Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's a Fall Welcome... 16x20 Burlap Panel

Well, I'm still pushing along, trying to make myself accept that Summer is coming to an end.  I do love Fall, just not what comes after it so much.  I've been working on a few things for an upcoming flea market.  I found these flat 16x20 Burlap Panels that have been so fun to create with.  I wish I would have put something beside this to gauge the size for the photo, because if you don't look at the measurements... you might assume it was a card or something. lol  Actually it's quite large..

You can see here, they aren't like a traditional canvas.  Kind of fun and different.  I found them at Micheals.

Yesterday was National Dog Day... so I was thinking of all the pooches that have been a part of my life since I was a kid until now.  Each one has a little piece of my heart.

Keebie- ( Top left)- started out as my older brothers dog.. until he went to Korea for the Army.. then Keebie became mine.  Keebie stayed home with mom and dad even after I was first married, as he was getting quite old by then.  What a good dog!
Ralph-(Top Middle)- Dan's and Mine first dog together. Ridiculous name was Dan's choice. lol We loved that dog like a child. Sweetie heart!!
Pokey- (Top Right)- Santa brought him to Wes and Jarad when Jarad was 2 and Weston was 5.  That dog put up with a lot. Most faithful dog ever! We had him until Wes's first year in college.
Aly-(Bottom left)- Aly was special. She just stole everyones heart. Kind, obedient ...sweet Aly. It's still hard for me to even think about her without tears. She was my best friend.
Molly-(Bottom Middle) Molly is independent. She comes to you when she wants attention... and when she's had enough, she walks away. lol That's just her personality.. and we love her just the way she is. lol She has been with us 12 years and has a lot of health issues.  At this point, we just pretty much let her have what she wants and do as she pleases.  Attention, naps and good food :) She LOVES Wes! and he loves her.
Daisy- (Bottom Right)- Daisy.. oh Daisy... She is a rambunctious, in your face, little lovey dog. We had been used to two old dogs when we got her, so her energy level took a bit of getting used too.  She is the best cuddler! She hates to be cold so she will get as close to you as possible. Gotta love her!

My dogs............

Exciting stuff this week...... Dan picked our first apples off the apple tree we planted.  He was so proud! lol

Wes stopped here last night on his way to work. It was good to see him. He was putting on his new camera for the first time.  I have to say reading all the negative things about  law enforcement lately in the news and on Facebook really bothers me at times.  I know there are good and bad officers just like there are good and bad of any other profession. There are  many good ones out there risking their lives to protect ... we just don't hear enough about those.  I guess this is something I think about even more now that MY son is one of them putting on a uniform everyday. It's scarey.

Before I close, I wanted to make sure I showed you this incase you miss it. Crafty Secrets is offering this great SUMMER Super Pack Blowout for $19.95 and it is FULL of a crazy amount of great stuff.
You can find it HERE

Okay friends ...... have a GREAT week!!

Off to try to make something else while I have this mess out. lol


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A simple "Hello" card

It seems that these days simple designs just call to me. So today, a simple card with a fun design is just what you get. lol   I picked up these papers a long time ago and keep seeing them over there in the rack in the corner of my room... just sitting there, and I keep thinking how much I love them. Finally I sat down this afternoon for a little crafting time. ahhhhh  nice!  The card shape is from AccuCut

I own this Die and use it so much.  It's been a great investment.  AccuCut A2 Card-Scalloped #1 NC213

Oh, I also wanted to show you my chalkboard painted globe.  I finally found a spot for it.  I'm getting a kick out of finding different sayings for it.

Since I haven't been blogging as often, a lot more goes on between post. I need to catch up! (wink).  Yesterday was (daughter-in-law) Kate's Birthday.  We loved having them out for dinner and a visit.  Being a teacher, she is back in full swing with school now. It makes me happy that she loves her job so much. When I ask her how she likes it, she always has positive things to say.  I can tell it's what she's meant to do :)  And she's so good at it!

We got away for a long weekend last weekend with my sister and brother-in-law to a little cabin we rented on a lake about 3 hours from here.   It was our first time there, we had just found it online, so we weren't sure what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised. It was AWESOME!

We hiked around a bit each day. The cabin sits by it's self on the lake, and is hiking distance to the river. the guys took the kayaks out.  No kayaking for me..but I did go out in the paddle boat if that counts for anything. ha!

It was a great little cabin. Super cute and comfy inside also. So when we got to hot outside, it was great to be able to come in a relax. ( as you can see the guys doing here :) 

Early Saturday Morning I got up and got some great shots of the fog on the lake.  It was so quiet and beautiful.   The entire weekend was really nice. We hated to leave.  Looking forward to making plans to go back again.

