Monday, December 28, 2015

Painted Herringbone canvas

Well, I've been busy busy putting Christmas things away, and when I do that, I find myself wanting to change things up a bit and not put things back just as they were before the Holidays.  I love moving things around but I also love digging thought my things and making something old , new again with paint , fabric, ect.    Canvases are so fun and inexpensive, and there are so many things you can do with them. They are my favorite "go to" when I want to create something new for the wall.
I have one spot at the bottom of the stairs that I usually always hang a canvas, because there is a phone jack that is high up on the wall, and it's hard to cover with a flat picture.  A canvas works great there, because it has and open area that allows for that jack. ( hides it well).    I usually have a seasonal canvas there, but I decided I have enough going on, on the dinning room walls, so I thought I'd go with just a design for the canvas in this space.  No saying , no words, .. just design.

I made this simple herringbone pattern just using masking tape.   I chose 5 colors of acrylic paint that I liked and just alternated them in the open spaces.

Quick and easy. Something new to look at for a while and for very little cost.   ( see the cord coming from the phone plate I was talking about?) grrr drives me nuts.

So.... we were all prepared for the big snow storm we were supposed to get today.
We ended up with not much at all here.  Glad that the roads are safe for everyone getting back and forth to work.

But, it is COLD and the wind is blowing like crazy.  Poor pups. They get their business done and are right back up to the door waiting to get in.

The last of the Christmas decor is still up outside, but it will just have to wait because I'm like the dogs.... it's just toooooo cold our there!

Even though it we didn't really get snowed in today. We lived in the country so I just pretend. lol I stayed home and wore pajama pants all day and it was awesome!  Life is good!

Might have another pretend snow day tomorrow lol


Saturday, December 26, 2015

"Cabin Sweet Cabin" Canvas and a Christmas recap

Hey everyone! I hope you had a fantastic Christmas!  We really enjoyed it. It's always the same tho.... you wait and wait, there's the build and the anticipation.. and then boom it's here and over in a flash. It's always such a whirlwind and then over. I feel like I'm standing here like.."what just happened"? lol ( or more like "laying" here.  I was pooped today. The day after Christmas for me is just recoop day. lol  Pajama pants all day, sorta day. lol    
You know I always have to share family get together photos , but first I thought I'd share a canvas project I made for Jarad for a Christmas gift for their cabin.
If you haven't used   Hazel &Ruby Stencil Masks  
before, I"m telling you .. they are amazing!  They are sticky back reusable masks that leave you with crisp edges.   I fell in love with them when Fancy Pants and Hazel and Ruby had done a product swap with their design teams.  It was the first time I had ever tried them.   I've placed multiple orders online with them since. Especially since I saw this amazing sale.  The Stencils on sale for 75% off!!  The set I used below was originally $24.99, now on sale for $6.25   HERE
I ended up ordering for the girls in my craft group also.   I went and looked today and all the stencils are still on sale.  Um...... I ordered the ones I didn't have yet. lol    You can see them all HERE

I started with a 12x12 canvas and painted the entire thing with gray acrylic paint. From there I used the stencils and masking tape to mask off and create the background and letters with the paint colors I chose.
Since it was for their cabin, I wanted a bit of a worn look to it. What I did was lay down masking tape in random areas on the canvas while the paint was just still a bit damp ( not too damp), and as I lift up the masking tape it picked up some of the paint.  I was really happy with the effect.

You can do it as much or as little as you want.

I think Jarad liked, it :)


Our Christmas morning is always a low key, hang out in your pj's sorta morning where we fill our bellies and open gifts. Followed by Christmas movies/napping. lol   We enjoyed having Wes's girl, Amy with us this year. She is a originally from CA so that's where her family is. She was a joy to have around and put up well with our craziness :)
Anytime I can have my kids all under this roof, it's a good day for this momma!  I know Dan feels the same.

Even the dogs got their bellies full and were enjoying naps after opening their gifts. lol
The photos below are from our big family gathering on Christmas Eve.    It's always so great to get together and spend time with everyone.

No one goes home hungry that's for sure!   Along with all the goodies, we had soups and all kinds of other meats, cheeses ect.   We had , Chili, Sausage Kale, Broccoli Cheese, and Clam Chowder.  All were YUMMY!

I love this photo ( Wes fought me on this all the way) lol  He said it was to cheesy. lol   I think it's adorable.

After eating we all gather for gift opening and games.  I always have to laugh because the guys sometimes grumble and act like they don't want to play games.. but once they start... and everyone gets involved it's so fun. Then those that were dragging their feet want to keep playing :)

Ryan and Erin( my sister Jan's son and daughter in law) below, helping read off questions.  Each person answers a sheet of questions and then we have people read them off one at a time while people try to guess who they think it might be. I just have a sheet of random questions .. staring with basics like... favorite color ect first , where would you lived if you could live anywhere? Then get more specific like... what was your first car. (things that could "date" the person, or would give a greater hint)

They are a festive bunch.  (Actually we have added to a big bin every year to have enough hats for everyone) I just bring the bin every Christmas.
Kate and Jarad during the White Elephant gift exchange.

Amy and Matt doing the candy cane game.  For the  Candy cane game you just have to use one candy cane in your mouth and using it only , see how many you can pick up and put in the basket. NOT using your hands

Bryan about to  challenge my brother Dan.

Wes  did pretty well at this.
Then we played the Flour/Lifesaver game.  This was fun!  You put flour ( packed tight) in a cup. turn it over onto a plate and put a life saver on top. Each person takes turns slicing away a chunk of flour..but trying not to make the lifesaver fall. IF it does you have to fish it out with only your mouth!!

