Thursday, April 24, 2014

"It's Your Day" Card and an Easter recap

You know me, I always love sharing photos from family get togethers, and Easter is no exception, but first a card I created for a friend.   My friend Julie is retiring from teaching this year after 30 some years. I know she is going to be very missed! She is the most amazing teacher I have ever know. She truly wants what's best for ever child, and does whatever she can to help each child and their family. Working with kids with special needs for all these years, you can only imagine what a special person she is anyway, but she is just extra special!   I almost have to laugh when she says she's retiring. Yes.. from this job, but I know it's only the beginning of other things for her.  Put it this way, I don't see her sitting at home doing cross word puzzles. lol   She always finds a way to give back and to help others.  Here's to you my friend!

Now, time to drown you in Easter photos. ha ha    Most of you who have been following my blog know I have a big family.  We continue to get together with our kids and grandkids, so at this point we rent a place. We have been renting the same place for some time now here in town and it seems to work quite well.
With so many of us, it's pretty hard to have a sit down dinner where we pass the food, especially when you have as much food as we do. lol  So although we still as have a blessing together and sit and eat all in one big long table ( many tables put together), we fill our plates an then sit.

Like I said.... always LOTS of good food!

Oh, and since it's "paper craft" oriented  I have to share.  If you have insomnia the night before a get together like I did, you can always make some cupcake toppers. :)
After eating we always have a egg hunt.  I'm glad I snapped this photo of my brothers, since they always seem to dodge my camera. I guess they were watching the Easter Bunny hide eggs. ( naughty naughty).      Ray and Dan

And the hunt begins.  Can you believe how Griffin has gown?   He turned 9 this past week!   Ryker was having fun finding eggs.

This is Jerri's little girl, Lexi. What a doll!

And Miss Haley, filling her basket. (Griffins little sis)

And I think Zack thought this egg hunt thing was pretty fun. He was good at it :)

The photo below... well, not sure I have an explanation for it, but it makes me laugh.  Every time someone would come in from outside they would say, "what are those guys gathered around the trash cans for?"  Finally I went out to see.  Weird!   I asked Wes later ..."Hey where were you guys doing out there".... being the smarty pants that he is , he says, " Talk'n trash".  hahahahah      Classy 

Anyway, it was a wonderful day with family that we all enjoyed. Thanks for letting me share a bit of it with you. I hope you had a fantastic day also.

Off to Julies retirement party!

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harrahx2 said...

Love it all but mostly just love the trash talking and I think I may need some of that food. Hugs.

Jean said...

Looks like a wonderful day! Beautiful card!

Julie Higgins said...

Vicki-Your card was beautiful! Thank you! I was only as good of a teacher as I was because of the incredible paraprofessional I had for years-YOU! You're only as good as the people you work with:) Great memories from those years! Love you dear friend, Julie

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

That card is so adorable! I love the way your mind works. The Easter photos are favorite is the trash cans. Guys!!!!