Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sparkle and Shine card The Little Blue House Pink Paislee Bella Rouge Collection , and Gift Bags using Crafty Secrets Digital Kitchen stamps

Hey everyone!
I'm sharing a card I created .. again with my  Pink Paislee Bella Rouge Collection   from The Little Blue House .

Here is the beautiful Collection in The Little Blue House Online Store

Pink Paislee Bella Rouge Collection

On this card I also used a silver Wink of Stella brush .     The entire team did a review and shared projects here on The Little Blue House Blog.  If you've been curious about these ... this is the perfect time to find out more about them and how they work.

Believe it or not I started this blog post last night, but finally couldn't keep my eyes open, so I went to bed. That's all it took.  Got to bed and couldn't sleep. Oh bother!  Should have just stayed up and done something constructive.  When I did fall asleep I had crazy dreams all night.
Below I'll share some photo of yesterday out with the girls, celebrating Julies Birthday.  Jan and I went to a couple of  Flea Mart/Junk places before we went to Found & Flora and then to lunch.   So at one of these places that was out in the country, there were many cats. TOO MANY Cats.  You could tell they were what the people would consider "farm cats".   I get that...but.... there were too many, and they were obviously not being cared for well.  Sickly, matted hair, sneezing, ... you get it.  Anyway, my sister and I were really bothered by it.  It was SO cold yesterday, and the cats were just not well. 

 So had to call my sis today to tell her thanks for her help but I was exhausted today.  She was like...."What"??  I told her....  When I actually did sleep last night, I did nothing but dream about us trying to save feral cats!   Can you tell it bothered me?
I made some calls today trying to find out if .. first of all there is a limit to the amount of cats one can have if they live outside city limits.  Just curious about thatFound that each county may be different, so waiting to hear back from the county Attorney.    I find it really bothersome when people say they love animals but don't provide care for them.  I'm sure these cats were, "mousers", not fed by them...but there were tooo many. It was FREEZING out!, I'm sure they don't get shots, or spay or neuter ... that's why they are so sickly and there were so many.   I understand "farm cats", trust me, I have family who farm. This was way beyond that.  Shouldn't there still be some sense of compassion?    

Okay, time to move on to something more cheery! 
It started the day before with baking cookies to make goodie bags for the girls.

I used the Kitchen Queen Digital Stamp Set and Paper from the Retro Kitchen Digital Kit  to create the tags for the bags.

We were celebrating Julie's Birthday. "Sister Style", Jan and I and Julie and her sis, Mary. It was really fun!  Luckily we had a late lunch so there weren't making too much of a scene. lol   I actually told the waiter when we came in ... to seat us over in the corer because we are kind of loud. He laughed. but I don't think he was sorry he took my advice :)
We always have so many laughs together!
We had stopped in to Found &Flora in Wahoo. What an adorable shop.

I came really close to bringing this home with me.... and I'm not sure I wont go back and get it.

It's a floral shop, but they defiantly have all kinds of other fun things also.
We ended up with these. I got the middle clock to add to my collection, the other two things are Jans.

A fun time was had by all, and we came home with a couple of little treasures. I am seriously so blessed to have such good people in my life!!  So thankful to have people around me that are good/ kind, ... glass half full kind of people.  They remind me everyday of the good in the world and to keep trying every day to be a good person..... a little bit better than the day before.

Thank you  so much for coming by!!



harrahx2 said...

Loved the card and the pictures are great. You all look so festive! Sounds like a perfect day with friends. There is nothing better in life!

Debby said...

We all need special times like you and the girls.
That makes me sad about the kitties. I hope they can do something to help them.
Te card and that new line is beautiful. Love he colors.

Debbie K. said...

What fun it looks like you gals had! I'm so happy you are a compassionate and caring person, Ms. Vicki! We need MORE people like you in this world. Hope those kitties get some help in this cold season. (I drove over to Mom's house today just to feed her birds as I couldn't stop thinking about how hungry they must have been. Like minds think alike, no? Take care and have a nice weekend!

Jean said...

Great card! You girls have so much fun! Love seeing the brushes!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

You have the funnest times evah! I'm totally jealous over those vintage clocks...and I love the fun photos of your day. The card is scrumptious...and the cookie packaging is toooo cute! You make everything beautiful, Vic!

Carolyn said...

Just wanted to say that your blog makes me so happy! I'm also very proud of you for being a voice for the poor cats and kitties, and pray there will be a favorable outcome to the situation. Keep up with your good work(s).