Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Fancy Pants Designs layout "Taking the Scenic Route"

I get so excited about flowers this time of the year, but this year I cant seem to catch a break with a warm sunny day to get much done.   It's been chilly and rainy for what seems like forever!  I've picked up a few plants and a couple of hanging baskets, but haven't really been able to be out to plant anything :(     This week for one of my projects for the Fancy Pants Blog , the theme was "flowers", so luckily I had plenty of photos in my files from previous years to get me through.    This layout was created with the "Summer Sun" collection from Fancy Pants Designs.  You can see it all with other photos here on the FP blog.

  I was out looking at plants and picking up a few the other day. I couldn't help but snap of photo of the
amazing color display of these Lillie's.  They were gorgeous!

So..... out my window at home the only thing there as been enough sun to bring out is the wild phlox out in the trees between the house and the field....... but they are even pretty.

My week as been a little different this week.  I have been having to get up earlier.... SO... I am trying to make myself go to bed earlier.  ( I tend to be a night owl).  <<<<<  THAT is an understatement!
   I'm watching Emmett (3)  during the day, the next two weeks.  I adore him, and love spending time with him, so it makes getting up early a little easier. lol
I got up way earlier than this all the years I worked out side the home, but boy once you get out of the habit, it's a real change. lol   I'm about ready for a nap when he is :)

He is so adorable.   Beware, you see how many photos I share of these kids, could you even imagine how obnoxious I could be if I had grandkids??? lol

Rain, rain, go away, so I can get my plans in the ground.

I hope your week has been fantastic! Thanks for coming by!



Anonymous said...

He is adorable!

Debbie K. said...

He's soooo cute, Ms. Vicki! And what a great singer too! Yep, you'll make a good granny someday:)