Saturday, May 30, 2015

Anniversary Gift basket using Fancy Pants Designs "Love Story" Collection

Time goes by so fast! Crazy that Jarad and Kate will celebrating their second anniversary tomorrow June 1.  They are going on a little get away this week, and we are keeping the grand pups.  I thought I'd make them a little basket to take along. I stuck in a bottle of champagne and I'll fill it with cheese, crackers, ect..

I wanted to use something with a "love" them, so I dug in to my Fancy Pants "Love Story" Collection.  Yes, this line is great for Valentines day, but it works great for general LOVE projects like this also. It's one of the older Collections, but one I really enjoy!

Happy Anniversary to these two. We love you!

I worked around here a bit today inside. As much as I wanted to work out in  the yard, although the sun finally came out, it was still chilly and the wind was more than I think my sinuses could take.  I have to say , my plants are loving all the rain and now the sunshine. They have grown so much.

Next week we will be a house full of dogs... lol   Molly and Daisy will enjoy having Chloe and Riley here to play with. Dog fest! lol      Glad we have a backyard fenced in now and that the weather is nice. They will all enjoy being able to be outside playing.

Thanks for stopping by! I always appreciate you taking the time to come by.


Monday, May 25, 2015

Fancy Pants Designs Altered Clocks using "Flutter" Collection

Rested and ready to start a new week? I think I am. We really didn't do that much this weekend. It was cloudy and rainy all weekend :(   We did have a nice time at the Dunn family reunion on Saturday. Always nice to see family that you don't get to see often.  I hope whatever plans you had, you enjoyed your weekend to the fullest!
A while back I shared an altered clock a made with a photo of my niece Neely and her husband, using the Fancy Pants Designs "Flutter" Collection.   Neely is my Sister Jan's daughter.  Well, since I had another clock, I decided to do another one, with a photo of my sister Jan's son, and is fiance Erin.  I also used the "Flutter" Collection for this one.  I have had the hardest time getting any decent light to even get this photographed with all these cloudy days.  Sorry, the photo quality isn't the best on this one.

I do love all the sweet little bits of ephemera that work so well on projects like this.
We are so excited for Ryan and Erin's wedding next month. We well be heading to Colorado to be there for their special day.

Here is the clock I shared before.  This is using the same collection.

Although we were kind of party poopers this weekend, Wes and his friends braved the weather and carried on with the big shindig they had planned at the cabin this weekend.   From the photos it looks like they are making the most of it, and there have been some bright spots in the rainy weekend.

For fishermen... I think this would have been one of them. lol

As I was look through my photo files, I ran across this one of Emmett from a year ago. The little guy sure has grown.

Wishing you all a Happy start to a brand new week!
I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for a little sunshine at this point. All these dreary days are gettting old!


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Fancy Pants Designs layout "Taking the Scenic Route"

I get so excited about flowers this time of the year, but this year I cant seem to catch a break with a warm sunny day to get much done.   It's been chilly and rainy for what seems like forever!  I've picked up a few plants and a couple of hanging baskets, but haven't really been able to be out to plant anything :(     This week for one of my projects for the Fancy Pants Blog , the theme was "flowers", so luckily I had plenty of photos in my files from previous years to get me through.    This layout was created with the "Summer Sun" collection from Fancy Pants Designs.  You can see it all with other photos here on the FP blog.

  I was out looking at plants and picking up a few the other day. I couldn't help but snap of photo of the
amazing color display of these Lillie's.  They were gorgeous!

So..... out my window at home the only thing there as been enough sun to bring out is the wild phlox out in the trees between the house and the field....... but they are even pretty.

My week as been a little different this week.  I have been having to get up earlier.... SO... I am trying to make myself go to bed earlier.  ( I tend to be a night owl).  <<<<<  THAT is an understatement!
   I'm watching Emmett (3)  during the day, the next two weeks.  I adore him, and love spending time with him, so it makes getting up early a little easier. lol
I got up way earlier than this all the years I worked out side the home, but boy once you get out of the habit, it's a real change. lol   I'm about ready for a nap when he is :)

He is so adorable.   Beware, you see how many photos I share of these kids, could you even imagine how obnoxious I could be if I had grandkids??? lol

Rain, rain, go away, so I can get my plans in the ground.

I hope your week has been fantastic! Thanks for coming by!


