Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fall Door hanging (made from a Dollar Store tray)

Oh.. I know, I have a bit of an obsession with making door hangings with Dollar Store trays but I just cant help it :)  They are fun!  If you want to make one for yourself. Here's some hits.
  I made some "Hello" ones before for Summer,but it was time to change out for Fall.  Before I had used the Tin trays. This one is much larger. It's about 20 inches across and it's plastic. I found this try and the other trays I've used at the Dollar Tree.  It's silver color but totally just lightweight plastic. Black on the back.  I lightly painted the edges with cream acrylic paint. After is dried, I just rubbed my orange and yellow Cat eye Clearsnap inks over the raised dots on the tray.

This is what the back of the tray looks like.  Black plastic.  I  did used a hot glue gun to add the leaves and burlap and it wasn't a problem.

I ran a light piece of sand paper over the raised bumps also, so some of the sliver would show thru.

From there I just added papers to the center of the tray and went to work making the simple banner I hung on wire.( I stitched the four different papers together).  Did some embellishing and added ribbon to hang it from.
* remember when you cut your banner pieces to cut them a but longer then you need so that you have enough to fold over the wire to attach them :)

I took time to machine stick around all the banner pieces and then it really doesn't show up that much :(  The large Chipboard letters are from Paper Studio. I painted them, inked the edges a bit and then used the ( non brush) end of my paint brush to make some polk a dots on them.

So there you go... a simple and cute Dollar store craft for you door.  Now... Crafty away, my friends!


What else is going on?  Well, with Fall, comes one sad thing.  I'm going to be sad to see garden bounty come to an end.  Oh, how I have loved having a garden this year!!!

Yesterday, I was headed out of town and this guy was hulling this trailer full of amazing JUNK, I mean TREASURE.  Oh, how I wanted to flag him over!!  My mind reels on what all might be in there. lol

Griffin update.  Can you believe this is "little Griffin"??  I took photos of my brother and sister-in-laws Grand kids over the weekend, so I have to share.   I'll share a couple at a time... since there are eight.    I know many of you who follow my blog, know Griffin and would get a kick out of seeing how he has GROWN!  Quite the handsome young man.

And remember his baby sister Halle?  Now a babe anymore either! They just grow up SO fast!  What a little sweetheart she is.

More cuteness to come.

Time to get some Dinner in the works.  I hope you all have your week off to a great start!
Thank you for coming to visit me and not forgetting me, as I haven't been blogging as often as I used too.   Life just keeps calling with fun things to do:)

Back to you soon!


Saturday, September 13, 2014

It was a "Banner" day with the girls. Crafting... Fall Banners

Well, do I have your attention now??  Or did I just make you hungry? lol   I made these Pumpkin Parfaits for the girls when I had them over for a little crafting yesterday.   I found the recipe on pinterest. Here it is on this blog ...Cheryl Style (Pumpkin Parfait) 
It is yummy!
I love pumpkin anything!
It's really cooled off there this week and it's been rainy and gloomy. But these girls will brighten up any day.  We got together to work on some Fall Banners.  I have been working on some for the upcoming Flea Market my friend Lynda is hosting in a couple of weeks.  Below is my sis in the aqua sweater, my friend Deb next to her, and my friend Julie behind.   We met for breakfast in my little towns "Corner Cafe" ( that's really the name by the way) lol  before we got started.  There is just something about a little small town cafe that I just love.  Next time I'm in there, I'll take some photos.  It's just nothing fancy that's for sure, worn tables, mismatching coffee cups, farmers talking about the weather.... but so sweet!  I better take quiet photos with  my phone. I cant imagine how crazy they would think I was if I whipped out my big camera and started clicking away. hahaha

I have to show you this tho.

We all ordered Denver Omelets. The waitress said that comes with either ... wheat toast, and English muffin or a cinnamon roll .. what would you like?   ummmmmm......
Seriously? You had to ask?!? lol  So home made cinnamon rolls, huge omelets with hash browns.  We all ended up only being able to eat half our food.  I knew it would be a way bigger breakfast than any of us were used too, so I didn't make lunch ...just those pumpkin parfaits, but like Julie said, we all slightly exceeded our calories allotment for the day yesterday!!! Oh my!!

 Once we could actually comfortably sit down... lol, we started working on our banners.
I had all the framed letters printed off ahead of time.  They are from the Crafty Secrets "Creating with Vintage Halloween CD"

Of course I have to share them all. Each one of different from the other. All beautiful!

Here's Julies

Here's Jans
Here's Debs

Here's mine

And here is another one of mine I had made the day before as a sample for them, as what we were making.

I'm sorry it's been a while between my blog posts, between a lot going on, I have been dealing with migraines more often. I'm sure the weather is playing a big part in that.  I've been working on getting this post done since yesterday and finally just got up because I couldn't sleep, and am finally finishing up.  I'm hoping to be able to do the Alzheimer's Memory Walk tomorrow, so I hope this Headache goes away and stays away!!

                                            Alzheimer's Association Donation Link here

I hope you have all a great week!  Craft on!  and Enjoy Life!


Monday, September 01, 2014

Autumn Banner using Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage

Today is Crafty Secrets Linky Party Day!  Although I've stepped back from the Design Team ..simply to take a little "me" time.... I obviously still love creating with Crafty Secrets.  Oh.. and love Sandy and all the girls... so today I thought I'd play along.   I know they would love it if you would join them also.   You can read about it here on the Heartwarming Vintage Blog , see gorgeous samples and get the links to all the DT Blogs along with links to those who are playing along.
I decided to create this "Autumn" Banner using the "Creating with Vintage Halloween" CD.

There are so many great papers and images on this CD.  It's one of my very favorites to work with.
I love making banners, and I really enjoyed making this one. I just haven't spent much time in my studio this Summer, I've been so busy with other things, but it felt good to craft again.

There is the "Creating with Vintage Halloween CD"

Keep in mind also that Sandy has a huge sale going on right now ... as she  wants to go completely digital and has all her printed stock on sale 50% off but she has also just put together 6 amazing theme packs for $19.95  at over 70% off the original retail price! They include: Summer, Girlfriends, Christmas, Little Boy, Little Girl and Halloween.  

  You will find all of these  blowout packs on the front page of the online Store.  

I hope you have a fantastic week my friends!! ENJOY!!!