Before we left I even managed to squeeze in a cut .. that was much needed.  I skipped color this time. I usually go a shade darker in the Fall, but I'm not ready for Fall... so I'm not ready for that their. Both can just wait, as far as I'm concerned.  I'm not ready to give up Summer yet!

I hope things have been good for all of you. I always appreciate you stopping by.  Thank you!


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Canvases, milkpaint table makeover, and Catherines planner

Well, my plans for this week were to start working on some Fall canvases and other Fall projects for an upcoming Fleamarket, but boy am I having a hard time giving up on Summer.  It was pretty obvious when I laid out three canvases to work on backgrounds, and the first two were in Fall colors and BAM.. just like that ... I was back to Summer colors .....   That this is going to take a little more discipline on my part to THINK FALL! ahhhh

I decided since I'm going to be making a few of each style when I do projects for this Fleamarket, I would do all the canvas backgrounds at one time ... let them dry , and then move on to the next step. Not that I would do all the backgrounds the same, (trust me, I learned a long time ago, repeating my projects like an assembly line, is not something that works well with me. Just cant do it.)  My plan was just to do backgrounds of same size canvases with this style of flower.  I thought it would maybe lessen the mess by doing it this way.  Again, wrong, it seems, I'm just kind of a messy crafter no matter what. HA!
I have to say, creating the backgrounds is my favorite part :)  Even though it's the messy part.


There is something I wanted to share with you all, if you haven't already seen it on Facebook.  If you are a follower of mine you probably know that Catherine Scanlon is a dear friend of mine.  I love her and am so proud of all her successes in the art industry over these past years. She is so talented and so deserving !
She is now in the process of opening her own studio of teaching... and it looks so amazing!   It's called Merrymeeting Art House and you can see the site and some cool photos here.

On the side bar of her blog you can find links to her publications, to her online classes to  where to buy her stamps and stencils ect.  Cats blog   Art From the Heart

Can you tell I'm kinda proud of her?? lol   Well I am!!    But what I really wanted to tell you about is her new printable planner for your "coloring pleasure".  Oh my .. it's awesome!

Here is the link so you can check it out.

My Artful Life Planner


 Other than making messes, it's been kind of a quite week.  It's good to have a week like that now and then right?

This is one of the other projects I worked on a bit.  I found this table at a Flea Market for $13. It was all just the brown wood.  I knew what I wanted to do with it, I just dread painting. :(    My friend Deb had this grey milk paint left over from a table that she had done, and kept encouraging me.  I finally jumped it and did it. Actually the paint went on like a dream, and I love how the table turned out.

Still canning.   Still week, some tomatoes for chili that have peppers, onions and garlic in them.  And some jars of salsa.

We seem to be getting more yellow squash rather than regular zucchini.  I've always used zucchini for baking but read that they can be used interchangeably, so I made these zucchini muffins with the yellow squash.  They turned out great. Good to know.

Funny, after posting these photos I guess I did get more done this week than I thought.  And I thought it was a uneventful slow week. lol.

Have a happy day my friends!  Thank you so much for coming by!


Wednesday, August 06, 2014

"Hello" Card using Fancy Pants Nautical Collection

Summer is going by way too fast for me!  Kids are getting ready to head back to school already. (easy for me to say.. since I don't have any school age kids :) lol    I was in Hobby Lobby the other day and it's all Fall and Christmas stuff... eeeek!   I'm still loving the sunshine and Summer colors. This card is done with Fancy Pants Nautical Collection.  I love how each of the Fancy Pants Collections are filled with gorgeous papers and elements that work for any themes.. ...   Nautical Card?? hmmmm :)

Everyday Photo #1

I'm enjoying Summer, just doing a little of this and that.  I've certainly been at the cabin more this Summer, simply because that's where the garden is, for one thing.  Yesterday Daisy and I went for a boat ride with Wes.   I must say I am a little alarmed by the "Asian Carp" that have invaded the rivers. Seriously!  I thought I was going to get hit by one, as they jumped out of the water. THREE ended up IN the boat!

Everyday Photo #2

The garden has been doing very well!  I've been working on canning tomatoes.  It's times like this that I really miss my mom.  This is something she and I did together a lot.  I seriously don't think I could do it without that piece of aqua Club cookware that used to be moms.  We used it every single time we canned. Sweet memories.

Everyday Photo #3

This year we planted a number of fruit trees along the edge of our lot.   The squirrels have been battling us constantly for their bounty.   I found this on the kitchen counter the other day.  Do you think my husband is proud of the lone peach he has managed to save from the squirrels?? lol

Super exciting week around here. lol   I think I'm still resting up from last week ( camp week).
I hope you are all enjoying your Summer!  I'd love to hear about what you've been up to.  Gardening, vacationing, spending time with the grandkids?

Thanks ..... as always, for stopping by!