Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Spring Berry Basket ideas with Little Blue House and Fancy Pants Designs and sharing a bit of our Easter

Here we are full speed ahead into April! Wow, how did THAT happen?   This is a busy month for me. Lots going on. Hosting a bridal shower for my soon to be new niece in law, going to SD for my Uncles 90th Birthday Celebration and a number of other things. All fun stuff!  It just seems there is something every weekend. I know this month is going to fly be also.
I hope everyone had a nice Easter.  We certainly did. The weather was fantastic! I was so glad the kids could get outside for their Easter Egg Hunt.  It's always such a bummer if it's rainy.   I'll share a few photos from our Easter at the bottom of this post, but first I thought I'd share some Spring Berry Basket ideas with you.   I just love berry baskets, and now you can get them in so many different fun colors. I picked these aqua baskets up at Hobby Lobby.
The Media Team as been working with the "I AM" collection from Simple Stories   from The Little Blue House, and I adore this collection!   I used these chipboard stickers from the collection to create this Basket.  I just used a couple of dowels I painted whitel and some string.

So many adorable little Chipboard pieces.
You can see the entire collection HERE.

Here are some other baskets I did.  I used the Fancy Pants Designs  Flutter and As you Wish Collections for these baskets.

I created the handles by wrapping soft coated pink wire around a kind of bark coated wire.  Both wires where found at Hobby Lobby. The wire that looks like it's coated with bark, I found in the wedding department .  We used it at Jarad and Kate's outdoor wedding. It's great for a natural look.  The coated colored wire was in the kids crafts. It comes in a package with difference colored pre-cut strips of coated wire.
The Bow is cut from my AccuCut bow design VC106

The flower on this basket is also an AccuCut die.

You can see my post about these baskets HERE on the Fancy Pants Designs Blog.

 I think little baskets like these are so much fun and such a great way to give a little gift of some goodies. Always perfect for a few cookies :)     Easter is over but Spring isn't.  And remember... May Day is right around the corner.  I loved May Day as a kid, and still do.  I feel like it's falling to the the way side these days.  I'm not  giving up on May Day.... I WILL be making baskets for my friends! Whose says you have to be a kid.  I just dont know about the whole ... "ring the door bell and run" thing.  Might be easier just to get kissed. lol


Well, if you have been visiting here you know .. I have a big extended family.  That means at this point there is just too many of us to fit into anyone's  home comfortably lol.  So, since we still wanted to get together, we decided the place wasnt important, what was important was that we were together, so we now rent a place.
I have to say it was hard in the beginning, especially when mom was still alive and it wasn't mom and dads house... it wasn't home, were we had, always enjoyed our holidays.  But we got used to it  Changes are hard. Holidays without mom and dad of course are never the same. We always miss them.  But the place, well, that really shouldn't matter.    We all come together. Us, our kids, grandkids, and who ever else wants to come. Everyone brings something, and as mom would say.. "There is enough food to feed an army".
No fancy China, it's paper plates , and if someone who didn't know us walked it, they would probably think .. this is "chaos" at times. lol   It's loud and busy and far from structured .. lol ...but it's US!    We laugh and hug and play ridiculous games.  The kids enjoy plaing with their cousins, and we enjoys catching up on each others busy lives.
     It was a great day! 

My brothers granddaughters.

The girls are from different parents... and aqua dress where not the planned attire. lol   Made for cute photos tho :)

It proved much easier to get photos of the girls that the boys. The girls are willing to pose. The boys were on the run!
I had to be quick with the camera to get one when they were looking lol

So cute in their little suits.

Hope you can click on this to see it bigger. Most everyone was outside but I see my brother Ray and my hubby talking there at the table and had to laugh at the fact that there are to American girl dolls sitting up to the table on chairs next to them , like they are part of the conversation. lol

I hope your Easter was nice, whatever you did.  I sent the last of the candy home with Kate for her kids at school. I couldnt have it in the house anymore. Yikes!

Thanks so much as always for coming by! It means a lot to me that you take time to read. I know life is busy.


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Super adorable projects! And so are the kiddos!