Monday, May 25, 2015

Fancy Pants Designs Altered Clocks using "Flutter" Collection

Rested and ready to start a new week? I think I am. We really didn't do that much this weekend. It was cloudy and rainy all weekend :(   We did have a nice time at the Dunn family reunion on Saturday. Always nice to see family that you don't get to see often.  I hope whatever plans you had, you enjoyed your weekend to the fullest!
A while back I shared an altered clock a made with a photo of my niece Neely and her husband, using the Fancy Pants Designs "Flutter" Collection.   Neely is my Sister Jan's daughter.  Well, since I had another clock, I decided to do another one, with a photo of my sister Jan's son, and is fiance Erin.  I also used the "Flutter" Collection for this one.  I have had the hardest time getting any decent light to even get this photographed with all these cloudy days.  Sorry, the photo quality isn't the best on this one.

I do love all the sweet little bits of ephemera that work so well on projects like this.
We are so excited for Ryan and Erin's wedding next month. We well be heading to Colorado to be there for their special day.

Here is the clock I shared before.  This is using the same collection.

Although we were kind of party poopers this weekend, Wes and his friends braved the weather and carried on with the big shindig they had planned at the cabin this weekend.   From the photos it looks like they are making the most of it, and there have been some bright spots in the rainy weekend.

For fishermen... I think this would have been one of them. lol

As I was look through my photo files, I ran across this one of Emmett from a year ago. The little guy sure has grown.

Wishing you all a Happy start to a brand new week!
I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for a little sunshine at this point. All these dreary days are gettting old!



harrahx2 said...

Great pics Vicki. How big was that fish?

Bev said...

Awesome photos...and what kinda fish was THAT?? Holy Cow that would have fed the whole crew for sure!