Friday, March 27, 2015

Lace covered jars tutorial

Hi everyone!  Last week I showed you a peek of some painted and lace jars my sis Jan and I were working on for her son and future daughter in laws wedding.  I promised to come back with a bit more about how we made them.  So here we go.   

Jan had done some of the painted jars for her daughters wedding for the reception tables, so she knew what she was doing with that. They turned out adorable.  Neely put flowers in hers.   She painted them with regular acrylic paint.  No priming, but she did have to do a number of coats.  I think three. Letting them dry completely in between.   Once they were totally dry she roughed up places on the jar, scraping away little bits of paint here and there. ( you can use a knife, sandpaper, and emery board, ect )
Jan had been picking up these pretty flower and metal embellishments here and there, and a number of  them had clips on the back.  We ended up just clipping them on the jars, because that was they could easily be removed.   Since the bride and groom live out of state, these kinds of options are great, because if the bride decides to switch them up depending on where they will be placed, it will be an easy change.   I'm not sure if Erin is using flowers or candles in these jars.   We used all pint jars for the ones we created.

I worked on the lace jars.  I had never done them before, so I was kind of just winging it.  There may be other ways of doing it, I'll just show you how I did it, and some tips I found for what did and didn't work well for me.
You can certainly  use new lace you buy OR vintage lace, that's totally up to you.  I happened to have a stash of lace.  My sis had also bought some by the yard. Either will work.   Two tips I will pass on to you that I found as I worked on these.
One...  Using one big piece is a bit harder to maneuver around the jar, that using two or three  strips.  It doesn't  seem like it would be, but trust me. You will be using Mod Podge to attached the lace to the jar, and the mix of a glass jar, lace and very sticky fingers and be a difficult mix.   The lace would rather stick to your fingers than the non porous surface of the glass.
The second thing is when you choose your lace, the softer and more pliable the lace the better. Some store bought lace is very stiff. Starched or coated. It really does not want to stick to the jar.  

The Pink and Blue lace below were put on in pieces, but they were the ones that I learned about the coating on the lace, making it more difficult to work with.   They were both a bugger!  I went over them with many coats of Mod Podge.  As you'll see in the steps below, that wasn't the case with the others.

So here are some photos of the steps.  This was the first jar I did, and I did use just one full piece of lace.   It  was a nice soft piece of lace to it really did work well.
Start buy using a foam bush to cover your entire jar ( up  to the rim)  with Mod Podge. A pretty thick coat.

The reason I  decided to start with a very thick coat is because I decided not to go over the top of the lace once it's on the jar.  I could tell this lace was going to stick well enough with out me doing that.   Covering this beautiful handmade lace with the Mod Podge would just take away from how gorgeous it is, and it just wasn't necessary anyway.     This theory would prove to be different when I was working with the stiffer lace ( the pink and blue)  For those, I HAD to brush over the lace to get it to stick. I had to do it in a number of coats ( drying in between each coat).   But in the end, they ended up looking pretty also.  They were just a lot more work.

Once I had the Mod Podge on I wrapped the lace all the way around the jar, and made a cut where the edges met up , so that they didn't overlap.  Again,. I stopped at the lip of the jar.  It's easier to go back and add a thin piece of lace around the top later.

When you trim the bottom, leave enough so that you can tuck it under on the bottom of the jar.

I'm so lucky to have a sis that is not only my best friend but loves to craft as much as I do :)   I LOVE spending time with her doing projects like this. Especially when it's for something as exciting as one of our kids getting married!!

Time to get on with Shower planning now.   It's going to be April before you know it!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope your have plans for a fantastic weekend!

    For those of you who know me and my love of music.. especially this band.................  I'll be front row this weekend!  

ahhhh   My happy place

Life is good

Monday, March 23, 2015

Little Blue House Bunny Blog Hop

Welcome!  Today is a fun day for sharing Easter themed projects. It's The Little Blue House  Bunny Blog Hop.  Which means all the girls on the team will have fun Easter projects posted on their blogs for you to check out.  I'll have links to all of their blogs at the bottom of this post.  When you are visiting their blogs, be sure to leave a comment so they know you stopped by. That will enter your name in the drawing for a chance to win an awesome Bunny Hop Grand Prize that The Little Blue house is giving away to one lucky person. Remember you have to comment on each of the blogs to qualify.
You can see the Bunny Hope Grand Prize here on the Little Blue House Blog

So lets get this party started. lol
I created three projects with these Doodle Bug "Easter Parade" Collection goodies.  I had three of these adorable square images from the Bunny and Friends 12x12 paper sheet, and I couldn't  decide which one to use .. so I made a little something with all three. .

By adding a stamped sentiment, some layering and a little stitching, I had a cute card in no time.

And this wood Dollar store hanging sign, well, a little paint my circle punch and an arrow I cut out, certainly gave it a little life.
And the third one I used to make this little candy container.  This is a little glass container with a metal lid I found while thrifting some time ago.  I started by spray painting the lid aqua.

Then I cut out and added my mail image.

I used the Hello Sunshine Fancy Frills Stickers  to accent as trim around the bottom and the top. They Also worked well to help hold things in place.
Using the fun pattered 12x12 papers I cut 2" wide accent strips for the side.  Cutting one  shorting with a dove tail cut.

It's a quick and simple way to make a cute treat jar to set out at home to give to a friend.  All that was left to do is add the Ribbon and the yellow twine, which I used to tie one of  the American Crafts Shop Gold DIY Glitter Tags

It' is now filled with jellybeans, but I had to take it out of my room.  Having it sitting on my desk proved to be way too much of a temptation.

Now.... here is a list of the other girls blogs so you can see what they created for the Bunny Hop.

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Thanks so much for stopping by!!


