Friday, May 08, 2015

Mothers Day Cards

I worked on some cards this week to send my sisters for Mothers Day, so I thought I'd share them with you.  I've been challenging myself to pull out paper collections that I've noticed have been sitting on my racks a while. I love them, I just need to promise myself to use up what I have before indulging in more lol.
Today I'm using these Bella Blvd papers.

I have three sisters.... so three cards are in order :)

These papers had a coordinating sticker sheet with them that had lots of fun bits and pieces of different elements for adding interest.

As I was looking through photos to find current photo of us all together I realized that the last time we were all in the same state together was when mom passed.  That wasnt a happy time, so I'm opting for these photos although they aren't of us all together.... and as you can tell from my ever changing hair style and glasses, aren't the most current either.  But it's what a could come up with quick without having to search my files forever.
Below is My sister Donna in the back ( who is from AZ)  and my Sis, Jan (front right) who lives here in NE , and me on the left.

This is our sis Sharon.  She's the Florida girl.       I am lucky to have these amazing, sweet, loving  women  as my sisters!!
I'm sure I've shared this   photo here before, but here is my family a few years ago when mom was still with us.  In this photo we are missing our oldest brother Gary and our Dad.

 Our brother Gary passed way 13 years ago.  I love this photo of him doing his favorite thing.. fishing!

And our dad.  You all may have heard  me talk about my mom  or may be even  gotten to know her through my blog before she passed. She was an amazing person.  Well, my dad was just as amazing. We were blessed with wonderful parents for sure. Dad has been gone for 29 years now. I still miss him.

I know that sweet momma is dancing in heaven with Dad now.  I'll count on him to give her a kiss for me on Mother Day and tell her I love her.

To all you mommas out there, who know being a mom is the most important job you'll ever have...



harrahx2 said...

Happy Mother's Day to my sweet friend. I hope your day is full of magic and fun! Love the pics, good looking family and nice to have Jan so close! Great cards as always.

ddlady said...

Hi Vicky, Happy Mother's Day to you also. I enjoyed seeing all your pictures, even ones I've seen before. Your cards were bright and cheerful!
Have a wonderful day on Mother's
Warmest wishes,
Linda C.

Sandhya Blogger said...

happy mothers day greetings