Thursday, July 31, 2014

Today I have a new layout up on the Fancy Pants Designs Blog and some sharing about Royal Family Kids Camp

Hello my friends!!
Here is a little peek at the layout I have up on the Fancy Pants Designs blog.  I'd LOVE for you to pop over and check it out .. along with the beautiful mood  board I used for inspiration.   HERE

This has been a fun, busy .. "fill your heart up" kind of week for me.  It's the week that I've been spending volunteering at Royal Family Kids Camp.    I'm not able to share photos of the camp or of the children but I can tell you ... it's an amazing HAPPY place.. that is truly making a difference in kids lives. ( and probably in a lot of adults lives also).
You know how I am about taking photos .... at first I thought it was going to be really hard for me to go a week with out a camera... no cell phone with me... no facebook, no instagram.. ect... ect... But you know what... it's been GREAT!   You just get so involved with the whats going on THAT MOMENT with the kids, you really don't think about it after the first day. You just enjoy what's going on.   People really paying attention to each other... when they talk.. not looking at their phones.  Kids know they have your total attention.  They have so many activities to keep them busy all day, swimming , bikes, wall climbing, zip line, fishing, tea parties, balloon launch, breakfast club, crafts, on and on.  All set in an amazing camp environment  in a beautiful spot in the country.    I cant even say enough about how much admiration I have for the people I've spend this week with. Adults who have given a week of their lives to have a positive impact on a child's life.   They just amaze me!!     In the hardest and most stressful of situations.. they find only love and compassion for these kids.  Not only that.. but just seeing the kids bond and look out for each other.  It starts to feel like a big family. I wish I could share with you, every touching moment...  every sweet thing I saw... everything thing that when I saw it , as I sat back quietly .. that gave my goosebumps, because it was so amazing to watch.     I just cant begin to explain what a positive experience it is.   If you have a Royal Family Kids Camp near you  and you think you'd like to be involved, I can tell you, I think you will find it very fulfilling!!

Below is a picture of four of us the night before camp started.    In the front my friend Becky Novacek, to the left of her, is her sister Sherry, I'm in the back, and on the right is my friend Julie.

 You can find out more about Royal Family Kids by following the link below , if your interested.
 Royal Family Kids

Two days left :)

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

"Hello There" Card using Fancy Pants "Wonderful Day" Collection and a Flea Market

It's been a BUSY Summer, and is going by way to fast for my liking! The weeks seem to be flying by. I'm enjoying it... seems there is always plenty to do.   Yesterday I went to a Flea Market that was just up the road, that was put on by my friend Lynda.  Lynda owned the shop in town that I did the Fall show with last year.( in case you remember) They have now moved just out of town , a couple miles from us, up on the hwy.  They are redoing a home there and have already redone the amazing barn (photo below) for her floral/ craft shop.  I'll tell you more about it and share some photos but first, here is a card I created using the "Wonderful Day" Collection from Fancy Pants Designs.

Here is Lynda's Beautiful shop.  It's located at 972 hwy 30 North Bend. Her and her husband are just great people!   Her shop is open daily as she does floral arrangements but the Flea Market was yesterday and today , July 25th -26th.  This was her first, but she mentioned to me another in Sept.  
That should tell you something about her energy level... because if someone would have asked me in the middle of the Flea Market we hosted, "WHEN" we were doing it "AGAIN", I'm not sure what I would have said. lol   It's been two years and I haven't done another one. lol  It's a lot of work! They just have such a great place for hosting one!  I hope to be able to contribute to this down the road and be a vendor, I just didn't have enough lined up this time around.     She did have a number of vendors, and I'm sure as she continues to do this, she will add more and more.

                          Florals, Finds, and Glorified Junk
                                                           972 hwy 30 North Bend

Another friend of mine, Becky Kerwin, was one of the vendors at Lynda's.  Becky does amazing refurbishing!!   These two dressers in this photo were my very favorites! 

Here are some more of Becky's beauties.

Lots of cool things

Oh, and if you like old windows.....  there were lots

and lots

and lots.
They have a great area with trees for shade. Which I'm sure they needed today. It was a hot one.  I was glad we went first thing yesterday morning.

How fun is this?
I forgot to take photos of the things I got :(   But here is one of the things.  This little table will be painted.  (at least the sides and legs) with grey milk paint.  I think I will leave the top and the drawers as is.

I also got this painting yesterday..... $3.  I love it!  Going in our bedroom.

I also bought a couple of small quilts.
I cant believe I forgot to take photos of the things we bought.   My sis found some things also.

Congrats to Lynda on a great event!  Cant wait for the next one!


What else if going on in my world?

 Spent some time at the cabin this week.

   Wes ... running Daisy on the sand bar.

and picked garden bounty from the cabin garden!! YAY!  Oh, how I love having a garden again!   Looks like I'm going to get to can tomatoes this year! I love canning tomatoes!  They are great to have for winter for sure.

I'm just hoping after this picking, that some of the tomatoes can hold off until the end of next week, but cause it's time for Royal Family Kids Camp to start, so next week is FULL!   I'm super excited that it's finally time.  Training is over, prep work is ( well... almost done).. and it's time!
The kids arrive at the camp Monday morning,. but tomorrow starts with a church service, then we all meet out at the camp tomorrow afternoon to get things lined up,  unpacked, and eat together tomorrow night.  
Not only am I just happy to be able to be apart of something I've wanted to do for a long time ,but many of the people that are also going to be helping with camp, are friends and the others... well I can tell they WILL be my friends by the end of the week.  Good people!  Hanging with old friends... making new friends and helping kids that could use a little extra love... sounds like a great week to me!

