Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Fancy Pants Happy Birthday Card

Hey friends!  Posting a Birthday Card today, made with the "Down by the Shore" Collection from Fancy Pants Designs.    I have to tell you, after posting this ..  I realized that that darling little red thing with pinchers was a crab not a lobster. ( gimme a break... I'm life long Nebraskan :)  Then ... all I could think was... "Happy Birthday Crabby" lol.  I'm certainly glad my brother-in-law didn't take it that way. lol   I'm glad he liked the card.. because he is certainly not a crabby :)

My sister and brother-in-law love taking there vacations traveling the coast, so I always think of them when I see use this line.

Spent a little time taking photos of this adorable family on Sunday.  This is my daughter -in-law Kate's, brothers family.

Could Miss Kinley be any cuter?  oh... what a little sweetheart.

  Absolutely adorable family.

And on my way home .. I was treated to this.  These Fall Sunsets have been so Gorgeous!  
Thanks for taking some to stop by.  I appreciate that you do :)


Jean said...

Love that collection and it made a cute card! Beautiful children!

Julie Higgins said...

Beautiful family picture! Julie

julie said...

cute card and children, loving the colors on the card. thanks for sharing.