Thursday, October 03, 2013

More Halloween Fun! Decorative Wood Boxes

I always look so forward to pulling out my "Creating with Vintage Halloween CD"!  Crafty Secrets Halloween images are what first pulled me in .... oh so many years ago. I LOVE them!    I altered these wooden 6x9 boxes with papers and images from the CD.   Fun for goodies but they look great just sitting out.  It's hard to see the size and dimension in this photo. But check out the other photos below, you'll be able to tell better they are dimensional.  They are about 2 1/5 inches deep.

There are a number of cute images and sayings on the CD, so it's easy to switch photos, background papers,  and sayings, with just a click or two :)

I'm thinking these might be fun goodie boxes for a girls craft day get together :)
Of course you could always fill them with Halloween cookies or mini pumpkin muffins for a friend?   Or what about for a Grandchild, instead of candy, some printable Halloween coloring sheets, and a box of crayons?  Or you could prop the lid up behind and fill the base with candies for the little tricksters.


Sharing a bit more about "Everyday Photos" here today.   If you haven't heard me rambling about my thoughts on everyday photos being important...  I think it's so important!  It's just about remembering to take photos of the things that you might not think that important in your everyday life.,. right at this moment.  Someday you might just wish you had a photo of it. 

The other day we went for a drive and I snapped a photo of the dash of the car. Dan is looking at me like I was crazy ( he does that often anyway) lol..but he said... "What are you taking a picture of now?"   I said... " Wouldn't you like to see a photo of the dash of the car your Grandpa or Great Grandpa drove everyday?"  "Wouldn't you think that would be cool to look at?"  Then I think he kind of "got it".

Think of it this way... You love your Grandma, Great Grandma, Aunt.. ect, and seeing photos of her, but wouldn't you love to know more about her life and what her everyday life was like?   What would help tell you that story better that photos, if you don't have her to tell you in person?    Photos of the favorite meals she cooked for her family?   The car she drove?  If she worked, a photo of the place she worked or her uniform?  The washing machine and dryer she used?
In one of my next posts I'll share a list of ideas I have for things I'd like it take photos of.   I'm hoping someday my kids might find it interesting:)

Here is one of the photos I took this week and why

 I wanted to document the year we planted  these fruit trees.  Hopefully years down the road, when they are much bigger we will look back and remember in the Summer of 2013 this is what they looked like.
So here is an example of how much an everyday photo an tell.
The photo below is one I found of my mom going to work . By the looks of things, she did not plan to have her photo taken. But this photo tells me so much.  I wasn't even born yet at the time of this photo, and I never lived in that house.  By the time I came along they owned this duplex and rented it out, but we lived in a different house.  It also sums up what I could image what my parents lives must have been like with house full of kids..... always at least one following you all the way out the door, even when your on your way to work. lol  

This is not and "Everyday Photo", but I had to share it , because it's my FAVORITE ever!  It's my mom and dad , and my sister Sharon's wedding, and my mom is pregnant with me.  Yeah... I think I was one of those later in life surprises. lol I was the last of 7. My next oldest brother Dan was 9 when I came along. My mom was 39 and dad 49. And let me just say.... I had AMAZING Parents!!! We were the luckiest kids ever to have these parents!
Once before I told you about using my phone to take a lot of my every day photos, and using Groove book to upload and print them.   Here is a photo of the books you get of your photos each month for $2.99 ( 100 photo's)  I love it.
I realize you get charged the $2.99 each month whether you have 100 photos to upload or not, so I stared to read up a bit more, and realized that you can get as many as you want of any photo also, so that's great, but I also found other ways to use my photos if I don't have enough general photos to upload.
I decided, although "I" know where all my pretty dishes, and keepsakes have came from and who gave them to me, I realize a couple of things... one... I might not always remember, God knows my memory isn't always the best the way it is, and two, if anything would ever happen to me, no one else would have any idea, if something came from the Goodwill or was handed down for many generation :(     So....
I walked around with my phone and took photos of all of my special dishes, and uploaded them into a Groovebook for $2.99 last month.  Now all I have to do is right on each photo when I got it and who it came from.   Then I'll stick this little book in the lock box, so I always know where it's at.
The crystal decanter below was given to us for a wedding gift 32 years ago by my Sister and Brother-in-law, Donna and Ron.

And here's one of my favorite cookie jar from Dans Grandma.

Anyway... I'm sure there are many things you could use the photos for ..but that's just one idea.

Yes... I 'm a photo lover.  Totally a "visual" person, can you tell? lol

Okay, I've rambled long enough.

Have a great day my friends.. and thanks for stopping by!



Anonymous said...

Great ideas and great photos. I love that you think like that! Happy Fall Vicki.

BethW said...

I am bookmarking all this great Halloween blogs. I swear next year I am starting in February so I can make them all!

BethW said...

Okay it gave me an error-so don;t know if I am posting 2x.Just wanted to say I am really enjoying all your Halloween inspiration. Next year I am starting in February so I can get it all done.

Jean said...

Such cute boxes! What fun photos of your parents. Love your idea of documenting belongings. It is so easy to forget!

janel said...

I always love your Halloween posts, and the Groove books look so interesting. Yea to you to preserving memories and thinking ahead by remembering the past....have a wonderful weekend. Hope it is snow-free.

Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Co. said...

Hi Vic, your Halloween boxes are so darn cute I'm adding them to Pintrest. I'm also in love with your Groove photo books and told my girls about them but I realized we can't order them from Canada. I have to find a way to wangle around that. I hope just using my USA address will work - or I may be sending you some photos!
Hugs from Sandy

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

These boxes are just dynamite, Vic! Such a great decor item, and useful, too. Love these photos...and the groove book idea is a revelation to me. You are so clever!