Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Whatevers TWO "October"

My appoligizes for posting late today. Yesterdays lightening storm took out our internet.

Well sometimes it's fun to just step out of your norm and do something really different.... have fun and just enjoy the process. And that is exactly what I did this month for my October "Whatevers" page.   A pencil, watercolors and a marker here and there.  It's amazing how relaxing it can be when you have no specific plan, and are just having fun :)

*If your not familiar with "Whatevers" you can read more about it and how you can play along with us below in this post.

My Story: 
Maybe it's not about the happy endings, Maybe it's about the story
When Emma was a young girl   her parents would often take weekend trips to  go to visit her Grandparents.  They lived in a small town just about an hour away. Down the road from them lived a little boy named Simon.  Simon and Emma always looked forward to the weekends, and their time together. Simons parents where also friends of Emma's  family, so while the grown ups played cards, and drank what seemed to Emma and Simon to be endless amounts of coffee, the children entertained themselves with hours of pretend play.  They would drape a blanket over Emma's grandmothers clothesline and pretend it was a tent, and that they were camping deep in the jungle. Sometimes they would mix water, grass and mud, in an old can they found in the back yard, and pretend it was a magic potion.  No matter what they did, they had fun. They were the best of friends. They would pretend they were getting married, and learned Grandma was not happy when they picked too many of her pretty flowers for their wedding ceremony. They had a house under the picnic table. Simon would pretend to take his lunch box and go to work, while Emma, made a mud pie.  Years passed, and as they grew older, more and more they went their own way, and became busy with their own lives. But they always stayed good friends and kept in touch. Always knowing they had a special friendship. Someone they could always count on. Years and years of memories to reminisce about when they would get together for visits years after they had families of their own.  
If you would like to play along with us... we'd love it. Here is this Months photo for you to use.
Be sure to check out that the Whatevers Girls did this Month!!
Here is how it works
  • Nat, Cat, Cuchy (Carmen), Martha and I  have made a one-year commitment to each other and picked twelve photos with Whatevers whom we will give a story.
  • Every month – if possible always on the 15th –  each of us will do a post with an individual story that goes along for us with the same photo.
  • If you want you can play along and we will have the photo for you to download and show us your version of The Whatevers. The photo will be posted at the end of our blogposts- not on Facebook!
  • There is no rules to the story itself- it can be funny, sad, uplifting, breathtaking- WHATEVER
  • There is no rules on the length or the form of the story- it can be a short sentence, an essay, a poem or a soap opera – WHATEVER
  • There is no rules on the artform you choose – it can be a scrapbook layout, an altered art project, an artjournal page – WHATEVER
  • Here is a rule though: if you take the photo you have to link back to us and show us your story.
  • These pictures are from our personal stash and are for personal use for you only! If you want to use them for a publication whether a book or magazine in print or digital form please ask for permission!
  • If you want to participate we’ll have a linky list for each Whatever Post.
  • You can also join our The Whatevers -Facebook Page
I thought this post would be a good time to share some of the fun news in my family these days.  Not only great stories ...but these all have HAPPY endings!!
ALL these couples are engaged!!!     Weddings galore for our family this year!  So great to have these happy things to look forward to!
Below is my niece Neely ( my sister Jan's daughter) and her fianc√© Alan.  They live in California.. but the wedding will be in NE in the Spring.
The next two couples are brothers.  My nephews ( now you have to remember I am the baby of 7 and I have a niece (Rhonda) my age. These are her boys. So although I call them my nephews.. they are actually my great nephews :)  Well, in my eyes... ALL My nieces and nephews are GREAT! lol      Below is Chase and Tiffany.   Chase is my sister Donnas Grandson.  (Arizona family)
This is Bryce and Machala. Like I was saying .. Bryce and Chase are bothers.  Bryce and Machala are also from AZ, so don't let the snow fool you. They were visiting CO in this photo :)  Aren't they adorable?
I'm so happy for all of them!
Lots of "Happily Ever After's" ahead.
Thanks for letting me share, and thanks for stopping by. I always appreciate you taking the time.


Jean said...

I love how bright and cheery your Whatevers is! And such a story! Congrats on all the engagements. Sounds like a fun year ahead!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, good looking family Vicki! Cute boys and Neely is engaged? Hellllllooooo, I didn't know! How wonderful. Love the picture you have this month.

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Oh, how I love this whimsical composition. It takes me back to the story books I loved so much when I was a little girl. Did you draw all these elements? So impressive! And the colors just add to the whimsy of the story. What a fun blog post!

Cuchy said...

I love happy endings!! congratulations to all your family

Unknown said...

Looks like you will be busy traveling & partying! Congrats to all the very good looking couples.

Martha Richardson said...

Oh Vicki the story is fabulous! Congrats on all those weddings...very similar to my own family. I'm the oldest of 6, there are now 15 nieces & nephews and 6 greats. IT seems like everything happens in 3...3 wedding, 3 babies. They keep us going that's for sure ;)