Saturday, July 20, 2013

"Laugh" new Fancy Pants Designs framed layout

Well, CHA is quickly approaching, and everyone is showing off the new releases.  Fancy Pants has some amazing how collections AND awesome new products being released. They have been showing them off on the Miss Fancy Pants Blog all week, so be sure to pop over and check them out.   The line I used on the framed layout below is called "Collecting Moments"

The little doll in the photo is Kates niece Violet.

Everyday Photos

( not giving up on my mission about the importance of everyday photos)

1.   Being a migraine sufferer all my life ... THIS is a big part of my life. Not how I wanted my weed to start out ..but how it did.  Two full days :(

2.  Tree frogs on the window at night .. just a part of life in the county. And I'm totally okay with it.
3. So Thankful for the good friends in my life!  A good chat = best therapy :)

4. I Actually did some baking this week.  I used to bake often but not much these days.  Dan doesn't eat sweets, so unless I'm having company or taking it somewhere, I don't want it around to temp ME.  This is actually not as loaded with calories as it looks.  Choc Zucchini cake with frozen yogurt.  Desert for Julie and I.

5. Speaking of Julie, can you believe she sent home dinner for us.  Homemade lasagna, garlic cheese bread and salad.  What a treat!  Love that girl!

If you are sharing "Everyday Life" things on our blog... be sure to share with me so I can see :)

Also I wanted to  tell you, I have been using "Groove Book"  ( an app) to get prints of  my phone photos,  " my everyday photos" , and I'm loving them.   I'll share some photos of my books soon.  Kind of cool. 

I hope your week has been a good one.

Thanks for taking time to stop by!



Bev said...

I've had a frog on my door window too...looking to slurp up those bugs hanging around the porch lite. Ahhhh, the country!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

I love all those layered tags, banners and the great use of twine. Super fun layout! Enjoy your Sunday, my friend!

Ali said...

We love the country, too! Vicki, this was a beautiful post. Loved your framed Lo- such soft gentle colours. :) Sweet li'l girl!! TY for sharing the everyday photos, too. Sorry you had a migraine, though! Darned things!! ((HUGZ)) ~ Ali

Jean said...

I think you might have a typo - the photo of your migraine pills "Not how I wanted my weed to start out". Did make me chuckle. I am sorry though about the migraines. My son had them and they are no fun. Gorgeous frame project!

Micki said...

I don't suffer from migraines but sinus headaches. So I sort of understand the misery. The heat and humidity definitely don't help with mine. As for the critters, considering I have pretty much a zoo out in the trees and yard, a frog I haven't seen yet.
And that dessert looks scrumptious. I love your layout. I've pinned it and will try to CASE it (scrapbooking comes hard to me :-( ).
Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

harrahx2 said...

Vic, couldn't you just squeeze those little cheeks on that darling? She is so sweet! Excedrin....I am a total believer! Thanks for sharing the recipe and enjoy the week ahead!

Julie Higgins said...

For all of you reading this....the ONE time I sent food home with Vicki is no match for the zillions of times she brought me food!!! Julie

p.s. Down with migraines...I had ONE in my life so far...I swear it was meant to be to help me realize how awful they are!! Take care always Vic:) We all love you!

Debbie K. said...

So sorry to hear you have been bothered with migranes, Ms. Vicki. I was lucky not to have them but my mom suffered with them for years. Not fun. Your layout is adorable and love the photo of your tree frogs:) Feel better soon and have a great week!