Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cakes and lighted canvases... more wedding fun

Hey friends!  Thought I'd share some more wedding ideas while it's all still fresh in my mind.  There are so many in my files still to share.   It's been a busy week.  Some of you may have heard that hear in Nebraska we have had damaging storms and tornados this past week.  We are safe but unfortunately a small town about 50 miles from us was hit by not one but two tornados. It has been a sad and eye opening experience for many of us.  Please keep the people of Pilger in your prayers. I will share more about this but in another post since this is a happy "Wedding" post. I want to keep it that way.

Incase some of you are new to my blog, these photos are from my nieces wedding last month.  It was a fun, whimsy, happy wedding ... filling with personal touches everywhere.   Neely had so many adorable creative ideas ... I just have to share. One of the things she wanted was instead of one big wedding cake, was to ask family and friends to bake their favorite family recipe and bring it.  They were all displayed on my sisters amazing milk glass cake plate collection.

The sweet   little hand painted  bride and groom  was done by my cousin Paula ( the kitty is there little sweet Chachi) lol  Is that CUTE or what!  THANKS Paula!

My sis made the super cute "Just Married" banner.

My sis is so great with making things look so pretty.

Here are some photos of the cakes on the cake plates.  Neely had made the cute little flags for each cake, so that people could right on them what kind they are..    On the backs it said.. "We thank you for sharing your talent with us on our special day! Love, Alan and Neely"

I have never had such a hard time choosing what cake I wanted!!  The good thing is .. you served yourself.. :)  so you could take a little sliver of a couple different kinds.
I made my Aunt Viv's Carrot Cake.

My sis and I made the lighted canvases behind the cakes.  I'm so mad at myself because as I was organizing photos I must have accidentally deleted the photos I took of the steps as we were making those, as my plan was to give you a tutorial.   We found the tutorial on Pinterest .. so if you are interested just there.   We did 3 ..... 3x4 canvases and put them together on the back of the cake table, at the reception.

So thankful to my friend Cindy Van Koll who make this drawing I did into a chalkboard sign for us for the cake area at the reception.  She also did one for Dancing and for the Photo Booth.  Cindy ... you are amazing and such a great friend!

I thought this was such great idea .. and such a fun way to get people talking.  All around the railing where the cakes where , they had old photos of them in their childhood with family and friends who were at the wedding clipped up on twine with painted clothes pins.

So many sweet person touches.   In an up coming post I'll share some of the decorating DIY ideas.

I was so lucky to get to be part of the "putting together" of the fun stuff for this wedding with Neely and my sister Jan.  It was SO FUN!    It was like a creative whirlwind of ideas!  Watching it all come together on this gorgeous day.. while  witnessing the union of these to beautiful souls was just over the top amazing!!
Love them beyond words

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Bettyann said...

oh my goodness...the artistry of the wedding was over the top fabulous !!!!!!love the idea of the cakes,, the brdie and your sister did amazing job...please show us more pictures.

Jill Norwood said...

What a wonderful celebration!!! And such awesome ideas too! Thanks for sharing! So sorry to hear of the tornados and damage! So very hard for everyone involved!!!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

I absolutely love the lighted canvases! So romantic and soft! And the idea of making a bunch of different fancy cakes makes so much more sense to me than purchasing an expensive wedding cake that really doesn't taste all that good. You can feel the sweetness of the day through these photos and the lovely, hand made touches. Thanks for sharing!

harrahx2 said...

Aww Vicki, more pictures! The lights behind the cake are fabulous and the cake idea is wonderful. You need to list the types of cakes and recipes! What a fun time! I with them blessings and love for life!

Debbie K. said...

Love your photos Ms. Vicki and the lighted canvases are FABULOUS! I will try and look for them on Pinterest as we might be having a couple of weddings in a year or two:)

Best wishes to your niece and her new hubby. Sounds like the wedding was a very special day with so many great touches!