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fancy Pants Designs 8x8 clipboard "R & N" Flutter Collection

I've wanting to break out this new little 8x8 clicpboard from Fancy Pants Designs for a while now, so today I printed off my photo and got going.  What a fun size!  I really want to do a class with these now :)    I chose this photo of my nephew Ryan and his girl Erin. They will be getting married in just a couple months, so it's an exciting time in their lives!  I've been working on Shower invites ect, for her Bridal shower next month.  I'm so excited for them!
I used the Flutter Collection from Fancy Pants.

What else have I been up to?  Well, for somebody who isn't a Grammy yet, I sure have some cute little ones coming in and out of this house. lol  I'm so lucky that my kids have friends that I just think the world of , who live near us, and they share their beautiful children with me.    Lylas Mommy and Daddy are friends with Wes, Jarad and Kate.   Her Daddy Andrew went to college with Wes, so we have know him for a long time.  Andrew was an attendant in Jarad and Kate's wedding also.   His wife Kate and him feel like family. They live just a few miles up the road from us on a farm, so I'm glad I'd get to be close to watch Lyla grow up.   I watched her for a few hours while Daddy had some outside work to do the other day.  I couldn't resit getting my camera out for a few shots.   Look at those eyes.

She is just a sweetheart.  Almost 4 months now.        It's so nice to be able to be home to be able to enjoy doing things like this now.  I enjoyed every minute.

               Lots of fun this week , because my buddy Emmett was here this morning also!

On Wednesday I hit the road early to head to Lincoln to my sisters so we could work on some wedding projects. It's her son Ryan that is getting married.

I'll be sharing a entire blog post with a tutorial on the jar projects but here is a peek. She did the painting and distressing of some of the jars. and I did the lace and mod podge jars.  Then we both worked on embellishing.  We always have fun when we do projects together.

Oh.. and did I mention that everything she does... she does CUTE!   What a yummy lunch!

My sisters house is full of sweet little vignettes. I loved this little table with the photo of mom on it .

Speaking of  St Patrick's Day, no green beer for us lol ...but we did have our traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage.  yummy!

Seems like things are getting busier coming into Spring, but that's okay, I'm ready to get out of the house and get things done.  I'm always ready after a long winter!!  Hello SPRING! Lets do this!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Thursday, March 19, 2015

"I AM" layout for The Little Blue House using Simple Stories

Hey everyone! 
 I hope you had a great weekend. Today I'm sharing a layout I did for The Little Blue House using Simple Stories "I AM" Collection.   I love this collection! I had no idea this is what they would be sending for us to work with, and had already purchased it because I really liked the look of it.  I'm so glad, because now I have plenty to play with. yay!

I hope you will visit The Little Blue House Blog as I have a step by step for this layout  I share there.  As well as so many great projects and tutorials from the rest of the girls
  I'm never one that is very comfortable about doing a personal layout... involving me.  I"m always the one taking the photos, but never like having my photo taken. I always think .... next year when I loose weight, or I don't have make up on to day , or my hair is a mess.  I'm passionate about preserving memories for the future generations, that's why I started scrapbooking, but obviously I'm not going to be a part of that if I don't step from behind the camera occasionally.    I think we all need to remind ourselves of that now and then.

Nice video

Remember to be a part of the memories.

Have a super day, and thanks for coming by.  Vicki

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Birthday cards for Her and for Him...... Fancy Pants Designs

Hey! Just me, popping in to share a couple of cards. I have a few March birthdays in the family so I needed to get some cards put together.  Being on a Design Team we are usually always using the newest, "just released" line. Trust me, I'm not complaining ... it's AWESOME! But sometimes I really still love  going back to some of the previous lines that I was so fond ....of and enjoy  creating with them some more.  I'm not ready to give them up yep when it's time to move on to the next new collection. This is one that I really like TrendSetter Collection from Fancy Pants Designs
I'll continue to use this line until I've used every little piece :)

The card above is for Erin. Happy Birthday Erin! She is half of the darling couple below.  Ryan ( my nephew) is the other half, and the card I'll be sharing below is for him.  Yep, both March birthdays!  And they are getting married in just a few months.  We love them both and are so excited to have Erin be joining our family.

I don't know about you, but I always find masculine cards to be a little more challenging.  Fancy Pants has done a good job of coming up with lines that are great for guys.   The Swagger Collection from Fancy Pants  is defiantly on of those. Great paper ephemera , and felt pieces as well and buttons, clips and rubons that all coordinate with the papers.   Happy Birthday Ryan!

Happy Birthday to you, if you have a March Birthday. And Happy St. Patrick's Day on Tuesday.  We will be having Corned Beef and Cabbage tomorrow instead of Tuesday since the guys have tomorrow off.  I invited Wes over too, as he love Corned Beef and Cabbage.  Kate Said her and Jarad planned to make it this week also.


Our weekend was pretty much just spent with these four lovely ladies :)    Jarad and Kate were out of town this weekend so we had the two grand pups, in addition to our own two.   None of them are tiny dogs so it was a house full. lol    But we love it!  Not just me, but Dan loves having them here also. We are a family of dog lovers for sure

Cloey is Jarad and Kates in the top left, and Rylie is also theirs in the bottom left.  Molly top right and Daisy bottom right are ours.      Wanna guess who the mischievous one  is?  .......... Daisy  haha  

Yes, this is what Saturday nights around here are like these days. lol   I was joking with Dan about it. I did run to pick us up a pizza tho and here is what down town looked like. Just another small town Saturday night :)    Actually  I never knew I could love living in the country near a small town so much.  I suits me just fine.

Oh.. the other perk about living out in the country is you can wear your pajama pants a lot, because rarely does anyone just stop because they were just happening to be going by :)
It's the small things.

I hope your week is great!