedding and all, I just hadn't had the time to prepare. But between us all, we still had plenty.
Things really sold well, and I was happy to get rid of things , not to have to have to pack things back home again. Feels good!

 Paula and her husband Ron always have amazing things.

Because that weekend was a tour of old building on the old Lincoln Hwy, we had a lot of vintage cars, truck and campers stop and visit.  So fun to meet people from all over.

No rain, beautiful and sunny... but defiantly  more wind than we needed most of the time.

All kinds of things to look at.

Check out the eyes in the back window of this.  It was so cool!

It was fun to watch people be excited as they hauled away there treasures :)

Seemed there was something for everyone :)   Kate was having a "Aunt day" with her niece Violet, so they stopped out for a while.   I was all giddy , because it was the first time I got to introduce Kate as my Daughter in law. lol

Jessica  made these ... aren't they adorable!!!

Well, it's sounds like this is going to be an annual event, so if you missed this year, be sure to check it out next June.    Trust me ... it's fun and entertaining. lol

Have a safe and Happy 4th July!

And a belated Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends!

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Debby said...

Why do you have to live so far away. I would be in heaven at this sale. Love the old garage and cars and such great things for sale. What fun.

harrahx2 said...

Well it sure looks like you had fun and there was definitely a lot of beautiful cars and "stuff" and everywehre you looked, there were treasures~! Hugs and Happy 4th Sweetie!

Maggie said...

Had a great time!! It was awesome to see you! Dad and I saw the cars as we drove back to town :)

Micki said...

OMG, I would be in sooooo much trouble. Well, my checking account would be, lo. One of these years, hubby and I will make it up there for the sale!!!! Looks like awesome stuff!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

What a fun day that must have been! I hate that you are too far away for me to join you. Some day, maybe I'll win the lottery so I can fly out and watch your booth while you shop and visa versa! Have a great 4th, Vic. xoxo

Phillis said...

OMGoodnes! I agree, why do you live so far away from meeee!! Items like what you show here would cost a fortune here in Cali. Now that hubby is retired maybe we'll just have to take a ride to Nebraska. lol

Bettyann said...

oh what fun..Happy 4th to you also :)