Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Fancy Pants Designs "Smile" Card and Fall Flea Market update

You can tell when I'm busy, because my poor little blog gets neglected. So sorry I've been away without even sticking my head in for a quick hello, but I have been a busy beaver.  The Fall Flea Market at my friend Lynda's place is coming up fast. Just a week and a half away now. Oct 10th and 11th.   But I thought I'd pop in and share a card and a couple photos.    This card is made with the
MEology collection .  Love the cheery colors of this line. (especially since I've been working with Fall colors endlessly!!lol

So... I've been working on craft projects of course. Canvases, banners ect.. and then going  through my vintage stuff  that I plan to sell. But  I since I'll be selling the majority of my stuff "inside" Lynda's shop, I also plan to sell, coffee and individual I've been busy baking.  Banana, Pumpkin, Zucchini and Blueberry .  Packing up the deep freeze :)    Lets hope we have a good turn out at the Flea Market.. and everyone is hungry, or we are going to be eating  muffins for a LONG time :)
If you are a follower here , you might remember last year I participated in a Open house at Lyndas Floral shop in town about this time of the year.  Well, since then her and her sweet little family bought this acreage not far from us, just up on the hwy as you come into  town.    I can not begin to tell you how amazed I am at the transformation that has taken place.  They have turned this place into a little haven.  The photos speak for themselves.
  Here is Lynda's Floral shop on the property now.  She is hosting the Flea Market yes, but she has a wonderful full time Floral Business here and does beautiful work!  You can also find her on facebook
Florals, finds & glorified junk

Here is what it started as

I thought you would be interested in the house also.   Before....

and After.
We are talking 5 months!   I don't know how they did it!
It's a gorgeous property!   There is open space for vendors during the Flea Market behind and to the East side of the house.  All shaded with beautiful trees.   HERE is the post I did with some photos from the last Flea Market she hosted. ( which was her first. So I'm sure it will continue to grow).
If you live in the Area, I hope you can stop out

Fri Oct 10th and Sat Oct 11th
Hours will be 9-6 Fri & only 9-2 On Sat

Forals, finds and glorified junk
 972 Hwy 30  ( just East of North Bend)

Fun photo opps too

 Drive on over :)

Hope to see you there!


ddlady said...

Vicki, so glad to have you back on your blog. I so enjoyed todays blog. Makes me wish I lived in a small town like you! Would just love to go the the flea market with you! Linda and her husband did a wonderful job with the barn and the house. I enjoy looking at things like that and hearing about it. Have a wonderful time!
Linda Cichowski

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

I love it when an old run down house finds somebody new to love it and restore it. Love those photos, Vic! You will have a blast! Hope the weather is fine and all your yummy muffins get scooped up. Oh, and the card? cute, cute!

Jean said...

Wow - love what they did to the house and barn! Good luck with the sale. Pretty card!

Debbie K. said...

Oh my gosh, your friend's house and barn look like they are smiling now! What a great restoration! Wish I lived closer so I could go to the flea market. All your muffins look soooo good, my mouth is watering:) Best of luck to you. Hope you sell lots of goodies!

harrahx2 said...

Oh Vicki, that looks like a blast! Wish I was eating muffins and laughing with you right now!