Saturday, May 16, 2015

"Grandkids Make Life Sweet" Canvas for Fancy Pants Designs

Hi Friends!
I'm staying inside today.... rainy AGAIN! I know we need the rain..but I'm needing a little sunshine after all these  cloudy days.  They are saying there is a good chance for us to have storms tonight and tomorrow. Stay safe mid-westerners.  Poor Molly is SO scared of thunder and lightening.  It will probably be a sleepless night in the Chrisman house :(

I wanted to take a minute to thank Sheila Rumney for helping me with a little revamp of my blog.  I have been wanting to widen and make a few changes for a while now, but it's not something I don't feel confident enough to try to tackle on my own.  She is a wiz at it!  You can check out her work here on her blog
Shelia Rumney Design and Photography

Today I'm sharing a canvas I have up on the Fancy Pants Blog.   It would be a great gift for a grandma.  Since I'm not a  grammy yet, I used photos of my favorite little people for photographing my project :)    These are the little peeps in my life. Lyla, Emmett and Wyatt.
You can see the entire project with close up photos and supplies here in the Fancy Pants Designs Blog

I have to share my medicine cabinet/art supply cabinet save.    When  Jarad was working on remodeling  their cabin, this old medicine cabinet was in the bathroom.  I told him not to toss it , I wanted it. I'm sure  he thought I was nuts.... but here's what I did with it.  ( Some might still think I'm nuts.. but I like it :) lol

I just used stencils and white  acrylic paint on the mirror.

and.... I'm filling it (easily)   I was actually thinking.. I could probably use the entire thing just for glitter. lol

Speaking of  Jarad and Kate... we had postponed grilling Mothers Day afternoon at their cabin because of the rain and had rescheduled for Wednesday.  They made a wonderful dinner and we had such a nice time.
This photo was taken in the woods between their lot and the river.

They have done so much work on their cabin and their lot. It looks so nice.   That little white speck you see out there in the trees on the path is Dan looking for mushrooms.

This is the gorgeous Kolamce they gave me for Mother Day!  I have it in my studio window and it looks so pretty there.

I have plants sitting out on the deck that I need to get planted but I cant seem to get enough of a break from the rain to get them in the ground.  But then again, if it's going to storm, maybe it's best I wait until Monday anyway.
I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Quiet around here today. Tomorrow a baby shower.

As always, you know I appreciate you coming by... Thank you!


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fancy Pants Designs Graduation cards using the new "Making Waves" Collection

Well, I don't know about you, but this has been a busy Spring for us.  Bridal showers, baby showers, Mothers Day, and Graduations.  I realized a needed to get busy and make some graduation cards.  

I decided to use the one of the newest collections from Fancy Pants Designs , called "Making Waves".

Surprising how many of the sayings pertained and would work well for a graduate.

I've got nephews graduating this year from high school.  Nathaniel and Sean.  Seems impossible to me that they could be that age already..but they are. 

Like the other Fancy Pants Collections, the line, also has tags, ephemera, buttons, flair, brag cards ect...
You can see the entire collection here  MAKING WAVES
I LOVE the Silver wave print and the Sliver Foil paper with this line!

I have to share a couple of silly dog photos.   The other day I dropped a hot dog bun.  Daisy ... for some reason walked around with it all day ... acting like she was guarding it with her life..but never ate it.   What??  lol

We  worry a lot about Molly as she is getting up there in age, and her health is not good.  She sleeps a lot and just isn't the active dog she used to be....but every once in a while  she is still  silly.  She's been on a kick of laying on her back like this for an extended amount of time.  lol
Our dogs bring  us so much joy, I don't know what we'd do without them.
I still miss Aly so much.  Loosing a  dog is so hard , especially when you've had them for a very long time.  Yesterday my friend Becky had to say goodbye to her pup "Scooter" after 15 years.  My heart hurt for her last night.   Animals become your family.  Loosing them is really tough. Please keep her in your prayers.

On a lighter note.  Friday night I watched Wyatt and Emmett at their house while their mom and dad were at a wedding.  Here is Emmett  schooling me on Skid Loaders.     It's almost embarrassing. lol   I had two boys, you would think I would know these things. lol

I hope your day is wonderful!

Friday, May 08, 2015

Mothers Day Cards

I worked on some cards this week to send my sisters for Mothers Day, so I thought I'd share them with you.  I've been challenging myself to pull out paper collections that I've noticed have been sitting on my racks a while. I love them, I just need to promise myself to use up what I have before indulging in more lol.
Today I'm using these Bella Blvd papers.

I have three sisters.... so three cards are in order :)

These papers had a coordinating sticker sheet with them that had lots of fun bits and pieces of different elements for adding interest.

As I was looking through photos to find current photo of us all together I realized that the last time we were all in the same state together was when mom passed.  That wasnt a happy time, so I'm opting for these photos although they aren't of us all together.... and as you can tell from my ever changing hair style and glasses, aren't the most current either.  But it's what a could come up with quick without having to search my files forever.
Below is My sister Donna in the back ( who is from AZ)  and my Sis, Jan (front right) who lives here in NE , and me on the left.

This is our sis Sharon.  She's the Florida girl.       I am lucky to have these amazing, sweet, loving  women  as my sisters!!
I'm sure I've shared this   photo here before, but here is my family a few years ago when mom was still with us.  In this photo we are missing our oldest brother Gary and our Dad.