Here is to an amazing week!  Please keep us all.... little campers .. and big.. in your prayers.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Terial Magic projects

Hello Friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

I've recently used ( and created a project or two) with a fun product I had never tried before. It's amazing stuff!  Whether you use fabric on your craft projects or your a quilter .. If you haven't tried Terial Magic, you defiantly should.  It is  a liquid stabilizer that is so easy to use. And makes working with fabric a dream.    Here is a little peek at one of my projects up on the  Terial Arts Blog today, but I please pop over there for my complete post..   There are lots of examples from other crafters also :)

You can find my blog post today here on the Terial Arts Blog

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"Whatevers" TWO July 2014

I have loved being a part of "Whatevers"!  I'm going to miss this mid month fun with these amazingly talented girls ...but I think we've decided we are going to wrap it up.  Remember tho.. there are many, many photos out there that need a story.... so ... carry on

I decided to make a little shadowbox with this months photo.  The minute I saw this photo I knew I was going to use the new Fancy Pants Collection "Everyday Circus"

More than a story... I think this shadowbox just creates a home for the little guy... who I have named
Jessy.  I think he's completely content with the outfit his mother has put on him as long as he has some balloons. So... of course,  I gave him some :)

As for the saying..... quite fitting for my house. lol

Here is this months photo.  For you to use if you would like to play long with us... which of course .. we would love!

You are defiantly going to want to see what the girls did this month.  Here are the links to their blogs.
Nat Kalbach
Catherine Scanlon
Carmen Sanchez
Martha Richardson

I love you girls!

Sending off "Whatevers" with a big hug and kiss!


Friday, July 11, 2014

"Smile" card Fancy Pants Designs "As you Wish Collection"

You can always tell when it's Summer, but looking at how far apart my blog posts start becoming. lol  I'm sure this winter I'll be more willing to spend time inside in my studio, but right now, being outside just seems to be the thing to do.   As much as I love crafting I have been taking time these last few months to really get out and enjoy doing other things I love also.  Time seems to go  by so fast.. I don't want to miss anything.   Now that I'm not traveling as much, I'm really enjoying doing the things I used to do.... cooking, messing in my plants, gardening, and silly things like hanging my laundry on the line.  Yes.. you heard me right.... I love hanging laundry on the line.   I even made some of my moms cherry rhubarb jelly this Summer.  I used her big aqua Club pot to make it in and I totally enjoyed every minute. To tell you the truth, it wasn't even that much about the jelly (although it was pretty good :) it was just the process that I loved.  I really miss her.

Anyway.... I did make a simple card yesterday using the "As you Wish Collection" from Fancy Pants Designs.  I used to be good about having a stash of cards on hand for different occasions ( or just no specific occasions), but I need to work on getting that built up again.  It's great to be able to go over to the drawer and pick out a special hand made card to send isn't it?

Everyday photo for this week......
Wish it was a better photo,but just snapped it with my phone as I was  pulling out of the driveway.  Ditches this time of the Summer are all full of orange lilies.

#2 everyday photo....
Yep... I took a little time for myself yesterday, and got a pedi. What a treat!

I've been talking  a lot about taking time out of my studio to do some things I've really been wanting to get more involved in and this is one of them.   It's called Royal Family Kids Camp.    I've had my interview and will have my training next weekend.  Camp is the last week of the month.  Tonight is the Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser and Auction to raise money for camp.   If you live close... the public is welcome.  It's at Bluffs Trinity Lutheran  Church On the corner of  County Road 17 and Q.
It's an amazing program that I have always made up baskets for the fundraiser, but like I said, have always wanted to get more involved .  It's a camp that creates a very special week for kids that really deserve a little extra "good" in their lives. Kids that are in the foster care system.  I'm so looking forward to it all!  If you are on facebook.... please like their page. Royal Family Kids


Enough of my rambling for today. I hope each of you are taking time for yourselves and enjoying LIFE!

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Monday, July 07, 2014

4th of July weekend recap

It's was a busy weekend... but so much fun!  We had company part of the weekend and were gone part of the weekend, so it seemed to go by so fast. Loved getting to spend time with family and friends!  Always hard to see it come to an end. (except for that nap yesterday afternoon.... that felt pretty good. ha!)

I  thought I'd show you a couple of ways I used my AccuCut dies for decor for my deck and porch.  This star die is Star #1 
Same star die was used here with Pennant Flags die  (also AccuCut)

Some days it's just amazing how much fun you can come up with , with a trip to the Dollar store. lol

Yeah... we are ridiculous

The 4th was such a nice day. We didn't even have the air conditioning on.  We spent a lot of time outside on the deck.  We actually chatted out on the deck until the wee hours of the morning.    Woke up late and had Muffins, fruit, juice and coffee for breakfast.  I had made Strawberry Rhubarb, Blueberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, and Banana Blueberry Muffins ahead of time.. so no standing in front of the stove for me that morning. lol

I got busy and forgot to take photos of all the YUMMY food!!  Oh my... so many good cooks!
Late that night we had a fire and  S'mores

Oh... festive...yes, we were all festive. lol

most of the time... too an extreme. lol  I love it! ( My sister Jan and brother in law Keith)

Brent, Diana, and Nathanial

Best 4th for July toothless smile :)

Deb and Jan

Round two at Woodcliff at Julie and Warrens.  What a fun time!  These two know how to entertain. I guess you get good at it when you live on a lake because you have company alot...but they have in down to a fine art.  What a nice day!

Again.. enough food for an army. Good food, Good company, boating , fun in the sun .. and then watching fireworks from the boat out on the lake. It was a great day/night
Dan must me telling Keith a "fish" story. lol

Now,.. to get back in the routine of a regular week and normal eating. lol  I hope all of you had a safe and happy forth also.  Thanks for letting me share a little bit of ours.

As always.... thanks so much for stopping by!