Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fancy Pants Valentines Card Trio

It's been quite a time here with internet problems, so I'm hoping they are solved and I'm good to go again.  They have been working outside on new fiber optic stuff for the last two days, hoping it solves the problems we've been having.  Living out in the country, it's not like you have tons of options, so fingers crossed this does the trick.

I have some Valentines cards to share with you today, that are done using the
Fancy Pants Designs Be. Loved. Collection.

The line, and the different colors and patterns of the papers just makes me giddy!
Be sure to check out the Miss Fancy Pants Blog as there will be a number of projects being posted using this line as well as projects using the newest lines released at CHA.
I'll have a blog post coming up over there on the 6th, where I'll be sharing three other cards done with this line.
Photo organization 
What have I been up to when I can be on line?   Well, I've moved from finishing up cleaning and updating my organizing in my Studio to the other closets and drawers in the house.  I will have to say.... NOT so fun :(       But it feels good when it's finished.   Seems like for so many years I've been so busy working a full time job, traveling teaching, or just busy with other things that I haven't taken time to really weed thru some things.   Things that I knew were big jobs and where going to take some major time and effort.  One was organizing photos!   Now with digital cameras, it's much easier.. you can just store everything in files or on discs until you want to print, but I have seemed to have the photo but all my life, so I have lots of printed photos to deal with.   Yes, lots are IN albums , and LOTS have been scrapbooked, but I still have more!  I cant part with them that's for sure, but they needed to be gone thru.  I had some of them organized into families, themes, holidays, but MANY were just tossed in the boxes.  Those that came from moms after we went thru her things also.  This time when I went thru them I gave myself permission to get rid of photos that were not the best quality... burry, chopped, and those I had too many of.  OH it is SO hard for me to discard photos... even when they aren't good ones.!   It was painful at first.. but got easier as I went.   I sat in the living room so I could watch TV while I sorted. I had quite a mess!  But in the end I ended up with this. Organized and ready to go back on the shelf in the closet.  It was quite a trip down memory lane... I'll say that much .
So for Throwback Thursday..... I'll share this one. lol     My and Neely ( my niece) in the living room at mom and dads.  I think she is about 2 and me about 14.  I loved her as much then as I do now!
We haven't been dealing with Snow here , just cold. I hope that all of you who have been dealing with bad weather are staying safe and warm.
I think we are all going to be welcoming Spring when the time comes.
Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate it so much :)


Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

These Valentines are so darling, Vic! I love them all, but the BE MINE stole my heart. Love all the stitching and know me! I had weeded through all our family photos one year, had them all organized by year/theme and then my daughters got into them. I still don't know where they've gone to! Ugh! Love the photo of you and your niece. What a lucky little lady to have you as her Auntie! Stay warm...spring will come! Hugs!

harrahx2 said...

Where do you get all the energy! So wish I could dredge some up. Love the cards and the organization and of course, the adorable picture but would just prefer you box up some energy for me! Hugs.

Jean said...

Gorgeous cards!