Tuesday, May 05, 2015

"Travel Theme" Bridal Shower for Michelle

This past weekend we celebrated this beautiful Bride to be "Michelle" , with a Travel themed Bridal shower.  Michelle is the daughter of my dear friend Julie.  I've know Michelle since she was just a little girl. It's hard for me to believe she's getting married.  Seems like it wasn't that many years ago that she was playing in our classroom after school when her mom was a teacher and I was her para. Where does the time go?
Her and her fiance, Reece live in NYC but will be tying the knot back here in NE in August.

                                               (above photo: credit Brad Higgins Photography)

The shower was hosted by a number of Julies close friends and her sister.  I volunteered to do the invitations and take photos, but all the other props go to Ann, Mary, Lisa, Courtney, and Diane. Those girls did an outstanding  job with the food and decor.    The theme is very popular right now, and they had such great ideas, I thought I'd share some of their creativity here in my blog post today.

( my friend Julie and her daughter Michelle below)
 I think these cookies are about the cutest I've ever seen!    They were from Parkers Custom Cookies
Michelle and Reece love to travel so this theme is so fitting for them!

This was a great idea for a game alternative.

Marys ( Julies sister) home is beautiful anyway, but they had everything just put together so nicely for the shower.

Fruit and veggie cups.  Inside the veggie cups were little sticks with hearts on the ends that were cut from map paper. So cute!

The cupcakes were amazing!  Yummy filling also.

The sweet little strings of different sized hearts cut from map paper hung from the light above the table  were so eye catching.

Globes, and maps were used all over in the decor.  Even little map/heart confetti's.
I used my chalkboard globe for a airplane with a trail of hearts and a quote.

She is going to be such a beautiful bride.

It was so nice that Julies mom could be there.  It has been a rough time for this family as they lost Julies dad last week. Their parents lived together in an Alzheimer's care facility.  So you can imagine things have been very hard for their mom. Please keep her in your prayers.       
As Julie and Mary were saying ,  they were glad they decided to proceed with the shower, as it was a happy distraction, if only for a short time.
I know that Lenore was very happy to be at her Granddaughters bridal shower with her. You can see that on her face.
These are little Thank you gifts from Julie and Michelle, filled with chocolates.

I have to say, .. this is one of my favorites. These two little sweeties were sitting on the floor in front of the bride, watching her open gifts.   I'd love to know what they were talking about , wouldn't you?   :)

It was a beautiful day for a beautiful bride to be.



Gail S. said...

Beautiful shower! Love all the decorations and those cookies are awesome!!

harrahx2 said...

I believe those little girls were sitting there saying they wanted to be just like the bride when they grow up! Beautiful shower.