The shot below cracks me up. Look at the flour, as Lyndsay let her breath out. lol
It was hysterical!!


All in all , it was just a really fun time with family.

We hated to see the shenanigans end.
I'm so thankful for this crazy bunch.

..... and for the left overs bowl of Sausage Kale soup in the frig. lol YUM!

I hope you made some wonderful memories this Christmas.


Sunday, December 20, 2015

It's Christmas time! Lots to share

I'm sure the way time is getting away from me, this will probably be my last blog post before Christmas so I have a lot to squeeze in.  You've been warned :)   First I have a card to share.  Again using my very favorite Christmas collection. "Wish Season" From Fancy Pants Designs.

Last week was Craft week with the girls so I put together some little gift containers. I actually found these little box containers at Walmart. I sure had fun filling them with goodies and dressing them up a bit.

I also found  these festive Holiday scissors.  So I used  the Crafty Secrets Creating with Retro Christmas CD to make a fun little tag for them.

We met in the town that Karen lives in, about 30 minutes from here and took in lunch and a little shopping first.  Julie bought this cute "Grandma" towel for my sis.  My sis is a grandma for the first time this Christmas!

After a bit of shopping and a nice lunch, we headed back to Karen's for some painting. Karen lives on a farm, and it's just such an adorable place. Weather wise it was a miserable dark, rainy day, but I defiantly want to go back when it's Summertime and take some photos. It's a beautiful farm.  The canvas I choose for us to paint was something I found on Pinterest. It was actually a card.  I would love to give credit for the design, but every link I found only took me to others to had used the design, not the original person.   SO... whoever you are that came up with this clever snowman... thank you for the inspiration. We just turned it into a canvas :)

I had a number of different sizes of canvases, so everyone chose what worked best for them.   We were so lucky that Julies daughter Michelle was able to join us. She and her husband live in New York and are just back for the Holidays.  It was so fun having her there!   If you are a follower, You might remember her wedding over the Summer.

Here is my canvas I had painted for the sample before we got together. I didn't paint another one while we were at Karen's. ( Gives me a more time to just talk lol)

Okay, on to the next thing I wanted to share. Every Holiday I share some photos of the  house decorated. I said I was going to share some, and it's crazy but I've hardly taken any.   I'll share a few I have.  I might have shared the one below already, but it's shows the living room the best.  ( note: Lily thinks she is the Queen)

I found this little vintage Police car ( since one son is a police officer), but I needed a fire truck since the other son is a volunteer Firefighter EMS.  I ordered one from ETSY and it just arrived. I tied a little Christmas tree on the top of it. I just haven't gotten a photo of it yet :)

This is the top of the china cabinet.

I thought I'd show you some of my favorite vintage figurines.  These two little angels carrying the tree is one of my very favorites!

Neely gave me these little vintage sweeties last year. They are name place card holders.  Each one is so sweet and unique. They still come in the original box.

Here sweet little face ... oh my.
I've had this one quite some time.

This little caroler  is special because he was  a keepsake from my brother in laws mother who has passed away.  ( if you turn him around , he has a sling shot in is back pocket :)

 This also.. either sits in a prominent place or hangs on the tree.   It has for the last 29 years.   29 years ago today my Dad went to heaven.  I think of him so often and still miss him so much.  That's how it is with parents I guess. You just always miss them, especially during the holidays.   Makes my eyes teary when I think about it.   But I know mom is with him now. I always picture them dancing . They loved to dance.
How blessed I was to have  such amazing parents.

I'm hoping you have a wonderful  week ahead and a Christmas that is everything you want to be.

Merry Christmas to you all!


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Little bits of Christmas fun on spools and Winter Wonderlands in a bowl

The title of this post pretty much sums it up. lol  I was looking at all these containers of little bits of Christmas goodies I have sitting here, and thinking how happy they make me .. just to look at them. lol   Before I knew it I had the glue gun plugged in and was digging around in paper scraps.  I got a bit carried away in the fun, and finally had to stop myself and say.. "that's probably enough".  Truly I think I could have sat and made these for hours.

The little Bottle brush Trees are from Fancy Pants Designs.  The Silver Trees and Deer I bought last year from etsy. The Shop Seller was Layer Cake Shop.  They have lots of cute things.    The wreaths around the deer necks I found in a pack of 6 at Hobby Lobby.    The little Snowmen are vintage. ( given to my by my friend Tera) . Lucky me .. I know :)  I used Jilli Bean Soup papers and Ephemera a lot here.

 I used bits and pieces from things I had around here but if you are starting from scratch and looking for some fun bits of ephemera to use , I suggest the "Wish Season" Collection from Fancy Pants.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
Here it is at .  WISH SEASON

Here is a little Winter Wonderland I made with Fancy Pants trees, Deer Charms and ephemera from "Wish Season". The bowl was from the Dollar Store, as well as the whit sand I used for snow. ( you could also use Glitter).
I have a blog post up on this over at the Fancy Pants Designs Blog HERE

The Deer above is one of the Fancy Pants Designs Deer.  It's much much nicer than the plastic ones. I looked an they now have them at also.  here.  Fancy Pants Deer

and here is were you can order the trees there also.   MINI TREES

I'm trying to get better about adding links to where you can find things.  I usually link to the Manufacture site but unless your ordering wholesale that doesn't help you. If you have a store near you that sells these things, super, but for those of you like me where big stores are a ways away, knowing where to find things online is helpful.

 Below is another simple Winter Scene in a bowl.

 I have so many things I'm wanting to share, .but I'll save it for the next blog post.  The girls an I got together at Karens to craft yesterday, and also took in a fun little shop in her home town.  It was a great day!

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share what I've been up to.  I'm hoping your week is going great!