Monday, June 09, 2014

Vintage Scrabble boards photo displays

Hey friends!
I keep thinking I want to get back to sharing some of the wedding projects from my nieces wedding... I get started and something seems to always sidetrack me. lol  I wanted to share these Vintage Scrabble boards my sis and I did up for photo holders.  I wish I could find the link on Pinterest so I could give credit were I first saw them, but couldn't find it. I always like to give credit, .. I appreciate creative people who share their idea. Anyway, I thought it was a cute idea, and my sis and I both happen to have the game boards so we made a couple.   In a "love" theme of course :)

I was telling my friend Deb about these, and she did a cute one up with photos of her three Granddaughters. It turned out so sweet!

I wish you could see this photo better.  My sis and I both love it .. especially because you can see Neely's ring in this photo. The ring was my Grandmothers.   My brother-in-law took theses photos.  I adore candid moments like this.

I have been working In my flowers and out in the yard so much these past few days I haven't been in my craft room much at all.  All winter long, I counted the days until Spring... and now I'm enjoying the nice weather.

Since I haven't been traveling as much I can enjoy my plants with out worrying if
Mr.C will remember to keep them watered while I'm gone. (wink

I'm excited about this new addition to my backyard. Working on getting flowers planted in it.  It was left at Jarad and Kate's Cabin when they bought it. I was lucky enough to end up with it.

hope you are all finding time to do some of your favorite things also.  Please join me in letting the dusting and vacuuming wait, so I don't have to feel too guilty. lol

I'm always happy to have you stop by.. thanks!



Jean said...

Love the board idea! Am busy with wedding prep too. 90 days and counting!

Jane Wetzel said...

totally love these scrabble boards...just a photo and the name spelled out? i want to do this!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

These are great! What a fun concept! Also excited about your new flower tub! Hope you are feeling better, my friend! xo

Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Co. said...

Hi Vic, I am smitten with your Scrabble Boards you made and now I need to make one for Chelsea & Anthony! Also love your little gnome garden.

BTW Scott said to tell you the RCPM concert was amazing and his friends really loved it.He dragged them there at 6 pm. Gee,do ya think he's trying to make you jealous?