 Our brother Gary passed way 13 years ago.  I love this photo of him doing his favorite thing.. fishing!

And our dad.  You all may have heard  me talk about my mom  or may be even  gotten to know her through my blog before she passed. She was an amazing person.  Well, my dad was just as amazing. We were blessed with wonderful parents for sure. Dad has been gone for 29 years now. I still miss him.

I know that sweet momma is dancing in heaven with Dad now.  I'll count on him to give her a kiss for me on Mother Day and tell her I love her.

To all you mommas out there, who know being a mom is the most important job you'll ever have...


Thursday, May 07, 2015

Vellum Flower Tutorial and Spring card and gift bag for The Little Blue House

Well , well, look what I found in my blog drafts.  I post I had put together to share with you right after Easter, and here it is May 7th and I just now notice it. lol   Good grief.  Because I had done the write up for this for The Little Blue House blog, I had it in my mind that is was done.   Anyway.... here we are :)
If you haven't seen or tried the New Bo Bunny "Sprinkles Vellum" ... it's SO pretty.   I used the "Lily White" to create this flower, but it comes in a number of different colors that are gorgeous.  You can see them all here in The Little Blue House Online Store.

You can also find the Bo Bunny "Easter Parade" Collection there.  Which is what I used to make the card.

I also incorporated the vellum into the card, as well as  some of the "Hello Sunshine" stickers for this line.


  I created the dimensional vellum flower by die cutting four flowers.  

Two large and two medium of the same flower shape. All from the vellum.

Using my white Sharpie I edged the petals of each of the four flowers.

Once I knew they were completely dry I used a pencil to roll up the edges of the flowers to give them lift.

At that point all there is left to do is put them together to build the flower, using a brad to hold them together in the center.

 A pretty "Springy" flower to dress up my little gift bag.

I have another blog post scheduled for tomorrow ... so look out, I'm on a roll now. lol
I'm just glad I noticed this post in my "drafts"
Please tell me I'm not the only one that forgets things.  I'm the sticky note queen.. and still it happens. grr

All in all, it was a good day! The rain and clouds went away. I took things to the Goodwill ( after going threw my closet yesterday), took in the recycling, ran to the bank, the store, picked up some plants, and got flowers to the cemetery.     I get  much more done when the sun is shining! Cloudy days drag me down.

Hoping for more of the same tomorrow, but hearing there is rain in the forcast for us for the weekend again.

Hope all is well in your world.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

"Travel Theme" Bridal Shower for Michelle

This past weekend we celebrated this beautiful Bride to be "Michelle" , with a Travel themed Bridal shower.  Michelle is the daughter of my dear friend Julie.  I've know Michelle since she was just a little girl. It's hard for me to believe she's getting married.  Seems like it wasn't that many years ago that she was playing in our classroom after school when her mom was a teacher and I was her para. Where does the time go?
Her and her fiance, Reece live in NYC but will be tying the knot back here in NE in August.

                                               (above photo: credit Brad Higgins Photography)

The shower was hosted by a number of Julies close friends and her sister.  I volunteered to do the invitations and take photos, but all the other props go to Ann, Mary, Lisa, Courtney, and Diane. Those girls did an outstanding  job with the food and decor.    The theme is very popular right now, and they had such great ideas, I thought I'd share some of their creativity here in my blog post today.

( my friend Julie and her daughter Michelle below)
 I think these cookies are about the cutest I've ever seen!    They were from Parkers Custom Cookies
Michelle and Reece love to travel so this theme is so fitting for them!

This was a great idea for a game alternative.

Marys ( Julies sister) home is beautiful anyway, but they had everything just put together so nicely for the shower.

Fruit and veggie cups.  Inside the veggie cups were little sticks with hearts on the ends that were cut from map paper. So cute!

The cupcakes were amazing!  Yummy filling also.

The sweet little strings of different sized hearts cut from map paper hung from the light above the table  were so eye catching.

Globes, and maps were used all over in the decor.  Even little map/heart confetti's.
I used my chalkboard globe for a airplane with a trail of hearts and a quote.

She is going to be such a beautiful bride.

It was so nice that Julies mom could be there.  It has been a rough time for this family as they lost Julies dad last week. Their parents lived together in an Alzheimer's care facility.  So you can imagine things have been very hard for their mom. Please keep her in your prayers.       
As Julie and Mary were saying ,  they were glad they decided to proceed with the shower, as it was a happy distraction, if only for a short time.
I know that Lenore was very happy to be at her Granddaughters bridal shower with her. You can see that on her face.
These are little Thank you gifts from Julie and Michelle, filled with chocolates.

I have to say, .. this is one of my favorites. These two little sweeties were sitting on the floor in front of the bride, watching her open gifts.   I'd love to know what they were talking about , wouldn't you?   :)

It was a beautiful day for a beautiful bride to be.