Monday, April 13, 2015

A new card using Simple Stories and photos from Rural Route Rust

HELLO!  Happy Start to a brand new week!  I'm so happy it's finally feeling like Spring! I love seeing everything starting to bud out and turn green.  This weekend my sis and I spent a beautiful Saturday at Rural Route Rust, a Flea Market in Avoca NE.  I'll share photos below.  Iit was a super nice day.
I'm sharing a card today I created using  the  "I AM" collection from Simple Stories.  Yes... I love this collection.   It was what our Little Blue House kit last month, but before I knew that I had already purchased some... because I was so drawn to it.  So you are going to see me using it on a number of projects. lol  But seriously, who could tired of these pretty papers??    You can find them all in The Little Blue House Online Store.
The bow is my paper bow die from AccuCut   BOWS  VC106

So ... I thought I'd share some of our day on Saturday.  Like I said, it was our first time here.  Although I know they have had this event before, never with near this many vendors from what I understand.    It was a beautiful day for a drive. I met my sis in Lincoln and we headed to Avoca from there. I had never been even been to Avoca before, but it's only about a half hour from Lincoln.

It started at 10 and that's when we arrived, but as you can see, there was a steady stream of cars ahead of us.  Truthfully I quit going to Junkstock because of the chaos, and feeling like the prices were getting higher each year.  This was a refreshing change.   Seemed like things were really well organized and  everyone was so friendly.   I was glad they had such a beautiful day for this event.

There was a nice variety of vendors. Each with their own unique style. A little something for everyone.  Always fun just to look, ( if you are a window shopper. Unfortunately I'm not so good at that. lol) I always find things I just HAVE to have :)

Maybe everyone seemed so happy just because they were happy  to be out on such a nice Spring day :)
The land and building where this was set up was just so awesome!!  I little creek ran along side it and the entire time you would hear frogs croaking.    I wish I would have taken more photos of the buildings to share with you. There was a little school house where they served food  there and it  was just adorable!!  Jan and I talked about how we could have just sat in there all afternoon as we ate our lunch.  SO CUTE!  

I saw so many things I would have loved to take home with me. But I tried to practice some sense of control. Although I did come home with a few things.

I love it when events have fun things for kids also.  You don't always have to spend a lot of money to take your kids to something.  Sometimes "simple" is better.   For just $1  to get in , they had all kinds of animals for the kids to see, photo opps, big tire swings ect.  

Like I said.. I saw lots of things I would have loved to take home with me.  Jan and I visited this booth a number of times. CUTE stuff!

( thanks for pointing the direction .. whoevers hand that is in the photo) lol

There was so many of these windmill pieces.   We walked up at 10:15am , fifteen minutes after it opened , and ever single one was already marked SOLD.   I SO wish I could see what each person was doing with them.

The barn was even full of fun stuff.  I took this photo from the opening in the front of the loft of the barn. Over to the left is the little school house. You can just see part of it.   The back side had restrooms. Very nice restrooms.. which is a plus for me.   We were impressed with how  this event was put together.  Congratulations Rural Route Rust on a really nice event.

  I forgot to take photos of what I ended up buying :(   So I just snapped photos of a couple of things with my phone.    I love this tin corrugated arrow I found!     Decided to hang it here in the Mud room.

Hung this in the TV room upstairs.

My sis and I hit were junking at a number of different places all day Friday AND Saturday, so I'm having a hard time remember what I'll I picked up along the way. lol    This stuff was from Saturday. Another Clock for my collection.  A Parcheesi board.. just because I liked it. lol     

I got two different shirts on Saturday at RRR.  They had a great set up for T shirts.  You picked out your size, color and print and they had a press, and ironed them on right there.  It was great.

This isn't from Saturday. I found these at the Estate Dispersal Sale on Friday.   Nothing fancy at all but a great deal. And we just need them to be functional.   This is at the Cabin. We aren't there much any more but Wes is, and she's been telling me the chairs were in bad shape.   The table and chairs came with the cabin when we bought it  25 years ago.  I totally want to keep the table, I love it. And it's really sturdy.  The chairs had served us well .. but needed to be replaced.   These chairs are not fancy.. but remember it's a cabin.  They were in really good shape and .... wait for it............ $20 for all 4
 Wes only put three in there to save space. He can pull the other one out when  needed.

Time for me to get some things done around here today. Too much play for Vicki this weekend. lol
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend also!

Thanks for letting me share.


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harrahx2 said...

Looks like you had a successful week-end. I need to do some of that but I have no room for more stuff till I clear out the existing stuff. Love the T-shirts.