Friday, March 27, 2015

Lace covered jars tutorial

Hi everyone!  Last week I showed you a peek of some painted and lace jars my sis Jan and I were working on for her son and future daughter in laws wedding.  I promised to come back with a bit more about how we made them.  So here we go.   

Jan had done some of the painted jars for her daughters wedding for the reception tables, so she knew what she was doing with that. They turned out adorable.  Neely put flowers in hers.   She painted them with regular acrylic paint.  No priming, but she did have to do a number of coats.  I think three. Letting them dry completely in between.   Once they were totally dry she roughed up places on the jar, scraping away little bits of paint here and there. ( you can use a knife, sandpaper, and emery board, ect )
Jan had been picking up these pretty flower and metal embellishments here and there, and a number of  them had clips on the back.  We ended up just clipping them on the jars, because that was they could easily be removed.   Since the bride and groom live out of state, these kinds of options are great, because if the bride decides to switch them up depending on where they will be placed, it will be an easy change.   I'm not sure if Erin is using flowers or candles in these jars.   We used all pint jars for the ones we created.

I worked on the lace jars.  I had never done them before, so I was kind of just winging it.  There may be other ways of doing it, I'll just show you how I did it, and some tips I found for what did and didn't work well for me.
You can certainly  use new lace you buy OR vintage lace, that's totally up to you.  I happened to have a stash of lace.  My sis had also bought some by the yard. Either will work.   Two tips I will pass on to you that I found as I worked on these.
One...  Using one big piece is a bit harder to maneuver around the jar, that using two or three  strips.  It doesn't  seem like it would be, but trust me. You will be using Mod Podge to attached the lace to the jar, and the mix of a glass jar, lace and very sticky fingers and be a difficult mix.   The lace would rather stick to your fingers than the non porous surface of the glass.
The second thing is when you choose your lace, the softer and more pliable the lace the better. Some store bought lace is very stiff. Starched or coated. It really does not want to stick to the jar.  

The Pink and Blue lace below were put on in pieces, but they were the ones that I learned about the coating on the lace, making it more difficult to work with.   They were both a bugger!  I went over them with many coats of Mod Podge.  As you'll see in the steps below, that wasn't the case with the others.

So here are some photos of the steps.  This was the first jar I did, and I did use just one full piece of lace.   It  was a nice soft piece of lace to it really did work well.
Start buy using a foam bush to cover your entire jar ( up  to the rim)  with Mod Podge. A pretty thick coat.

The reason I  decided to start with a very thick coat is because I decided not to go over the top of the lace once it's on the jar.  I could tell this lace was going to stick well enough with out me doing that.   Covering this beautiful handmade lace with the Mod Podge would just take away from how gorgeous it is, and it just wasn't necessary anyway.     This theory would prove to be different when I was working with the stiffer lace ( the pink and blue)  For those, I HAD to brush over the lace to get it to stick. I had to do it in a number of coats ( drying in between each coat).   But in the end, they ended up looking pretty also.  They were just a lot more work.

Once I had the Mod Podge on I wrapped the lace all the way around the jar, and made a cut where the edges met up , so that they didn't overlap.  Again,. I stopped at the lip of the jar.  It's easier to go back and add a thin piece of lace around the top later.

When you trim the bottom, leave enough so that you can tuck it under on the bottom of the jar.

I'm so lucky to have a sis that is not only my best friend but loves to craft as much as I do :)   I LOVE spending time with her doing projects like this. Especially when it's for something as exciting as one of our kids getting married!!

Time to get on with Shower planning now.   It's going to be April before you know it!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope your have plans for a fantastic weekend!

    For those of you who know me and my love of music.. especially this band.................  I'll be front row this weekend!  

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harrahx2 said...

these are amazing. I love the lace you used!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Oh, Vic! These are soooo pretty! I love the way they look with the tea light inside. What a labor of love...and how beautiful they will be on the tables!

Debbie K. said...

What a fun project and thanks for sharing! You are so lucky to have a crafty sister.... Sure would like one for myself:)

Have fun at the concert!