Saturday, July 26, 2014

"Hello There" Card using Fancy Pants "Wonderful Day" Collection and a Flea Market

It's been a BUSY Summer, and is going by way to fast for my liking! The weeks seem to be flying by. I'm enjoying it... seems there is always plenty to do.   Yesterday I went to a Flea Market that was just up the road, that was put on by my friend Lynda.  Lynda owned the shop in town that I did the Fall show with last year.( in case you remember) They have now moved just out of town , a couple miles from us, up on the hwy.  They are redoing a home there and have already redone the amazing barn (photo below) for her floral/ craft shop.  I'll tell you more about it and share some photos but first, here is a card I created using the "Wonderful Day" Collection from Fancy Pants Designs.

Here is Lynda's Beautiful shop.  It's located at 972 hwy 30 North Bend. Her and her husband are just great people!   Her shop is open daily as she does floral arrangements but the Flea Market was yesterday and today , July 25th -26th.  This was her first, but she mentioned to me another in Sept.  
That should tell you something about her energy level... because if someone would have asked me in the middle of the Flea Market we hosted, "WHEN" we were doing it "AGAIN", I'm not sure what I would have said. lol   It's been two years and I haven't done another one. lol  It's a lot of work! They just have such a great place for hosting one!  I hope to be able to contribute to this down the road and be a vendor, I just didn't have enough lined up this time around.     She did have a number of vendors, and I'm sure as she continues to do this, she will add more and more.

                          Florals, Finds, and Glorified Junk
                                                           972 hwy 30 North Bend

Another friend of mine, Becky Kerwin, was one of the vendors at Lynda's.  Becky does amazing refurbishing!!   These two dressers in this photo were my very favorites! 

Here are some more of Becky's beauties.

Lots of cool things

Oh, and if you like old windows.....  there were lots

and lots

and lots.
They have a great area with trees for shade. Which I'm sure they needed today. It was a hot one.  I was glad we went first thing yesterday morning.

How fun is this?
I forgot to take photos of the things I got :(   But here is one of the things.  This little table will be painted.  (at least the sides and legs) with grey milk paint.  I think I will leave the top and the drawers as is.

I also got this painting yesterday..... $3.  I love it!  Going in our bedroom.

I also bought a couple of small quilts.
I cant believe I forgot to take photos of the things we bought.   My sis found some things also.

Congrats to Lynda on a great event!  Cant wait for the next one!


What else if going on in my world?

 Spent some time at the cabin this week.

   Wes ... running Daisy on the sand bar.

and picked garden bounty from the cabin garden!! YAY!  Oh, how I love having a garden again!   Looks like I'm going to get to can tomatoes this year! I love canning tomatoes!  They are great to have for winter for sure.

I'm just hoping after this picking, that some of the tomatoes can hold off until the end of next week, but cause it's time for Royal Family Kids Camp to start, so next week is FULL!   I'm super excited that it's finally time.  Training is over, prep work is ( well... almost done).. and it's time!
The kids arrive at the camp Monday morning,. but tomorrow starts with a church service, then we all meet out at the camp tomorrow afternoon to get things lined up,  unpacked, and eat together tomorrow night.  
Not only am I just happy to be able to be apart of something I've wanted to do for a long time ,but many of the people that are also going to be helping with camp, are friends and the others... well I can tell they WILL be my friends by the end of the week.  Good people!  Hanging with old friends... making new friends and helping kids that could use a little extra love... sounds like a great week to me!

Here is to an amazing week!  Please keep us all.... little campers .. and big.. in your prayers.

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Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

You have the best flea markets! I am drooling over those old windows! Love your happy little card...such sunny colors! Have a great week at camp, Vic!

Jean said...

Beautiulf card! Looks like such wonderful finds!

harrahx2 said...

You lead such a boring life, huh? Wow, great produce from the garden and you definitely must send your canned tomatoes to me. Great card, great finds and great lady.............