Sunday, March 08, 2015

Framed poem for babys room using Fancy Pants Designs "Baby Mine" Collection

Hey Everyone!  It's a beautiful sunny day in Nebraska today.  Everyone is so ready for Spring.  I know we aren't quite to that point yet, but we're thrilled to have these little tastes of it .  Anyone who has lived in NE very long knows we might have a long way to go before it gets warm and stays warm.  Just happy for a beautiful sunny day at this point.
By the way, while I'm thinking about it. Thanks Debbie, Debby, Linda, Jane and Karol  for your comments in the last post about what show you'd pick.  I loved reading them!!

Today I'm sharing  a  little something a friend asked me to put together for her daughters baby shower.  The song is  from Garth Brooks called "MOM"  ( I'll put a link to the video at the bottom of this post)

The frame is and 11x17 (thrifted) frame, I painted.  The papers ( except for the chevron in the middle) are all from the Fancy Pants Designs Baby Mine Collection
She had pretty much just let me do whatever I wanted. She just showed me a couple photos of the colors they were using in the babies room.

I love those little chipboard birds :)       I was glad Sue was happy with it when  we met up for me to get it to her.  Most of all it's been great to reconnect with her.  We were childhood friends and  lived close to each other growing up.  She's a sweetheart.

Here is the Video

So what else has been going on this week?  Well, Other than getting ready for my class tomorrow, which I'm super excited about,( and will share photos of), I worked on painting these frames for an upcoming Bridal shower I'm hosting.  My sister Jans son is getting married so I am having a shower for is fiance.   Oh how I LOVE old frames!

I think people always think Wyatt and Emmett are my grandchildren because I share so many photos of them. lol, they arent, but I treat them like they are since I don't have any.  I love these two monkeys!  Luckily they live not to far away, so I'm more than happy to have them over any time mom has an appointment .    And if I miss them... I just text her and ask her to find something to do. lol 
Friday they were over while she went to Fremont to get groceries. WE had root beer floats :)

Wyatt is in third grade and not as thrilled about having his picture taken, so I don't push it. Emmett, however.... CHEESE...CHEESE!!

You want a root beer float now right?



Make a quick run to the store.

Have a Happy Day!



Anonymous said...

Oh Vick, I need to look up the words and make one for my niece. She is having our next baby and we are all excited. Beautiful!

Linda S. said...

That Emmett is a cutie pie. Just the right age to spend a day, or even just an afternoon with you. Enjoy him to the fullest.